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How to start a Boutique online

How to start an Online Boutique

How to start an online boutique

Domain Names and Design

It’s very important to come up with a good website name. Something that you can not only relate to, but that’s easy to remember, easy to type, and something that cant be mixed up with another moms site or product. In addition to that, naming your website is in direct relation with how your site comes up in search engines.

Lets say that you own a hair bow site and you call it myblingthings.com and someone else owns a site that is “hairbowsincorporated.com” . If someone types in hairbows, the other persons site is more likely to come up because hairbowsincorporated.com actually has the keyword in it. Assuming your site is optimized and has been submitted to search engines, you will be in the listings, but not as high up.  Where your site comes up in search engines has a direct relation to how many sales you will get. Basically bringing in the customers actually gives you the chance.

When I first went on my name journey, I consulted a group of friends who spent just over an hour coming up with cute names and vetoing names for me. It was important to me to use the word ballerina in my name, not only for my love of ballet, but because my design is replicated after a ballerina dress. But for awhile, i nearly became ThePoshSpot. Good thing I didn’t, there are about a million people who use the word Posh in their domain name. I may never have been found!

I also had a hard time finding something that on one else had and not to mention a few domain names I used to use, I had let expire, and someone else picked up…so, there ya go. Then someone said Bambina! We were trying to think of words that invoked little girl or children, without directly saying that. And thus, www.BambinaBallerina.com was born.  Woo, hoo! I had a name. Whew! It wasn’t a name that had a keyword in it, but in all fairness, that was something I learned after the fact. I did go out and buy www.Ballerinahairbowholders.com as well, so I could redirect it to my site and have a keyword in it. If you have ever seen companies advertise getting you to the top of the search engine, this is one of the tricks. They reassign you domain names and forward someone to your site from that name. Google doesn’t really like you to do this, so be careful, it can harm your page rank if you overdo it.

One thing that I can say is that my name is easy to remember, is never confused with another mom site or product, and is catchy. I guess you cant win them all on the keyword thing. I did optimize however, Ill teach you how to do that in a later post.

When you go buy a domain name, there are so many places to buy it at. Really, just take the cheapest one. There is nothing special about where you buy your domain names at. Sometimes your hoster will INCLUDE your domain name and register it for you for a reasonable fee or as included in your hosting package, but make sure they don’t OWN your name if you decide to cancel or change hosters. Since I never wanted to mess with that, I just keep all my domain names in one spot and under my own care.

I DONT RECOMMEND BUYING THROUGH GODADDY!! It can be a real big hassle to move and set up and they are not overly helpful.

I get mine from Blue Host and its pretty easy once your logged in. You can forward your domains (to another page), set up your nameservers when your hosting kicks in, park them so they are not being used, or host them right there. They also offer a bunch of other services that I don’t particular need, but its there if I ever change my mind.



What I do is keep a separate email address to file important paperwork like this. I have an extra email account that I forward all my files to and put them in saved folders. I don’t email out of that account at all, its only for saving. All my hosting information, wholesale inquires, business contacts, and passwords. That way if I ever need something, I just pop on, cut and paste, and voila! Back in business.

A real quick update on hosters. I have been in and out of three boutique hosters. I was on a boutique hoster that was run by some girl in her house that was listed as a “reseller”. While there are many honorable resellers, this one wasn’t. What a reseller does is take your payment and host a resell account and sell part of her space to you. She didn’t pay HER bill, which means every website on the account went down. Including mine.

Unlucky for her, I am a whiz at computers, tracked her down by her domain name, found out she lived in my CITY, and drove to her house. That was the shock of her life. Once I had my site files back up, I moved them to a new hoster and have been there for almost 2 years. This hoster (PappaShop) had been good but recently I was hacked twice and when I talked to them about it, they insisted I was not hacked when clearly I was.  Just because they could not find it, doesn’t mean it hadn’t been hacked. I had “Viagra” keywords and descriptions in google for my site, which is a known hack that redirects google bots to produce keywords for another site. It took me about 8 hours to fix it, on my end, and they were NO help. It was talking to a child.

I should never know more than my hoster, right?

As soon as I got it cleaned up, it got hacked again not 2 days later. Both in the hosting files on their end, so I wont take it anymore.  You can get some inexpensive hosting here for a blog or research other online boutique sellers depending on your needs for set up for the e-cart.

So now you have your domain name, now you have your hoster…where do you go?

