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How to Make a Tutu *Easy No-Sew Tutu DIY Tutorial*

Learn how to make a tutu! This is a simple DIY on how to make a no-sew tutu skirt that works for both babies and adults! Use my step-by-step (and super easy) no-sew tutu tutorial to make one or two (or ten!) of your very own.

A blue and pink tulle tutu with pink flowers on the front made by hand with a no-sew method.
This tutu looks complicated, but it was so easy to make! My no-sew tutu skirt is a winner for making DIY tulle tutus for dancers of any age.

These no-sew DIY tutus are perfect for dress-up time, a birthday party favor or theme, or even costumes for dance recitals. I see them on 5k and fun run runners all the time – so cute and easy! People all over the world are getting their tulle on!

The tutus you can make from these DIY instructions are very full and beautiful – great for quick Halloween costumes, too (I won’t judge).

As a professional crafter, I have made my fair share of tutus. And as a craft site, I am asked a lot about how to make a tutu, so I brought over some information from my tulle site to share with y’all!

Tutus are super easy and fun to make. You can buy nearly any type of tulle and create tutus for all of your costumes! No need to buy a tutu when it’s so easy to make one.

Now while this type of tutu is “no sew” keep in mind the elastic needs a small stitch to hold around the waist. Other than that, it’s so super easy to make a tutu, that even my 10-year-old can do it.

How Much Tulle for a Tutu?

I get 6-inch tulle if I’m making a single tutu. It’s easier to deal with because I don’t have to cut it to width. If you’re making several tutus, buy tulle by the bolt to save money. You’ll need about 20 yards of tulle to make a nice full tutu.

How to Make a No-Sew Tutu

I’ve broken down the process to make this tutu into simple steps.  This way you can do the whole thing in one sitting or a bit at a time. Scroll to the bottom for a free no-sew tutu tutorial guide that you can print.


  • Tulle Fabric – I love to use 6-inch tulle, rather than big bolts when making just one tutu.  This way I only have to cut the tulle to length, not width too!  If you’re making for a crowd I suggest buying by the bolt to save some money.  If you go that route, you generally have to cut the length and width. You’ll need about 20 yards of tulle to create a full tutu.
  • ElasticOn elastic width, that’s preference. I find with older girls, the 1-inch width is a good size, but for the babies, you may want something less wide like a 3/4-inch elastic. They cost about $1.20 at Walmart and are in the fabric and crafting section. For an adult tutu, you can get wider elastic, understanding that if you go too wide it will fold over when you add your tulle. I would recommend between 1-1.5 inches wide.
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Ribbon or bow
  • Measuring Tape

Tulle TIP: Bolts can be expensive at the craft or fabric store, so I highly recommend you purchase a bolt (or two or three, to mix colors) to make this craft. In the height of my tutu hairbow holder days, I only bought online.  Make sure you have your tulle ready for this craft because it takes a LOT. Buying it by the bolt is the smartest thing you can do.

It’s pretty inexpensive on Amazon and often with free shipping for less than half what you can get at craft or fabric stores!

Ever Shine Tulle Bolt, 54Ever Shine Tulle Bolt, 54Craft and Party, 54Craft and Party, 54Ever Shine Tulle Bolt, 54Ever Shine Tulle Bolt, 54Tulle Bolt, Apple Green, 54Tulle Bolt, Apple Green, 54

How To Make a Tutu Skirt

Let’s get started on your very own DIY tutu!

The first thing you need to begin making a tutu is to measure the waist the tutu will be going on.

No matter whether this is for a baby or an adult, the process is the same. Once you have a waist measurement line, subtract 2-3 inches from the measurement and cut your elastic band.

Your elastic will get stretched out while adding your tulle so if you don’t subtract those inches, your tutu will be too big. Making the band slightly smaller than the waist will make sure it stays put – no one wants a droopy tutu!

Tutu TIP: Instead of an elastic waistband, you can use a big satin ribbon and then just tie in a bow. This makes it a true no-sew tutu. This is a better design for ones you plan to sell, but they’re less flexible and a little more droopy than elastic ones.

Elastic is a lot snugger if you want it to stay on.

