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How to make a Beaded Bride Bouquet that’s an instant hit!

I have wanted to make this Beaded Bride  Bouquet and I have a friend that is never gonna get married.  Sooooooo, I figured I would be a great friend and make her an imaginary wedding bouquet for the imaginary wedding, I will never be in… It wont die and it will be here if she decides to end her 23 year engagement. If you have a friend that isn’t getting married but you want her to, this could be a great craft for you to get on her nerves with! This also works if you are a nosey mother in law to be, mother of the potential bride, or otherwise want to get on your friends nerves for being single.Or…of course….if you have a REAL wedding, that works too.

beaded wedding bouquet

Create a Custom Beaded Bride Bouquet

What you need:


If you are searching for the perfect broaches to add to your Beaded Bride Bouquet  I think this one is fabulous .      

How to create it:

1) I first put the dowel in my styrofoam. Then, while you will note in the picture that I started covering my ball w/ tulle first, I do not recommend that. Go ahead and do your ribbon wrapped handle and THEN cover the ball in tulle. I pinned the tulle down with tiny pins and trimmed at the base. You can also leave some for fluff if you prefer. You will need to cover the ball so you something that the hot glue can stick to. I have found that hot gluing styrofoam directly ends up as a total fail.

2) Once that is done…pin, stick, glue and cover your ball! I did mine in more of a vintage layer based on some of the sparkles I loved, but you can do in any color, bead, style…get creative! (pssstt…you will see a little “blue” in mine..gosh, I think of everything)

Honestly, the rest of this tutorial is better explained with pictures, so here ya go.

wedding bouquet tutorial DIY MomDot.com

Wedding Bouquet Beaded Bride Tutorial DIY, Wedding Costumes and more!

(yes, I really did have my 8 year old put on her wedding dress to post with it.)

Beaded Wedding Bouquet tutorial and inspiration

beaded wedding bouquet

Beaded Wedding Bouquet

Oh, oh! And because this isn’t made from real flowers, it will last forever…so even if you are 90 years old when your friend finally marries, it will still look as beautiful as the day you made it.

Just in case they never get married. And it ends up as decor.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about making one of these for my cousin this year… loved your take on the “brooch bouquet”! It’s the most unique one I’ve seen & very cute!

  2. This is so so gorgeous! I used fake flowers for my wedding bouquet, so it still looks great…but I wish I had one of these instead!

  3. I love it! I love the hint of blue on it so I can help but wonder if maybe a little peacock feather wouldn’t be amazing, too. How fun!

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