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Furniture Rental for Lifestyle Choices

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to moving, I have become somewhat of an expert. My parents are realtors, my in-laws are realtors, all my friends are realtors and yep, there was that pesky military thing. Since college, I have moved seven times.

  1. Tampa to Texas
  2. Texas to Florida (temporarily)
  3. Florida to South Carolina
  4. South Carolina to another house in SC
  5. SC to Ohio
  6. Ohio to Alabama
  7. Alabama to a new home in Alabama

And each time we move we have to pack up, find storage, haul things across cities or the country, and start the tedious process of unpacking and decorating a new home. While all of this is already a headache, there is no doubt that every time you move your options, ideas, and wants for your new home changes. It has for me!

As a heads, a fellow blogger named Amy has a great 30 day moving plan.

I would easily say over the years that my tastes have gone from “whatever I can afford” (college), to modern (young adult), to laid back, to easy to clean (kids!) and now, as my kids get older and need less monitoring, to beach cottage. I can’t imagine where I will be in 10 more years! It’s like a whole definition of life choices reflecting in how I want my house to look.

Admittedly every time we move I also want new things. Don’t we all? We get a new place and have all these hopes on how it will look and want a fresh look to go with my new place! That being said, buying furniture and being locked in can be time-consuming, expensive, and in a style for a very long time.

Trust me- I’m still rocking the 15-year-old dressers I bought back in my first year of marriage.

But there are other options: Furniture Rental. 

I know you may be asking yourself…rent furniture? YES. With all of our moves and life changes, I am on my 6th purchased couch in our marriage. Between the moves, the pets, the kids, and my own want and need for change combined, we are already on a rotating system around here. I cannot believe I never thought of renting furniture!  Renting furniture gives you the ability to relocate easier, instantly decorate on a budget, design simply and furnish for as long or as short as you need!

boulevard-bedroom-set Renting furniture allows you to:

  •  Decorate instantly
  • Skip the store hassle
  • Be assigned a designer or instant online assistance
  • Change your style as you change
  • Not get locked into furniture locations
  • Add and remove rooms as needed
  • Skip the expense of moving heavy furniture
  • Transition through life’s periods easily

Where and How to rent furniture:

CORT!  At CORT Furniture Rental they provide services and solutions for both individuals facing life’s transitions and companies looking to make changes to their workplace or uniquely showcasing their company. They are a national industry leader in the furniture rental space and can furnish your entire home in a matter of minutes.

furniture rentalCORT can assist you no matter what stage of life you are in. From the beginning college student that needs very little to get off the ground, military families moving from place to place,  or even putting together a new office in your home, CORT has exactly what you will need!  You can focus on LIFE with the decor YOU want for as long as you want it!


Interested in learning more? Head over to CORT and see all the beautiful furniture and household decor and start living in the house you always dreamed! You can also follow them instantly to see new styles at these great locations online:

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