Up close view of an elastic waistband with pink and blue tulle tied around it to make a no-sew tutu skirt.
As you tie the tulle onto the elastic to make the tutu skirt, the elastic will stretch a bit. By subtracting a few inches from the final measurement you need you’re ensuring that the tutu skirt will fit when it’s done.

Now that you have your waist measurement line set, sew your two ends together to make a circle.

I like to do this by hand, as it’s hard on the sewing machine to run the thick pieces through, but you can do it either way. Set your circle of elastic to the side.

Now it’s time to get your tulle ready! Pre-cut your tulle, doubling the length from what you want the finished length to be.

  • For example, if you want a 12-inch long tutu, you will need to measure a 24-inch piece of tulle, as it will be doubled over. If you want a skirt that is approximately 20 inches long, your tulle will need to measure 40 inches long.
  • I like to cut all the tulle at once so I am ready to put together the entire skirt in one go.  This prep for your tulle is very important and will allow you to continue moving quickly while creating your no-sew tutu. But I do all the trimming of the ends of the skirt at the end so don’t worry so much about measuring it perfectly

Tip: Tulle comes in bolts and is already folded. Do not unfold the tulle from the bolt. Simply measure the length and cut, leaving your tulle doubled up. You can see an example of how to fold tulle for a skirt OR a tutu hairbow holder here on my video.

This video was made for a How to make a tutu hairbow holder article, but the concept for folding is exactly the same.

Add your elastic waist to a pitcher, the back of a chair, or even the legs of an upturned stool. (See demonstration below).

This allows you to continue working the tulle around the elastic or satin ribbon, hands-free.

How to make a Tutu DIY Tutorial Instructions in pictures showing the process from measuring the elastic waist to tying tulle in knots.
As you can see, the process to make a DIY tulle tutu skirt is really easy once you have your supplies prepped. I use something to keep my elastic in place so that I can knot the tulle on much more easily.

Create a loop at the center of each cut piece to set up a slip knot with your tulle and slip under the elastic band.

Tighten the knot of the tulle gently – you want the knot snug but not so tight it doubles over the elastic band.

Pink tulle held in a loop to being the slip knot for a tulle tutu skirt.
Step 1 for a slip knot is to make a loop in the middle of the strip of tulle.
Tulle loop being pulled through the prepared elastic waistband to begin tying it on in a slip knot.
Step 2 for a slip knot is to pull the loop of tulle up through the elastic waistband of the tutu skirt.
Finish a slipknot of tulle on a DIY tutu skirt by looping the tulle through the big loop that's tucked under the waistband.
Step 3 is to loop the loose ends of the tulle through the loop so that the tulle is knotted around the waistband. It’s quick to do, and makes it possible to create all sorts of color variations on your tulle tutu skirt.

Continue around the elastic waist, sliding your tulle pieces close to each other until your elastic is full.

TIP: Make sure you scrunch your tulle close together to ensure a fuller tutu!

A piece of elastic serves as the waistband for a tulle tutu skirt with big strips of tulle looped on it for fullness.
The more strips of tulle you fit on the waistband the fuller the tutu skirt will be. It’s so fun to make all different color patterns with the tulle strips for a unique tutu every time!
A no-sew tutu skirt looped on the back of a blue wooden chair to show how the waistband is looped with tulle strips to make the tutu skirt.
This tulle tutu skirt does need a few stitches to secure the ends of the elastic waistband together. If you want it to be truly no-sew, use ribbon instead and leave long enough tails to tie them on.

How To Make a Tutu for Adults

You can use this tutorial to make a tutu for adults. It’s so cute for baby outfits, little ballerinas, runners, and adult costumes too. You’ll simply use longer strips of tulle to ensure that the skirt is as long as you need to fit an adult.

How to Finish a DIY Tulle Tutu Skirt

Where you did the sewing of the elastic, it will be a little hard to knot the tulle and close the last few pieces over the top. I always put an embellishment in that area to cover up anything that doesn’t look perfect.

A little ribbon bow or flower works perfect here, as you can see on my tutu! Embellishments are a cute addition to a tutu made with satin ribbon, too!

A peach tutu embellished with a matching satin ribbon bow to cover the waistband where the elastic was sewn together.
I put a beautiful satin bow right over the spot where I sewed the elastic together on my DIY tutu because it’s a little lumpy. You can use silk flowers, bows, or pretty much anything you like!