Armed with your new name, and your hoster…here is the fun part. How the heck do I build one of those cute sites with all the graphics? Chances are, unless your super HTML computer literate, this is one of those things you will need to go straight to someone else for. Your hoster should have a few in your system already or for a very cheap price, but quite honestly, they are all usually pretty plain and boring.

What you have to find is a website builder that incorporates your personal style and what you are trying to portray.

Do you want it to be bright and happy, fun and funky, super feminine and girly, shabby chic, modern…there are so many excellent template designers out there that you will have your pick of the litter.

Templates come in several ways. You can buy a pre-made which is a template that someone has premade for you..it will include all graphics/backgrounds, usually a matching banner, and they will upload it straight to your hoster including all necessary text changes (ie Site Name) added into your site and on your banner. Premades will be the cheapest templates out there, because they resell them over and over again. Meaning that any person can come on and buy the same background for their site. In all honesty, I have only come accross a few sites that have the same background, so if budget is a main concern, don’t be too worried about purchasing a premade. They vary from about $15-$50 in cost.

The second template you can buy is a Limited Premade…its the exact same thing, except it will only be sold a certain number of times. I see max of about 10 on this on many of them. Your chances are lower in running across this background online.

Third, you can purchase a OOAK, which stands for One Of A Kind, which means no one in the world will ever have your exact design. You buy it, its yours, the end. These are gonna run from about $100-$500, depending on how extensive the graphics are, the quality of work, and the fact that they are only sold once plays into the cost. They can also run higher then that if they include java.

Last, you can purchase a Custom Design. Meaning that you get to design your own design, ground up. You work with a designer to make your ideas come to life, and these will be varying in cost on what the designer charges and how much time it includes to build your site.

Along with purchasing a template, most designers offer ad-ons that include matching Ebay and Etsy backgrounds, business cards, all sorts of banner sizes, and blog upgrades. Truly you can have a whole community that belongs to you!

Here are a list to get you started! Just click on the graphic (we endorse Boutique Mama). You can read the  girly boutique template designers that I like the most in an article here.


other places I found online




http://girlydesignz.net/ (she is great w/ custom graphics)

If you are starting a store or interface with WordPress, which as great SEO, you can use this inexpensive hosting here.

One last thing..these designers barely scratch the surface of the amount of template designers that are out there, so just find one that fits your style, email them if you have any questions before you purchase. Most template designers only work with specific hosters, so double check that they work with your hoster and that the template will fit if you purchase it. (another reason to go with known hosters!).

If you visit a site and really like the design, you can usually scroll to the bottom of the page and see who designed it. Generally it has a link, so you can click and go straight to the designers page and maybe find something that also fits your style.

My tips with a template is to find something that is easy on the eyes, flows on the page nicely, and is just “you”. There is nothing worse then advertising your site and taking a step back and saying..wow, I just cheaped out and this is U-G-L-Y. Think of the sites you visit..do you like them clean, bright, soft, modern, and what makes you decide to buy. Do you trust a site that is unorganized or all over the place?

I know that I trust a site that is put together and has some effort behind it.

Altogether, you can get your site off the ground for

Domain Name : $5.95 a year

Hoster: $3.99 to  $12.95 a month

Template: $50

So your initial investment is about $70. Keep in mind that you won’t have to renew your domain name for a year or your template ever unless you decide to completely change styles.

Working from Home- more ideas

If you are just looking to work from home and not sure if you want to sell, consider doing surveys and research. The world of online branding is absolutely huge and you CAN make money from doing surveys. No, you will not make millions, but if you register with the following sites, you will get surveys to complete and it adds up big time. I use this money for new products for my kids and sometimes get enough to even pay my car payment! You can register by checking them out and see what fits for you. Surveys are easy and registration is free!

Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining so this offer will convert extremely well to a broad based demographic, especially users interested in freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons online money making opportunities.

e-Poll Survey Panel: Express yourself! Take Surveys with E-Poll & Earn Rewards. Sign-up now to be entered into the $1,000 Monthly Draw!

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Minds Pay: Joining is free! Sign up today to get immediate access to paid offers. Evaluate products and services of your interest and give us your feedback. You get compensated! Watch your account balance grow, then you can request a payout!

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Panda Research: Participate in Offers and Surveys with Panda Research and Get Paid up to $50!

