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Heart Healing

Last night my husband took me around to every SPCA, cat shelter, cat find-a-new-home-cause-someone-sucks-and-didnt-get-their-cat-spayed place. In the beginning, we found plenty of cats that were wonderful and sweet, but I found none that said “that’s our new family” member.

I just know when its the right fit.

Then the last place we visited, literally 5 minutes before they closed, I found this baby:

I will never be able to replace any of the pets we lost, but my home will always be open for a rescue. I find it fitting that Sebastian was a rescue and we have a new baby that is also a rescue. I think he would be proud that his soul allowed another pet a forever family.

Its only been a night, but I can feel my heart filling with love for this new baby and I am glad to be her mom. Last night in the middle of the night she woke up, came up to my face, and licked it. It made me grin at 3am.

Now she needs a name..this is where you come in. Our house currently houses a “Caesar Napoleon” (abandoned), “Little Kitty” (Stray), and Paprika (rescued from a trailer with about 100 cats). Our furbabies that have passed are Sebastian (SPCA rescue), Mei Sei Mae (abusive home rescue), and Enigma (stray).

My DH likes the name Calypso and I like the name Seraphina.

She has one tiny spot of white under her chin, so I also thought “Dot” (he he, dot.com), but that may be too stupid.

Im not all over common names when it comes to my pets.


38 thoughts on “Heart Healing”

  1. Now, do not take this the wrong way, but kittly looks as soft as a cashmere sweater and I bet she is just a cuddler. So I like cashmere… Warm and soft.. Her coloring is beautiful and when my 18 month old saw kitty’s picture, he meowed (which he has never done before)

  2. What a cutie! My vote is Seraphina, my daughter always uses that names when she is playing and I just love the may it sounds! I’m so glad that your heart is mending and you can help another kitty find a happy home!

  3. I kinda like Dot, but sarcasm is my thing…

    but I also like something like Myst … cause of her color or maybe Spooky (tis halloween after all)…

  4. What a precious little kitten! We recently “adopted” a stray 5 week old kitten who wandered into a neighbor’s yard. He’s now almost 6 months old. Such a sweetie! I will only adopt strays and shelter cats (and dogs).

    How about Samantha? Or Natalia? Those are the names of two cats I had growing up who have since passed (Tal just 2 weeks ago).

  5. Oh! Welcome to your new little darling. I’m glad she’s helping your tender heart heal. She’s awfuly cute!

    How about Caesia. It’s latin for grey/blue, steel grey or having grey/blue eyes…

  6. My MIL used to have a teacup poodle that color and they called her Briquette, as in a charcoal briquette. Our new baby reminds me of her dog.

  7. Her eyes look like green granite and that makes me think of the word Pomegranate. I know one thing has nothing to do with the other. That’s the way my mind works though. 😛

  8. I actually love Calypso. How about Nugget?

    Of course you have to realize I have named my cats Stubs, Doormat, and Fips.

  9. i’m so glad your heart is feeling better and i bet you’re right! sebastian is smiling down at you for saving another kitty.

    i bet her personality will help you pick a name in no time at all. after i read your post though, i named her “Heart.” <3

    enjoy the new baby and post a ton of pics!! i'm oooohing & ahhhhing over here.

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