Free DIY Tutu Guide

Download the free 3-page tutu tutorial guide so you can keep the instructions with you while you’re not on a computer! Just click the image below for an instant download!

Download link graphic for the DIY tulle tutu skirt tutorial.
If you want to keep the directions on-hand while you work, you can print them out here so they’ll be handy when you’re ready to get to work!

Fun Tutu Color and Theme Ideas

  • Red Tulle with Black Puff Balls glued on Make a LadyBug
  • Orange, Purple, and Black tulle for a witch
  • Yellow, Orange, and White for Candy Corn
  • Hot Pink and Lime Green for Strawberry Shortcake
  • White and Light Pink for a “50’s” Look
  • Purple and Light green for a Fairy
  • Yellow and Black for a Bumble Bee

Other Fun Tutu & Tulle Crafts

I hope that helps you when you make your new tutu for your little one! Or yourself. They’re fun for everyone!

A toddler girl wearing a yellow and pink DIY tulle tutu skirt.
This adorable DIY tulle tutu skirt was perfect for a summertime party with flowers and lemonade!
A toddler girl in a fluffy DIY no-sew tulle tutu skirt that's purple with a matching purple headband.
We made a purple DIY tulle tutu with flowers fixed into the skirt and a matching flower headband. Such cute pictures!
Photos showing how to slip knot tulle onto an elastic waistband step-by-step to make a tulle no-sew tutu skirt with flower embellishments.
The finished tulle tutu skirt looks like it was complicated to make. Nobody would guess it’s so easy!
DIY tutu skirt guide download graphic
Get your printable tulle tutu skirt directions by clicking this picture!

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    the first one is black and sparkly purple with spots, no bunching problems
    second one is yellow and pink, plain, TONS of bunching and sticking problems

    • Use a spay with a water and fabric softener, spray a light mist as you finger it out. Leave to dry in bathroom- whenever you take a hot shower the steam should also help. 2) blow dry on low setting and finger comb.

  13. I made one for my daughter and i measured her waist and got like 17 and for some dumb reason i only did it down to 16 and i ended up with one that was 3 inches bigger…. lol so IT DOES GET BIGGER i was just wondering can you pull the tulle to tight while i was doing it it like folded the elastic in half. cause how tight i was doing it…. and i just wanted to be sure that i wasn’t pulling it to tight thanks a million.

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    • I made a tutu today for my soon to be 1yr old. I bought the 6″ x 25 yd rolls and cut 20 in strips. When I put the tulle on the elastic I doubled up and used 2 strips for each one so that it was “thicker” and a little fluffier – the same effect that Trisha uses by getting the 60 inch and leaving it folded.

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      • I used the 6″ x 25yd rolls. I used one roll of pink ($2.99) and one roll of shiny white ($4.99). I bought them at JoAnn fabric – would have been less if I would have remembered my 50% of/ item coupon. I also bought the ribbon for the bow +/- $2.00. If you use coupons you could definitely make one for about $5.00.

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    • Tutus are made with delicate materials, such as tulle, so they tend to squish/wrinkle if sat on or placed in box, etc…
      Here are a few tips to straighten out your tutu:

      1- Lightly spray with starch, then run your fingers through the tutu until the tulle straightens out.
      2- Run a hot, steamy shower or bath and hang your tutu in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes then lightly run your fingers through the tutu until the tulle straightens out.
      3- Use a steamer while you run your fingers through the tutu until the tulle straightens out.

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    • Lee, I made a tutu for my 4 month old today and the supplies cost me $6.81 at Hobby Lobby. I only needed 4 yards of tulle (2 yards each color) it was $1.49/yd. and the elastic was 69 cents.
      I did not make the tutu as long as hers though since my baby is still young and not as tall. And I didnt even use all the tulle I bought,

    • Lee,
      I just wanted you to know that I have a daughter that will be 4months old on the 15th of January 1 day after my birthday, which is the 14th. You can look on Ebay if you do not feel that you can make the actual TuTu your self, and when I was looking back In September a few days before my daughter was born I found a lady that would amke you whatever color you wanted with not only the TuTu, but the headband for $15 or the shirt part that can be made with the actual TuTu’s as well and maybe the headband as well for more like $25 for the whole set. You just have to shop around. I was going to buy one, but now that I have found this easy step by step instrustion guide, I want to tey to make one myself first to see if I can before I go out and buy one. I just wanted to let you know.

