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Dunkin’ Donuts Valentines Day Flavors Are Here!

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Around here, coffee and doughnuts are not just a treat, they are a staple.

They define a fun Saturday morning and a positive way to start the day. Around Valentine’s Day when the heart-shaped doughnuts appear, they are also impossible to resist. No surprises there considering Valentines Day is one of the biggest doughnut sales of the year!  This year Dunkin’ Donuts is showing us the fun with popular fan favorites like chocolate frosted and red heart sprinkles, to it’s newest delicious treats on the menu that include brownie battered or raspberry filled.


Dunkin’ Donuts Valentines Day Flavors


Looking for tasty treats to get your heart all aflutter? Look no further!

The new Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Heart Donut is a heart-shaped donut with raspberry filling, frosted with chocolate icing, and drizzled with strawberry-flavored icing. This one totally has my daughters heart. It’s not only perfectly adorable in its heart shape but also has a yummy combination of flavors wrapped in the pillowy soft dough you have come to love. I also noticed while at my visit that they had lemon filled ones as well.


Step aside raspberry filled for the new Brownie Batter Crumble Heart Donut. Also heart-shaped, this donut includes brownie batter flavored buttercream filling, frosted chocolate icing and sprinkled brownie crumble. With winter nearly behind us, the launch of these fun filled goodies is a great reminder that the yearly fun is just kicking off!

This Valentine’s Day you can be a hero to everyone in your home, office, or school with this simple (and tasty) expression of love.

Brownie Batter Dunkin' Doughnuts Valentines Flavors



Donut Forget the Coffee

“Donut” forget the coffee!

Dunkin’ Donuts, a pioneer of coffee, has a variety of impossible to resist flavors around this time of the year. Sure, you absolutely need a Vanilla Cupcake Swirl or a new Fudge Brownie Swirl flavored coffee to wash down your delicious donut, but these coffees are also perfect for an anytime pick-me-up.  And because we all like choices, both flavors are available in Dunkin’ Donuts’ hot or iced coffees, lattes and macchiatos.


Here is a tip

Want a tip? Download the Dunkin’ Donuts app to make it easy to purchase but also receive some special coupons and freebies as well! This app was so easy to load on my phone and gave me a free drink immediately! Aside from the app, make sure you subscribe to the Dunkin’ Donuts blog to receive updates about the brand like upcoming deals and flavors.


Remember, these donuts are only available for a LIMITED TIME so get yours before they disappear (and not just in your tummy).



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