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DIY Fall Fairywand Centerpiece Crafting Project

A few months ago when fall crafts starting hitting Hobby Lobby I got all exited to make a Fall fairy wand. I have done many wands in the past, including the

but have yet to do something that wasn’t so…well...pink. This weekend I finally broke into my crafts and warmed up the glue gun for some fun!

Now this post is serving more as an inspirational piece (than a how to) to encourage you to create a fall fairy wand that you can use as a beautiful fall decoration or a centerpiece, while still pulling them out as an accessory or imagination toy for your upcoming Halloween party. If you want some more ideas and a better instructional post, click on one of the above links.

Fall Fairy Wand Centerpiece

1) I purchased some cinnamon sticks so for the wand handle.

They smell good and look beautiful. You can also get a whole bunch of them for about $10 and with the coupons Hobby Lobby has, they were only $6. I also grabbed some random ribbons, matching tulle, fall leaves, and some pumpkin tops.

2) I wrapped the wands in ribbon, leaving extra hanging to hot glue beads and leaves to. I also attached feathers and tulle underneath the base of the pumpkins before gluing on to my cinnamon sticks.  While I didn’t do it, you can make your ribbon korker prior for some curly cues!

3)  Attached my pumpkin tops to the cinnamon sticks and then finished decorating with other pieces I bought!

Just really a “do it as you go along” project.

I was going to do more but my son woke up from his nap and the hot glue gun isn’t conducive to a walking baby, so I filled up my vase with some extra tulle, tied with a ribbon and added a my last “wand” to create a centerpiece.

Which the cat decided was her own personal play toy….
I hope to fill the whole vase up soon! And of course if you love crafts and the holidays are coming up, you can learn tons of ways to make a tutu craft work for your costume by making a tutu tutorial here!

Look for more fall crafts on Momdot this season!