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  63. I’ve never made anything with tulle, but I want to learn and want it to be good. What type should buy and where is the best place – cheapest place to buy it?

  64. Hi there…I’m making my first tutu for my daughters. How do you attach the ribbon around the waistline? Or when you say you put ribbon on to hide discrepencies are you just covering that one spot? Thanks!! And your tutorial was SO much easier to understand than the other ones I looked at!

  65. HI! I just discovered your website and I LOVE it! I have made my daughter a tutu using ribbon for the waist instead of elastic, but wanted to ask you how/why does your tulle stay down!? My daughter’s keeps creeping up and looks all crazy. Not sure if its just static this time of the year or what. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!!!
    ~Heather J

  66. Hi there, I want to make a tu tu for my new grand daughter who is 2 months old…af first I saw this
    and thought WHAT? but ok I can l see how you do it after looking again…..so with a infant….the same
    thing? and you sew the ends closed and pull over the tube? Before realizing I could get on here
    I just bought 1/2 yd of tulle….so I need how much more…..???
    Thanks for any tips…..My d in law would like one for each month’s picture/holiday…

  67. I have been making these tutus for my 2 yr old & 8 month old for a few months now. I made them matching tutus for thanksgiving & for christmas, I am planning on making one for my 2 yr olds birthday party but I am having trouble keeping the tulle “tight” on the elastic it always loosens up. Im just wondering if I am missing something or if there is a trick to it. Thanks! hope to hear back from you.

  68. I didn’t realize these tutus were so easy to make. I came here on the lookout for a large sized Tulle pom pom though. You do have one for a small one, but I’m not sure how to measure for something that I can hang from the ceiling on my lil’ girl’s birthday party. Would you please email me, if you can’t post something here? Thanks!

  69. Hi! thank you so much for this tute. The tutu is adorable and cute! Looking forward to more fabulous ideas. By the way we linked our post to your tutorial. Thanks a lot. have a nice day!

  70. Thanks for the tutuorial. I followed this a couple of years ago and am doing it again with a group of women. Very helpful to have somewhere to refer people and I love your extra links to other ideas. Thank you!

  71. Thank you so much for the instructions. You’re absolutely right! It’s totally easy steps! I handmade the princess tutu for my daughter’s first birthday. Also, I sewed a satin rose petal with ribbons on the side, and sewed the satin ribbon to cover the elastic . It came out beautiful & adorable on her. Hope to see more of your creative works. Keep up the ideas!

  72. I wanted to say thanks for making this easy for me! I am a 30 year old father of 2 with almost no creative ability, but I can follow instructions. Because my incredible wife is busy taking care of everything else, she asked if I could make a tutu for our 5 month old daughter as part of her Halloween costume (Army cheerleader – her 2 year old brother is going as an Army football player). It turned out great thanks to you! And trust me, if you have made this easy enough for a man to do, there is no reason why anyone else couldn’t do it as well.

  73. Yourr So Great At Making Thesee Girlyyy Thingss(: I Needed To KNow How To Make A Tutu And Here It Is(: Thankss!

  74. So I am making a tutu for my daughter and found that if you use an extra large Folgers can (Costco size) it makes tying the knot so much easier. The little indents/handle is the perfect size to get the tulle in there and no stretch the heck out of the elastic.

  75. okay, so i see that you say you use 20 yards of tulle, and like a few others, i guess, i’m hoping you can help me with a clarification. you use 20 yards on the big bolt and then cut it down? so how many yards of the 6 inch would you recommend?

  76. How much tulle do you recommend using for a 3 month old, I know you said you use 20 yards but I am thinking that is way too much for a 3 month old??

  77. Remember that you can do the tutu to ponytail holders too and hot glue little pony beads or other things on the ends of a few of the peices of tulle to match the tutu!

  78. I saw some asking how to make a pettitutu.. If you have Facebook and look up under pages Tiffany’s Tutus and “Like” her page. The profile pic is the back of a lil’ girl in a tutu running in some grass. She has a tutorial on how to do a layerd petti tutu that is great! She also has other links of great projects she did with pic and some of her tutus. They are AMAZING!