Send Earnings: Many ways to earn Cash…
* Read emails
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Here’s How It Works:
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  1. Dropshipping can be a tempting thing to consider when you are getting started but you may want to consider keeping control of this integral part of your online business early in startup. Customer service and seeing and feeling the product is crucial in building a trustworthy relationship with your clients. Maybe you start with control in house and slowly outsource and drop ship as you grow. Just my thoughts.

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    • personally i think setting up is easy..you just have to add the stuff. Most use mals ecart and without any knowledge i didnt have any issues doing my own

  21. Thank you for the advice!!! Very anxious to start my online business! Have you ever heard of “easy boutique builder”?? Wondering if they are reputable?

    • One thing that turned me away from Easy Boutique Builder is that the lady who owns it, just fell into it. She didn’t design it or anything like that. The person who originally owned it got tired of the biz and sold it to her. So I was worried about the tech level behind them. Just my .02 😉

      • I would be very careful with those website builder sites. I had a very bad personal experience with not one, but two of them, as they take advantage of women who do not have a lot of technical experience creating a website. The website builders that supposedly cater the WAHMS are the worst in my opinion. They use the lack of website building skills as a weapon and can basically hold you hostage to your very own website. BEWARE!

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    • I would suggest doing your own SEO work. I use to own a rahter large online maternity company. I paid clos to 45k a month in PPC ads. The reason being is I never learned how to do seo. I hired a company to do it for me and was paying $1500.00 a month and don’t really know what they did. I have since been seo trained but empower yourself with the knowledge on how to do seo yourself and then if you need to outsource it do so…Also, keywords are important but try to focus on one way links as well.

      Jen V.

  37. Great Info! I recently started an on-line boutique selling jewelry, apparel, and accessories. It’s important to find out the requirements for your state. For example, my state requires a Sales and Use Tax Permit and a DBA (if the business name is different from your name). They are simple to get and you’ll need them to open a business checking account, purchase items wholesale, etc. I did my website myself….a real learning experience…I’m a nurse and busy mom of 3 girls, not a computer person 😉 Now, I’m just trying to figure out how to get my site ranked higher in the google search engine results. Any ideas? My website is http://www.kalacojewerly.com

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  41. Wow this is really good information and I wish I would have found it a long time ago! At the beginging you mention the word “Posh” ggeezz I use it not just once but twice one for my boutique store and one for my blog. But This was still very helpful for other issues I might have. My store is ranked number 3 on google but I have heavy compeitition none the less! Thank you for sharing all this information!

  42. Hi. I am curious to know how you go about setting up your payment methods (i.e. accepting credit card, Paypal payments, etc) through your online boutique. Is there a cost associated with this?
    Thank you!

    • I have a paypal business account and most online boutique software is plug n play…meaning that you just add your paypal info inside and it does the rest for you (transfers people over and back). The templates that boutiques are made with are pretty ‘smart’ so it takes all the html, etc out of it.

      I pay a paypal fee as part of setting it up with them.

      for a while i took credit card payments on another online company and that cost me $50 a year and a part of my fee. It was pretty small though. I no longer take credit cards over the phone though.

  43. Hi,

    I have been looking into opening up a clothing shop which stocks designer brands, however due to lack of funds am thinking of opting for an online botique to cut out the rent expense. I have read your blogs and they are indeed very interesting. I was just wondering once i get my domain name and set up my website, how do i go about approaching the big Australian designers to stock my boutique? Also how do you compete with the other online stores stocking the same brands? How much initial stock would i need to buy and would i realy be able to sell it all and make a profit? Just want to know what i will be getting my self into and trying to understand the whole process.

    Thanks for your time and help x

    • i dont work with clothing myself, however you can approach companies online and ask them for thier dropshipping policy or their wholesale. For you, it sounds like dropshipping would be best. That is where you display the product and then once its ordered, you ship the order to them w/ their portion of the payment and they ship to your customer.

      Domain name is easy..just grab from dynonames.com for $10 and hosting..i use pappashoppe (sp) for my boutique. Its about $12 a month and they have great customer service.

  44. I am JUST launching an online boutique : http://www.tealeafclothing.com in late December 2009. It’s been an uphill battle but I think I finally have all my finances and legal stuff in order—That is THE most important thing–my advice is that make SURE your foundation is stable THEN go for it! Make sure you have your DBA, your CPA, your logo trademarked and get a sellers permit and EIN. I am working with various designers and they ALL require an EIN and a seller’s permit ID #. I also found that unfortunately a lot of designers are launching THEIR own sites and they do not want to expand their web presence and since http://www.tealeafclothing.com is ONLINE ONLY (for now), it’s been a struggle to get designers to partner with.

