Rainbow Slime: How to make with borax

We are RAINBOW SLIME CRAZY! UPDATE: NEW RAINBOW SLIME HERE – just click image below to get the new recipe SLIME BOOK AVAILABLE!! Love the Slime Recipes on MomDot? Our first book has been published and you can pick up a copy right on Amazon for yourself or to gift to a slime fan in … Read more

Edible Playdough Recipe Homemade with Marshmallows

This Edible playdough recipe without cream of tarter is so easy that you can make in the microwave with just marshmallows and a few complimentary ingredients. Learn how to make this edible playdough below! When it comes to dough recipes online, there are tons of them. From sticky slime dough, cloud dough, sparkly glitter play … Read more

Create Mardi Gras Slime

We love slime. We love mardi gras. So this weekend we combined two of our favorite things: Slime and Mardi Gras. Honestly, I just wanted to encourage you to get into the middle of some crazy, messy, fun play. Because if you know anything about Mardi Gras, it’s a pretty good analogy. Now in the … Read more

How to make Slime with Borax

Making slime falls into two sides: You either make slime with borax or you prefer to make slime without borax. Generally this depends on the age child you are making slime for. It’s always smart to be safe with kids, especially the ones that are still putting hands in mouth, and go without if you … Read more

2 Ingredient Perfect Slime Every Time Recipe

2 Ingredient slime for the perfect slime recipe every time~ When it comes to slime, goo, and gak, the best place to make those are at HOME! I know what you are thinking, making slime has got to be messy. Trust me, it’s not the making, it’s the playing with, and that’s the ONLY reason to … Read more

How to make Slime without Borax

Make Halloween Slime without Borax, Recipe for Slime, fun kids activity

How to make slime without borax and learning the basics of slime making. Go below to understand more how to make slime for all sorts of sensory science play. We are slime novices. Oh, sure, we make big huge messes. I actually LOVE big huge messes and am one of those rare parents that do … Read more

Homemade Quicksand : DIY Kids Activity

This week Charlotte has been out of school for 3 days. The crazy cold spell that hit the south kept the buses off the streets and the kids wishing they could go outside. But in our house 6 degrees outside and no under armor means that mom just has to think of LOTS of things … Read more