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15+ Inspiring DIY Fire Pits to Plan

15 Inspiring DIY Fire Pit Designs

Nothing can beat gathering around a fire pit with friends and family, listening to the fire crackle and roasting marshmallows! So below you will find a bunch of different DIY fire pit plans to help you get inspired to create your own pit!

These backyard fire pits can really warm up your outdoor space, making it very inviting. It is a great way to spend an evening sitting and chatting with your friends by the fire. Below are some of the best outdoor fire pits I could find, for you to consider creating to fit your style preference! From simple round pits to square shaped, even those unusual designs, I got you covered. Enjoy the pictures and get some inspiration to create your outdoor fire pit today.15+ Inspiring DIY Firepits to get you outdoors, having s'mores and with family this season - EASY!

Best Outdoor Firepit Designs to DIY

Round Fire Pits

Easy Round DIY Fire pit (The Inspired Room): This is a quick and easy round fire pit you can create in around 15 minutes or so, once you have your supplies. This is a great one for a quick design so you can be entertaining later tonight!

Ring Fire pit (Bower Power): They started with a metal ring and created this beautiful fire pit to sit out and enjoy the cool air and warmth of the fire. Great step by step tutorial!

$60 Fire pit (Keeping it Simple): Great inexpensive fire pit that is circular and perfect for any shaped yard.

Patio and Fire pit (Countryfarm Lifestyle): This fire pit also has a circle patio with it. You can create your own outdoor oasis with this beautiful patio and built in fire pit!

Modern Concrete Bowl Fire pit ( Man Made DIY): This is a really neat fire pit concept, using a bowl for the concrete. With a little concrete and molding you can create this stunning piece in no time!

Wall Stone and Rock Fire pit (This Old House): Amazing tutorial on how to create a fire pit for optimal use. They have great instructions with photos on how to make a fire pit!

Square Firepits

Concrete Square Fire pit (DIY Network): This fire pit takes a little bit of planning and time to create the square look, but it will be very rewarding once it is complete. It is a concrete square fire pit, that is going to last you a long time.

Metal Square Pit (The Brick House): This one takes some welding to create the square base. If you are not handy with welding you might have a friend or need to hire someone to create the square. But it is pretty simple to create once it is welded up! This is a nice modern take on a fire pit.

Tabletop Fire pit (The Art of Doing Stuff): This is another neat design, it is a tabletop fire pit. Where you can create this fire pit that sits on a table, pretty affordably. Great for smaller spaces that still want that real fire feel.

Cinder Block $40 Fire pit (Budget 101): They created a fire pit using cinder blocks, and it costed them right at $40! This is a very quick and easy design, that is affordable.

In-Ground Square Pit (Mike Kraus): This fire pit is in-ground using cinder blocks and decorative bricks. Great step by step instructions, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

(^^mikes fire pit below!)

Unique Designs

Washing Machine Drum Fire pit ( House and Fig): This one is so unique, they use an old washing machine drum to create a fire pit. If you have an old washer that may have went out, or check out flea markets, you could create a neat firepit for cheap!

Sheet of Steel fire pit (Instructables): A different and unique take on a fire pit. You just need a sheet of steel and a few other supplies to create this fun fire pit!

Flower Pot Fire pit (The Blue Eyed Dove): This is a personal fire pit, that can be made to fit any size flower pot. It is a simple and affordable way to add a little flare to your backyard entertaining area.

Gravel Fire Pit (Creativity Exchange): Gorgeous and functional gravel fire pit with large rocks, different and lovely!


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