    • Good luck with your boutique! Sounds like you are getting it together. I continue to get bogged down myself with all of this legal stuff. For example, What is a seller’s permit, and how do you get one? Is that particular to your state? Did you have any trouble getting a business bank account and credit card? That is what I am working on now, and the bank requires a Certificate of Existence and Articles of Organization, which looks like it may cost $100. Is there any way around this? Any advice would be appreciated!!!

      • Online laws are different and you need to look per your state. For my bank, i actually use paypal and my own personal credit card for expenses and then fund myself back. Just keep careful records so you dont mix up your personal and business.

      • Thank you so much for the information. I am in starting my own online boutique March 12,2011 and you have answered all of the questions I had in mind. Thank you soooooo much

  45. Hi Trisha,
    I am a stay at home mom and in the process of starting a hair bow business. Is Sole proprieter the best way to go or LLC.? Thanks for your help in advance.

    Maricel 🙂

  46. hi. im a mother to 2 beautiful little girls! i have also been bitten by the hair bow craze(for over 3yrs now). i love making bows and accessories!

    i really like this article. im a little overwhelmed at this point. i have for several yrs now wanted to open a website with hairbows and accessories and possibly eventually lead into children shoes etc…
    as with a lot of mother’s, my goal is to have a successful website so i can be home more with my little angels.(i work 3days a week now outside the home.)The boutique world is where my interest is.

    I have been reading many articles over the past few yrs on what it takes to build a website, etc..it is and can be overwhelming.

    before i take the leap into the website world , im thinking of changing my business name . right now i go by “cute as a bow”
    since having my 1st daughter (its how i stumbled upon the love of this craft) and now having a 2nd girl, they are my inspiration for continuing this journey.

    If I could ask for help in renaming my business…i would like to include their names in it somewhere if possible(or something that partains to the fact i have 2 girls). i want creative.something sweet. catchy.
    my girl’s 1st names are Elizabeth and my baby is Katherine.remember, i sell hairbows and hair accessories, but i don’t want to limit myself to the shoes and such later on if i should choose to sell those items too.
    thanks for the help

    OR tell me what you think about what i ahve already. is it catchy enough for the web to scan it when googled etc…
    great site!
    “bowtique mommy”

    • i think you have to be happy with what you choose cause once you start branding, its hard to change. Make sure no one else has trademarked your statements or use them in places like ebay, etc or it could get confusing (and legal) for you if you take off.

  47. Trisha that is so sweet of you! Thank you! I’m always afraid to ask you because I know you’re a super busy lady. I do have some questions about photographing products if anyone has some expertise in this area. I know how important it is for them to look as good on screen as they do in person I’m just not sure I know quite how to capture it.

  48. Good article, venturing into the online boutique world seems like a huge task but you’ve done a wonderful job explaining it. I know I was overwhelmed at first but its actually quite simple once you get versed in it. Good type on the buying another name and redirecting it to, your so good!

  49. Cat, ill be glad to help you with anything. I have been running bambina for a year..and it pays my mortgage and then some, so i have learned a lot. Dont hesitate to ask me to blog on a specific topic.


  50. Clarissa thanks so much for all of those great links! I’ll be doing more research there tomorrow. I’ve been doing tons of research for my business over the course of two months and I’m hoping to open up Jan 09

  51. Awesome! Thank you so much for all of this info. I plan on opening my boutique next year if I can get everything in my brain together.

  52. Right. Google does not like a ton of domain names that go to the same site. They find that cheating the system or rather, SPAMMING the search engines. YOu have to be careful.

    If i have
    http://www.hairbowholdersforyou.com, bambinaballerinahairbowholds.com etc and they all go to my one site, google will catch on and eventually punish you. They can even remove ALL your domain names if they get really mad.

  53. Great stuff there Trisha!

    The part that I’m confused on, maybe I’m not reading it right is this..

    “I did go out and buy http://www.Ballerinahairbowholders.com as well, so I could redirect it to my site and have a keyword in it. If you have ever seen companies advertise getting you to the top of the search engine, this is one of the tricks. They reassign you domain names and forward someone to your site from that name. Google doesn’t really like you to do this, so be careful, it can harm your page rank if you overdo it.”

    Do you mean google doesn’t like your redirecting several domains to one store?

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