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Monsters High Goes Back to School too!

Update November 2015: See the newest Monster High Create a Monster Head Here!

There are not many toys I can buy Charlotte that will keep her entertained in the house for any amount of time on end. She is an outdoor kid through and through and if she is in, she is usually watching a movie. But recently she had an opportunity to receive a great new Monsters High Toy, this Monsters High Locker and she has been glued to it for the past three days, much to my surprise.

Keeping with the back to school theme, your favorite Monsters High dolls are getting their own lockers, complete with ways to decorate and plenty of storage for all your Monster High accessories. After Charlotte helped me out for a day and did tons of extras around the house, I even let her add a few new Monster High dolls to her locker for adequate play time. She liked them so much that she had a birthday party today and chose to purchase dolls for her friend as well!

Check out some of the fun:


Monsters high review

Monsters High Locker



Monsters High Locker




About the Monsters High Locker:

Everything a little ghoul uses can be stored in this secret coffin locker. There is secret storage space to stow your ghoulish trinkets that can only be accessed with a key. There is a real working wipe board for messages and reminders. A spider web for fun storage of little ghoul jewelry. Real working picture frames to store pictures of you and your friends. Fun accessories and stickers to personalize your locker! Doll not included.

Price point: $29.99

I asked Charlotte WHY she likes Monsters High and she said very simply…

“Because Monsters High is my Favorite!”

If you are interested in checking out all the new ghoulish Monsters High supplies, trying shopping the deals at Target and then visit your nearest Target store!


*Monsters High Locker provided for promotion, dolls we purchased separately.

10 thoughts on “Monsters High Goes Back to School too!”

  1. I have a difficult time time with this. My granddaughter is four and a half and her mother purchased these for her. My concern as a woman is: I am concerned that she will get older and want to have the super skinny body, stripper heels and boots and slutty clothes. Too many of our children are obsessed with body image. Is this healthy. Even Barbie isn’t such a slutty dressed doll. I harken Barbie to a beach girl. If Barbie starts wearing stripper heels, corsets, etc, I’m done with her. What ever happened to Cabbage Patch Kids and Holly Hobby dolls? Especially for a 5 year old?!

    • Barbie DOES have those types of clothing and outfit choices. I suspect you have not shopped in a bit for Barbie? There are some choice outfits. But in this case, we really like them. My daughter dresses modestly because its what I have taught her…the dolls dont teach her to be super skinny because its a DOLL. She is still who she is because as her mother its my influence that raises her I suspect the granddaughters mother does. I dont see any danger in them.

  2. I have an 11 year old sister who is obsessed with Monster High. I don’t really get it, but then again I loved the Nightmare Before Christmas as a child so I guess its kinda like that with some Barbie mixed in.

  3. These Monster High dolls are so cute! I wish they had been around when my daughter was small, she would aave enjoyed playing with them. I’ll have to see if my niece likes them — I’m thinking Christmas!

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