DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe: 3 Ingredients to POOFY Slime Fun

Fluffy Slime - 3 Ingredients to squishy Slime that retains shape - FLUBBER

DIY fluffy slime, a perfect 3 ingrediant fluffy slime with shaving cream and no borax for slime perfection! Around here, we have the slime recipe thing down. We have made unicorn poop slime, multi-colored slime, glitter slime, rainbow slime and about everything in between. SLIME BOOK AVAILABLE!! Love the Slime Recipes on MomDot? Our first … Read more

Unicorn Poop Slime: Updated

Unicorn Poop Slime : Updated Unicorn poop slime recipe from the original, plus new colors

Last year I published a really great slime called Unicorn Poop that everyone so far as adored. With its soft colors, its a perfect slime that is so much fun. I wanted to update that recipe with a change in colors, making another striped slime with a slight unicorn variation, and show y’all how easy … Read more

Blowing Bubbles with Slime : 2 Easy Ways

Blowing Bubbles with Slime , two ways to use a bowl and a straw to make huge slime bubbles

When Charlotte makes slime, one thing she loves to do is make bubbles with it. From blowing huge slime bubbles to putting in a bowl and a straw, we constantly have a contest to see who can get the biggest slime bubble. This tutorial on how to make slime bubbles is one of the very … Read more

Camo Slime: Homemade Slime Recipe

Camouflage Slime DIY, Easy Homemade Slime to create a camo

This camouflage slime is absolutely so fun and my daughter and son both love the idea of mixing up slime colors to make all sorts of creative things. We have been really itching to test out how to make a camo slime like this so today, when the kids got the day off school, we buckled … Read more

Confetti Slime

Confetti Slime, Homemade Slime recipe, sensory experiment perfect for birthday slime fun

Confetti Slime is so fun, it may have won over my heart as my new favorite slime. Normally we are used to regular slimes like rainbow slime or striped slime, but this confetti slime makes it extra fun by adding not only gorgeous confetti but a new texture to squeeze and play with. SLIME BOOK … Read more

Homemade Glitter Gak Recipe

Looking for an awesome homemade glitter gak recipe? Look no more! Now this type of glue has a consistency of a solid mass, it flows slow, and stretches well the more you play with it. Unlike traditional slime recipes, you don’t have to worry about it hitting the ground quickly and can easily be customized with … Read more

How to Blow Bubbles With Slime

Blowing Bubbles with slime diy - learn how to blow bubbles with slime tutorial

Hopefully by now you have learned how to make slime. If not, here are just a few of the favorite slime recipes here on MomDot. You can start with this awesome rainbow slime (including how we got the colors so bright!), grab some no borax mardi gras slime in purple and green, or look through … Read more

Fantastic slime recipes that don’t use Borax!

Homemade Slime : 3 great ways to make slime without any trace of borax

Slime is everywhere these days!  This sticky, gooey stuff irresistible to kids and adults alike – you’ll want to be sure to make a batch for yourself to avoid fights with the kids.  As you search for great slime recipes, you’ll find many of them include Borax, a controversial product that many people use for … Read more

Mardi Gras Slime (Without Borax)

make your own slime

It’s just about Mardi Gras time and we wanted to make some more green, gold, and purple slime that brought in some of our celebration here on the Gulf Coast to everyone else out there that do not get the parades and moon pies. Have no fear, you can still celebrate like you are in … Read more

Make Bubble Slime: Blow Slime Bubbles

Make Slime Bubbles: Recipe for perfect slime and how to make HUGE Slime Bubbles

Charlotte has been asking me to make slime for about a week. If you know this blog, you know we make tons of slime around here, and because of that, I know that 8pm at night is not when I feel like starting the adventure. But last night, with no homework and no cheer practice, … Read more

25 Ooey Gooey Slime Recipes

PERFECT SLIME RECIPE Before you find the idea that inspires you the most, make sure you have everything you need! Purex Sta-Flo Liquid Starch, 64 Ounce PRO TIP: Making slime with LIQUID STARCH and glue is a ton easier than mixing borax to do it. Simply use about 1tsp in 4 oz of glue (you … Read more

Nebula Slime : Create Glitter Nebula Slime

Nebula Slime is so easy to make! You can Create Glitter Nebula Slime for gorgeous science fun. Scroll below for the recipe and instructions and get started! When it comes to the galaxy, there are many striking wonders of science. Even as a kid I loved looking through old Time books (yep, books!) that showcased … Read more

Star Spangled Slime DIY

Looking for 4th of July Slime? What I love about slime, is that it’s an endless project. You can make slime to match any holiday, TV show, and book- and it makes the perfect fun day summer DIY that everyone loves to touch! Plus, making slime is easy! If you have missed any other slime … Read more

Edible Peanut Butter Playdough Recipe

Edible peanut butter playdough recipe, a peanut-buttery scented fun play dough that is made with frosting and powder, skipping the cream of tartar and flour in the original how to make playdough or this scented playdough recipe here. If you love making an edible playdough, I also have one made with Marshmallows. Fun texture, hours … Read more