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10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

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Around here, good fathers mean everything. They help when we skin our knees, or when we want to watch a movie mom doesn’t like, and are just plain awesome. I am thankful that my kids are surrounded by not only a great dad, but other great dads that go out of their way to continue to teach, discipline and grow my kids. That is why when we celebrate mini holidays like Father’s Day, we love to go out of our way to make sure all the dads in our lives feel appreciated and special. If you are looking to create a memorable and fun Father’s Day, I wanted to provide you some inspiration with 10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day.

10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Every day, Dad’s work hard to take care of the family and help make sure everyone has exactly what they need.  This Father’s Day make the Dad in your life feel special and appreciated, without spending a ton of cash!  Here’s a list of some great options Dad might enjoy on Father’s Day – but feel free to customize any choice to make it special and unique for your special guy.

Go on an outing.  There are countless inexpensive outings to enjoy with Dad for Father’s Day, while still avoiding the crowds.  Take Dad to a new park or hiking trail and investigate a new route during a lazy afternoon.  Or, enjoy a double scoop waffle cone at your local ice cream shop and get in lots of people watching.  Does dad love sports?  Find tickets for a local minor league or college baseball team and enjoy the summer sunshine.  Thinks of options Dad will love or that take him a bit outside his comfort zone.

Fire up the grill!  Few things scream summer/Dads/and Sunday afternoons like BBQ.  Jump for a cut you might not have used before like brisket or ribs or try cooking something unexpected like lettuce or fruit.  Be sure to have plenty of Dad’s favorite beverages on hand, and all the propane or charcoal he’ll need to bring a BBQ masterpiece to the table.  Enjoy!


10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Have a get-together.  Invite over some of Dad’s closest friends to enjoy the afternoon together.  Set up the TV outside and let them enjoy their favorite movie or sporting event, or even a mega video game competition.  Corn hole, horseshoes, and other backyard games can keep friends and family alike entertained through the warm afternoon hours.  Or, consider an evening event to enjoy the cooler temperatures and better viewing of the screen outside.

Try out Dad’s favorite hobby.  Even if Dad’s favorite hobby isn’t your favorite too, take the afternoon to work on something Dad loves.  The entire family will bond, and Dad will swell with pride as he shares his passion with those he holds dear.  Kids may not remember what card they gave for Father’s Day, but they will always remember special moments learning a skill or talent from someone incredibly important in their life.

Give Dad and afternoon nap.  The luxury of Father’s Day is that you get to invest an entire day into thinking about Dad and what he loves most.  If Dad is looking a little tired or worn out, encourage him to take an afternoon nap!  Shoo others out of the house for a few hours and make sure the sheets are clean and the bed is made.  It’s an inviting offer Dad won’t be able to easily refuse.

Make a scrapbook.  Ok, it, doesn’t have to be an entire book, but consider making even a few pages to commemorate a special day or event, or the entire year with Dad.  Highlight special memories you’ve shared and be sure to enjoy the book together on Father’s Day.  It’s always great to reflect on memories together and be reminded of things each other forgot.  Not only will Dad always know how special he is to you, but he’ll remember the effort invested in the book forever.

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10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Watch Dad’s favorite kid-friendly movie.  Most Dad’s would love to spend more time with their kids, so take the time to slow things down and cuddle on the couch together.  Let Dad pick the film, pop up some corn, and shut out the outside world for a few hours.

Do chores from Dad’s to-do list.  There is probably one of Dad’s chores or tasks that he would rather do without this Father’s Day.  If the kids are able they can offer to take over that item on Dad’s list for the day or weekend.  You’d be surprised at what kids can do, even younger ones.  Take out the garbage, mow the lawn or any other disliked chore that lands in Dad’s lap.

Make dad a special lunch.  While cute breakfasts-in-bed seemingly dominate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day doesn’t share the same tradition.  Dad might prefer a special lunch or dinner, or even his favorite dessert for Father’s Day.  Plan the menu in advance and then surprise him as he enjoys his relaxing day with family and friends.

Make a special Father’s Day art book.  Take a drawing or sketch book and ask each child to create a special Father’s Day picture or note for Dad each year.  Almost like a time capsule, not only will Dad enjoy a special crafty project dedicated just to him, but he’ll enjoy looking back over time to appreciate how each child changes.  Watch scribbles turn into recognizable forms into notes and doodles.  A priceless memory for Dad to keep forever.

No matter what you do with dad this year, whether is a huge celebration or small intimate family time, it’s easy to bring the love.

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