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How to make a tutu…for your kitten.

How to make a tutu…for your kitten!

Yes, I am that cruel. And bored. Plus I have 6 rescue cats and they keep tearing up my stuff, so I like to torture them with love on occasion.

 First, if you don’t know how to make a tutu, I have instructions there.

The only difference in this tutu instead of the other instructions is instead of an elastic waist, I used a piece of ribbon and did a half tutu (cause I assumed she wouldn’t walk if it was underneath her) and hot glued the ends together. You can use this same concept on a human baby {as opposed to a furbaby} but instead make your ribbons really long so you can tie in a bow in the front.

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I used grosgrain ribbon for this tutu, but I recommend satin if you’re making it for a child instead of a kitten. It produces a nicer bow.

Is there anything cuter than a kitten in a tutu?

Yeah, I dont think so.

Well..maybe if I could figure out how to attach wings on her.



Shortly after this, I let her take it off..then she waged a serious war on it.

It’s now a pile of tulle mush.

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26 thoughts on “How to make a tutu…for your kitten.”

  1. I seriously just sat here laughing for the last 5 minutes. How ever did you get it on her? My two calico’s would have turned the tutu into mush…then moved in on me!! Too funny. Thanks for this…I needed it.

  2. Ok, this tutu for kitten was too cute for words! LOVE IT! To bad my kitty is a boy…maybe this means I just need to get a little princess kitty. 😉

  3. People and dressing up their pets. LOL. I have a little coat for my min pin, but that’s only to help keep him warm on walks in the fall and winter months, not for style or anything.

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