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Snowman Printable: Build me a House

Alright. Before you make fun of me, I am not an artist. Yes, I can craft, but my creativity leaves somewhere at the pencil.

Except here is the great thing- my kids do not care. My son is 3 and I could be Picasso in his eyes and my daughter, even if she notices, is too smart to say anything.

So I have been wanting to make some printables for my blog for a long time and I just wasn’t sure how. I am not a graphic artist, I do not have graphic art programs, heck- I couldn’t even keep a stylus in this house for longer than 1 week before the dog ate it.

I am going to go old school on you. I hand drew some Snowman printables for you and hopefully there is a teacher, homeschooling instructor or parent out there that can use these to keep the kids busy this season without laughing TOO hard.  If I see them being downloaded I promise I will come back with more. I have ideas, yall.
Btw, if you expect my drawings to get any better, they just wont. That being said, if you like them, I like doing them and we have a total match. Printables for all!

Free Snowman Printables

Lets start with my Build me A House Printable. This poor little snow family has been left out in the cold! Build them a house, an igloo, a tree- just somewhere they can call their own!

Just click on the image or link below to begin your instant download and enjoy!



But wait, there are more! I have created several other Christmas printables to download and am putting them in separate posts in case you only want to download one at a time!

Head to the next one and download the FREE PRINTABLE SNOW FAMILY COLORING SHEET  or the COUNTING SNOWMAN SHEET here!


*Before anyone asks, you may use these for your classroom, church, home or more, just please do not redistribute without my attribution or link directly to the PDF on your own site.