  79. oh i dont sew either…

    i have seen on some websites where they are using the no sew tutus and tying them off at the bottom to make a makeshift petti… didnt know if you had any advice!

    I am going to try and make one this week… ill let you know how it goes…

    • i would try to make a tutu this weekend but i will let ya kno how it turns out if i follow your steps and dnt mess it up and have me to start all over again but juxx kno i will update you wen finished i hope it turns out to be so beautiful.

  80. oh i dont sew either…

    i have seen on some websites where they are using the no sew tutus and tying them off at the bottom to make a makeshift petti… didnt know if you had any advice!

    I am going to try and make one this week… ill let you know how it goes…

  81. I was wondering what you attach your embellishments with??? I have tried a few different glues but I was wondering if there was a better way???

      • really???? ok… yay! one more silly question… do you put something behind the embellishment or just hot glue it to the tutu???

        • like a rhinestone for example, ill put it on the rhinestone and then press it on the tulle with either my finger on the underside (if its not too hot yet) or something like a pair of scissor blades on the back..i use scissor blades because it peels hot glue easy so it doesnt get stuck.

          • thank you!!! I’ll try that for sure… i need to find some flowers or something to try as well… do you use the foam ones?? or what kind of embellishments do you use?

            Also, any advice on petti-tutus?

            • I like ribbons, premade bows from the craft section at hobby lobby, little puff balls for like snow flakes or dots, rhinestones…i also buy flowers w/ stems from the store and pop the flower off and throw the stem away..put the flower at the waist.

              i dont know how to make pettitutus..i mean i have never tried. I hate the sewing machine. HA

  82. Im want to make one for my 13 Year old. is it kinda like making one for a kid only double the stuff or how should i do it?

  83. I LOVE your tutus! Which instructions did you use to make them and how many yards did you use? I would like the one I want to make to be really full like the ones in your pictures. Beautiful!

  84. I’m trying to find instructions for a pettitutu, but I can’t find them anywhere? It’s a regular tutu with more tulle tied onto the bottom of the skirt and it’s super cute! Could you post instructions for that?

  85. I used your info today and made my first tutu. My daughter is 9 months old and we are big Gator fans so I made her an orange, blue and white one. It is ADORABLE! Thanks for the great information!!

    • How much tulle did you use for your 9 month old? I want to make one for my soon to be 3 month for her pictures and not sure how much to get, thanks!

  86. Hello,
    I made a tutu for my daughter birthday and it turned out really well, the only thing is it get’s knotty and bunched instead of smooth and pooffy, any advice??

  87. You can use this method to make wigs as well – when I made a tutu for my daughter, I made a black and blue pirate wig for my 2-year-old son. Just cut the tulle a bit shorter (14-16″). I’m planning to make a brown-and-tan lion’s mane for him next!

  88. I’ve already made a couple of tutus and I’m happy with them except for the ends. I had purchased one and the ends are very even. Is there a trick to trimming the tutu once you are all done tying on the tulle? Thanks.

  89. OK. I’m trying to make a tutu for my 5 year old. I made a red and black one with tulle from walmart on the bolt. I cut it in 2 inch or so wide strips and 24 inches long. I tried to make it really full with the tie method. but how do you get the strips to stand up o stiff out like in your pics? Mine just scrunched together. Do you use starch or stiff stuff? Please help I want to make her the perfect tutu for her birthday! Thank you for your help!!!

    • I did mine in layers…so i did like shorter and longer over the top of each other so it poofed out more. I also put a TON of tulle on there.


      • Ok, stupid question here…you said you make yours in layers- how do you do that ? I get how to make a no sew tutu but having trouble envisioning how to layer it without sewing…thanks

  90. Hi,
    I’m just curious why you prefer the 6″ spool vs. the tulle on the bolt. I am having a hard time finding the colors I want in the spool! (I don’t want to order online because I want to see the fabric in person).

    Also, how many yards do you think I would need for a 1 yr. old tutu?

    Thank you so much!

