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FEAR Favorite: AtmosFearFX Makes Halloween TERROR So Easy!

Need to amp the scare factor this Halloween? Try AtmosFX Digital Decorations for your house! AtmosFX specializes in projectors with realistic Halloween scenes more terrifying than anything else you can buy! They include sounds and moving images.

As you’re driving through the neighborhood and it’s starting to feel like fall in most places, you might be thinking about how you can really up the ante on the neighbors with your Halloween decorations.

There are an incredible number of choices out there when you’re thinking about holiday decorations, but some of my favorites are those LED projectors that use your house as a giant projector scene. Regardless of which holiday you’re decorating for, there is something somewhat magical about images projected on your house.

Here is one of the ghostly apparitions appearing through our home’s front window, ready to scare the pants off our neighbors.

AtmosFX Fear projection of a poltergeist

To get started, you’ll need three things – a projector, projection material, and various scenes to project onto the projection material. You can purchase each of these separately or save money with an AtmosFX Kit that includes everything you need to get started. With the kit, you’ll receive a set of the Atmos Fear FX for Halloween and a set of other seasonal themes – one for just about any holiday.

Other digital decorations include:

The freakishly realistic scenes available for Halloween include some terrifying ghosts, ghouls, silhouetted skeletons, and more. Projected onto your garage door, front door or even a window, your trick-or-treat visitors are in for a petrifying scare.

The AtmosFearFX ghostly apparitions set of images is horrifying to even those with the strongest nerve. This year they feature sets of scenes with weird, spooky eyes (yes, Sauron’s is included), zombies intent on attack, unsettling unliving portraits, poltergeists, blood-spattered walls, and more.

3DFX Form Creates Realism

One of my favorite things about all the options is the big blow-up ( AtmosFX #DFX Form) that allows an apparition to stand and tell a story or talk. You can bring ghosts or characters to life – even Santa Claus!

3DFX Form works with Atmos projector to bring characters to life
A creepy witch projected onto a 3DFX form to make a realistic, 3D experience

A terrifying bloody witch monster projected onto a 3DFX form

AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit Plus

The final step is to install the projector. It mounts easily to a standard camera tripod and comes with all the mounting equipment you need to attach it (the tripod isn’t included in the kit, however). 

This is genius, as it doesn’t require permanent installation anywhere and you can move it where ever you might want in the future. We ended up putting the projection on a small shelf that sat in our front room as it was the perfect height.

Take care not to put cords that can be tripped on. We turned ours off every night before bedtime and cleaned up the cords during the day.

The only downside of running the projection through the house is that you cannot hear the Halloween noise and spooks.

You would need to set up your projection outside (which I won’t do due to fear of someone stealing it) or run a Bluetooth connection speaker outside, which we do not own. Next year we’re going to add the speaker because that’s a huge part of the immersive experience.

The user manual comes with all the instructions you’ll need to set up the project itself and how to install any AtmosFX digital decorations you decide to download in the future to keep your scare level up! 

Downloads come in a set of rotating scenes, or you can purchase scenes individually. I have three very scary download sets and plan on adding some additional ones like the new Eerie Eyes!

Atmos projector set up to project scary scenes on Halloween night

Like its sibling, our Digital Decorating Kit Plus is an innovative entry-level projector that packs everything you need to create stunningly original displays for Halloween, Christmas and celebrations year round.

Add the fact that it projects in high definition (HD) with over double the brightness of our standard AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit, and you have an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use digital decorating tool.

The Digital Decorating Kit Plus features the highest contrast and vibrant color display of any digital decorating kit – ensuring your projections will look sharper, brighter and more dynamic.

This next generation kit is designed to stand vertically without the need of a tripod. It is also equipped with an updated and more intuitive user interface, making it even easier to control, and Bluetooth, so adding wireless sound to your displays is easy.

Ensuring even greater flexibility for adding additional content, this kit features an HDMI input, USB port, as well as a SD card slot compatible with high-capacity SD cards. It is entertainment ready – capable of playing movies, music, or photos.

You can also download scenes from the website, atmosfx.com – but the AtmosFearFX downloads are the ones you want this fall!

Installing your AtmosFX setup

Once you get your kit, you’ll need to do a bit of setup – choose where you’d like to project your images – ideally a flat surface somewhere on or even inside your house. 

A garage door or picture window works great. Several of the scenes, including those for Halloween, look fantastic on a large window or your front door. 

Doorways, walls, or other surfaces inside also look fantastic. You can even use your flat-screen TV for a trick sure to intrigue your guests.

Once you’ve picked your spot, you’ll need to install the projection material, which is basically a special clear plastic sheet that you mount using tape squares. The material is 4 x 6 so make sure it fits your space before you install it. The material should be tightly installed without wrinkles or creases or gaps that might affect the projected image.

There are also other types of material, some that window cling and even a mesh material for making an apparition appear in the middle of a doorway.

To cover the size of window we were looking at, which was a very very large triple front window, we ended up using a white king sheet and it worked well.

Here you can see what the digital decorations look like on our front window as well as the 3DFX Form.

IMPORTANT SETUP Tip: Put your memory card in the computer and drag and drop digital downloads into the files based on the space you are using. We loaded ours up and then came back and deleted after a few days and added new scenes to display.

Originally I had a hard time with the insert of the memory card into the projector but turns out that the mistake was mine and I simply didn’t take the clear lens cap off the project for it to work. Don’t let a silly mistake mess it up.

You do not need an outside setup to use this projector as the card goes right into it for immediate display.

The upfront investment can be bit steep, but with the versatility of the projector and the wide range of images available for download, you’ll get years of use out of your setup.

The graphics are shockingly good and pretty scary (they have some non-scary ones and other holidays as well for younger kids). You’ll have the most memorable house on the block when you get your AtmosFEARFx up and running!

AtmosFX definitely takes your decorations to the next horrifying level this Halloween – add it to your list!