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Bellingrath Gardens and Mothers Day

This weekend was very special. It was my 9 year wedding anniversary and mothers day! A whole weekend specially designed for me! Actually, may is a whole month designed for me.

I have a birthday in 2 weeks as well.

On Saturday we didn’t have a sitter or anything so we spent our anniversary celebrating our family instead of our marriage. We enjoyed the day out and about and went to the Bounce House warehouse, the mall, lunch, dinner, and watched a movie.

Mothers day I got to sleep in while my family cleaned the house, made me (burned me) breakfast, took me on a picnic at the lovely Bellingrath Gardens, and then summed up the day with homemade dinner and a movie.

I wanted to share some pictures from Bellingrath because its such a beautiful place. The Bellingrath Gardens host the original home of Mobiles CocaCola bottling company’s owner from the 1920’s. He bought the grounds as a fishing area and expanded into gardens. The family opened it up to the public in the 1930’s. Its 65 acres and they replant new types of flowers monthly.

Here are a few of my shots. Its hard to not take a pretty picture there.

What did you do for Mothers Day?


14 thoughts on “Bellingrath Gardens and Mothers Day”

  1. I love your picture of the Moon Bridge at Bellingrath. My Mother a native of VA has been living in mobile for the past 6 years. She has fallen in love with Bellingrath! With her husband’s retirement she will be moving back to VA. I would love to give her a keepsake of her time in AL. Would you be willing to share a high res file of your Moon Bridge? I think it would look beautiful framed with a scripture verse overlaid.
    Thanks for your consideration

    • Kris, I can look and see if I have one on this computer. That picture of mine won a calendar contest a few years ago. I do have some of those calendars I could probably send you. What is your email if I locate the image?

  2. those pictures are more than good, they are amazing! Enjoy your special month, it is off to a good start!

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