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How to Plan a Great Christmas Party

Everybody loves parties, but Christmas parties are absolutely the best. Nothing brings us together to celebrate and enjoy like Christmas.

Have you ever planned a Christmas party? If not, there are certain things you need to know. For instance, you need to send the invitations way in advance because the holidays are a busy period. People will have a lot of work and family obligations, so you want to give people plenty of notice so they can choose your party during their other free time.

Here’s what else you should pay attention to.

The Christmas Party Organizer Checklist

Planning the Party – Two Months Before the Party

If you want to host a Christmas party, you need to start planning 1-2 months in advance because people tend to be quite busy and hectic during the holiday season. This will also give you an opportunity to choose the perfect date for your Christmas party in order not to disrupt anybody’s plans.

Make a list of everyone you want to invite. If your party is a somewhat private gathering, you might want to invite only family members and close friends. If you’re throwing a big, lavish party, you’ll probably want to extend the list to colleagues, neighbors, and maybe ask your guests to bring someone with them. However, ensure that the venue and your budget are suitable for the number of guests you’re planning to have.

Choose a location. Unless you’re throwing a party at your home, you need to take some time and find a perfect location. It’s important to book the space on time because you might lose it.

Choose a theme. If you’re planning a themed party, choose the theme now and include it in the invitations. If you’re on a tight budget, pick something simple, like a White Christmas party where all the décor and table settings are white and all invitees will also wear white.

Send the invitations as early as possible. As I already said, the holiday season is a busy time, so once you have the date set and the venue booked, send out the invitations.

Plan the menu. If your budget is tight, plan your party as a potluck gathering. However, if you can afford to spend some extra cash and be in charge of everything, compose your own menu. I recommend hors d’oeuvres as they’re a popular choice for parties. Of course, you should also include traditional Christmas foods and beverages like cider, eggnog, and Christmas cookies.

Taking Care of the Details – Two Weeks Before the Party

Decorations. Make the venue looking festive by using lots of lights, sparkles, and candles. Use green and red for the table, and don’t forget to bring a Christmas tree as well.

Games and entertainment. To make the party super-fun, you can ask some of your talented family members or friends to perform or sing Christmas carols. You can also play some of the popular party games such as Pictionary and Charades.

Favors. At the end of the party, give each of your guests a ‘thank you gift’ such as Christmas ornaments or personalized stockings. Edible gifts are also a great idea – you can give away personalized cocoa packages or Christmas candies.

There you have it! These tips should help you organize a Christmas party without too much stress. However, if this looks too overwhelming, you can always call the professionals like those at Landmark Event and be a guest at your own Christmas party!

A few more things to note:

Remember to keep in mind any dietary restrictions. We usually keep some probiotics in the cupboard as well.