    • Its pre-cut on one side on the 6″…the bolt is going to be like 3 yard across, so you have to cut it twice. If you get the spools, you only cut it at the length…it just makes it easier.


  91. I doubled up my tulle and used the slip knot technique but my tutu is still coming out very thing and it’s all one layer. every tutu I see seems like it has multiple layers to it. How do I get this look?

  92. Hi! Thanks so much for posting this! I want to make a couple of collegiate tutus for our daughter to wear this fall at football games. She’s not born yet, but she’ll be about 6 months old by the time football season rolls around. What’s the best way to know how much elastic to use? Would it be safe for me to measure the circumference of a size 6-9 month onesie and just use that?

  93. Thanks for the awesome info!!! I have been eyeing some awesome tutu’s online and just couldn’t see myself throwing out all that money for 2 tutu’s for my daughters. A friend suggested making one and to google I went!!!

    My question is, when I go to JoAnn’s, how many yards of tulle do I need? I have an almost 4 year old and a 7 month old. Any ideas from experienced tutu makers would be much appreciated!

    • I used 100 yards of 6 inch tulle for a 21 inch waist band and they are very full ( I cut mine at 26 inches in length)

  94. I have 2 yr old twins so I have made a few tutus (thanks so much for the instructions they’ve saved me TONS!!!!) I started out making them on waistband wide elastic and I’ve even tried the very skinny elastic and no matter which i use the tulle stretches it out so much that there’s no elasticity left in the waistband… I have consequently started just making them on ribbon and sewing a hook and eye where each end of the ribbon “meets” at their bellies, then tying off the excess into a pretty bow in the front. I would like to know how to keep the elastic from stretching so much but still being able to keep the tulle taut and jam packed on the waistband so it keeps its fluff… any suggestions??

    • You really can’t keep it tight – I measure their waist and take 3 inches off and use a safety pin to hold the elastic together. Then I put on the tulle and when I get close to the safety pin I measure it around them again and cut the elastic if I need to. But usually taking 3 inches off is about perfect.

  95. i am so excited i found these cheap and easy instructions. now i can be a REAL bumble bee ballarina!!!!!! 😀

  96. Thank you so much for this! I was going to buy a tutu but they cost almost $30 here and I didnt know if the packaged one would fit. This is a great source and your directions are super easy. I used the ones for the layered tutu instead but alternated colors and just tied two of the same color together instead.

  97. Great instructions! My tutu seems much flatter and more see through than yours any ideas on how i can make it stand out more and be thicker?

  98. Also, your tule seems like it has layers to it or something.
    Mine seems so transparent.
    What can I do to fix this?

    • It also depends on how you tie it. There were several websites that she sent listed. If you go to the third one, it tells you to tie it in just a normal knot. That will give you more layers and make it poofier than if you tie it with the slip-knot thing.

  99. Your directions helped me so much.
    The only problem I’m having is with cutting the tule. It never comes out nice and straight. Is there anyway to buy it pre-cut maybe?
    Help please!

  100. I have never made a tutu before and want to make one for my daughter. I’ve seen ones where the ends of the tulle are more pointy like a fairy type tutu. How do you do that?

  101. I just wanted to say this is a great tutorial! I am a mom of two boys and a girl and the girl is the yongest and she is very girlie, girlie. I am looking forward to making her a Tutu for Halloween. I am thinking of making a couple for some birthdays! Thanks for the info!

  102. This year I am making a blue and green tutu for my halloween costume as a fairy, except when i do the two colored tutu tutorial so far you can see my pants underneath…
    what do I do to fix that?

    I’ve got 3 yards of blue and 3 years of green.
    Advice Please…

  103. I used your tutorial to make a red and black tutu for my daughter’s ladybug costume. I then took and extra yard of the red tulle and folded it until it fit her back from wrist to wrist then cut it into a half circle. I sewed black felt circles to the top layer and pinned it to a black shirt. It came out great – the tutu helps keep the back in the half-circle and my daughter loves the tutu (and keeps asking for it, but she has to wait until Halloween). Now I have a request for a Tinkerbell tutu – but she’ll have to wait until next weekend!

    • Is there anyway to post a pic of your lady bug? I am making my daughter a lady bug for halloween as well and I wanted to see your idea? Thanks tiffany

  104. Just made my 25 month old grandaughter a tutu and she and i love it, but the one thing that is driving me crazy is that averytime she moves it bunches up. Is there a way to keep that from happening?

