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Day #3: Cabbage Soup Diet…I am starving to death

Cabbage Soup Recipe for the Cabbage Soup Diet, fantastic, tasty and more delicious than you can imagine

I have to make this quick because I have about 2.3 seconds before the baby wakes up. Actually he is up, but before he starts yelling for my presence.

He thinks its only living if he is in my arms from 7am-8pm nightly. It’s exhausting.


Yesterday was a total bust.

It’s so hard to drink soup when you are holding a baby that refuses to be put down. Its not that I am a messy eater, but the thought of a hot soup over a baby doesn’t seem like a fantastic idea. Between the morning and getting Charlotte ready for bed, I managed to drink a combination of about 9 glasses of water and unsweet tea. After he went down for the night, I had some broccoli (steamed), one stick of celery (its not as fun without cream cheese on it) and I talked myself into thinking that pickles were indeed a vegetable and had a few of those.  I also had a handful of mushrooms.

I know. I am eating like a king.


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Cheats: I made mac and cheese and honey nuggets for Charlotte last night. I did eat two small pastas to test the consistency and I chewed on a chicken nuggets but spit it out. Really. I wanted the flavor soooooooooooooo bad. This is what you call primo pathetic dieting.

This mornings weigh in:

  • Day #1 weigh in: 116.8pnds, 55.3% water, 26.9% fat
  • Day #2 weigh in: 115.2pnds, 54% water, 25.9% fat
  • Day #3 weigh in: 114pnds  52.9% water, 27.4% fat

Total loss so far 2.8 pounds

That is probably lack of 4 Dr Peppers and a Hershey Bar a day. Breakfast of Champions.

Update; Cabbage Soup Diet Results here (aka Dolly Parton diet)


26 thoughts on “Day #3: Cabbage Soup Diet…I am starving to death”

  1. I recently had my tonsils removed and couldn’t eat anything for 2 weeks! I was on a chicken broth & gatorade slushy diet. I lost 15 lbs. Loving the weight loss I didn’t want it to creep back on so I’ve been working on a diet like this too! Amazing how easy it becomes to avoid certain foods!

  2. I love that the title of your adsense is “have an eating disorder?” haha!

    Girl take it easy on yourself! That weight is going to fall off on it’s own in NO time!

  3. This is so impressive even with your cheats. It’s great. And it’s working.

    I LOOOOVE the new layout. Not sure when you switched over, but as soon as I opened the site I was like “WOW!”

  4. You are crackign me up. I may need to check on you by lunch to make sur eyou aren’t passed out on the floor and phoenyx is screaming without his momma.

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