  105. I bought off the bolt. If I cut in strips of 6 inch wide and make them 20 – 24 inches long, will my tutu look that full? I think your pink and green one is perfect. I just look at the black one I have started and think it looks really transparent. I am trying to fluff. But, I’m worried.

  106. Thanks, Trisha!

    I used one of the links to make bows..but I am sooo not good at it. Any suggestions for the glue? I used a glue gun and the glue is so bulky!

    • I use super glue GEL in making bows all the time and it holds fabulously! – dries almost instantly! – and zero bulk! Make sure you get the GEL though because the liquid will bleed through the ribbon and you will be able to see it. Not very pretty. Also, clean up any edges where the gel squeezed out when you press the two pieces together or it will dry to the next thing it touches. I use ribbon scraps to wipe it off quickly since I’m throwing them away anyway. :o)

  107. Where can I purchase Tulle for a low cost? Most sites are charging $6-$9 for shipping!!!! =(

  108. Yes! I was thinking of spending like $30 on one from a dancewear boutique or something…Now I know that I can make something more original for cheaper. Thanks for this!

    btw is that your daughter? She’s really cute:)!!

  109. This is a great site! Thank you. We are having our Male executive director and assistant executive director dress as Ballerina’s for a fundraiser and this was brilliant! Thank you!

  110. I’d like to make a tutu with bunch of different skirts or cloth. and i was wondering would i just follow the regular directions, or is there something different? you see i have skirts laying around i don’t wear and i’d like to turn them into a tutu, because i want one so bad. And i’d like to wear it on my birthday which is next tuesday. so if anyone will help me? or you please.

  111. WOW that is great, I was thinking about buying my daughter who just learned to stand up a dress from a boutique, they wanted like 25 dollars but I’m sure I could make one alot cheaper thanks again.

  112. I cannot believe that this is so easy. I spent $60.00 on eBay to have a tutu custom made for my daughter. When I received it, I realized that I probably could have done it myself. Now, after reading your instructions, I KNOW that I could have done it myself. I was going to have another made for her 2nd birthday… not anymore… I’m off to the craft store this weekend. Thank you so much!!!!

  113. Thanks so much for your help my SWEET 16 is comming up real soon and i was thinking really hard on something diffrent i could do and i decided that i wanted my outfit to involve a TUTU, but not just any TUTU, one of my own because i hardly ever buy my cloths and or accessories, i make them b/c i love being diffrent and since i could not every store that actually sells fashion TUTU’s want an insane price for them, i made the decision to make my own, and all the other websites give me the “run around” about a whole lotta nothing. I was just ECSTATIC when I saw your site. AND ONCE AGIAN ->THANKS!


  114. I just wanted to say *thanks* for this!! I have been looking all over the web for instructions on how to make a tutu and now I am ready to rock! Thanks!!! 🙂

  115. Oh mah gawsh.
    These instructions are just what I need!
    Im having a halloween party with lots of my friends and my best friend has the cutest outfit *Bumble bee*
    And I just love the tutu on her’s so now I can totally have one too :]
    Whew! The last time I tried to make a tutu my sewing machine like almost had a heart attack so Im’a stick with the “No-Sew” Directions.

  116. Thank you very much for the great sites. I need to make a tutu for myself (a 20 year old) and could not find anything suiting online. I need a black and yellow adult tutu, and I don’t have a sewing machine, so the “no sew” site was a great help. Thanks again!

  117. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a college student and dont have money to buy a store baught tutu for clubing and raving. this is going to be such a big help!!!

  118. Thanks for the links!
    I love purple! but I didnt have enough purple on hand so i just used all the colors i had(blue/pink/purple/white) i dont like too many colors but for my first time, i think i did a pretty decent job! i cant wait for my daughterto get up from her nap!

  119. OMG, super cute pix. I am going to try to make it for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Do you by any chance how to make a tutu halter dress?? Prob the same right?
    Thank you

  120. Adorable!!!
    Wish I had someone to dress in Tutu’s, maybe I can get the Dh nice and drunk and make him one?? No? Yeah, probably not likely!

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