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Breastfeeding……..(i am SO in trouble here)

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I am going to go ahead and put a disclaimer on here that this really has nothing to do with breastfeeding. It just started that way.

Over on the MomDot forum we got into a discussion about a woman breastfeeding a 10 year old. Everyone has been very honest and polite in their responses, for or against. Normally I would not bring up a topic as sensitive as breastfeeding. I feel its a private decision that is between you and your body. For the record, I personally would not be into breastfeeding my 10 year old…but here is a youtube on BFing an 8 year old if your interested.

But then someone says this:

This was a thread on the one scrapping forum. There was a clip someone had where a girl still nursed at 17 because her bf broke up with her and again at 25 because her wedding was almost called off.

Surely, no. 25 year old person is breastfeeding? I will be  56 years old when Charlotte is 25. If Charlotte asked me to whip out my boob at 56 years old, I would tell her it retreated in itself after she was born…considering I went from a comfortable full size B cup to an inverted A after childbirth, that’s not far from the truth. But I thought, Ok, im going to look this story up. I have GOT to know. Maybe there is more to the story. A reason…something…anything.

Off to google I go…..nope, didn’t find it, BUT i found something even more interesting  called adult breastfeeding relationships.

Now that I have given you the willies, let me share with you this lovely tidbit of ‘motherhood’.  Apparently there are men that think that breastfeeding on women is..erotic. And we wonder exactly why breastfeeding in public can spark such a controversy. I’m not talking about your DH checking out your new milk boobies and saying, hey, I want to try that (don’t all men?) but actually go out to FIND someone to breastfeed with or continue to have you create milk for them. *shudder*

Was I the only one in the world that found breastfeeding completely and utterly difficult? As in milk let down was painful and I just never really fell in love with it. If my Dh asked me to start lactating for him, I would respond with a punch in his nads.

While I was perusing the site looking for more knowledge, I came across this page. Before you click it at work, wait till your at home. Its..um…escorts that donate their bodies while pregnant or lactating.

Here are a few lovely articles on ABF

Obviously, this was not what I intended to find. After I cleaned up my hurl from reading some guy saying that he partakes in “the sweet nector” when he is able to, I went back on my search for the 17 year old.

Nope, didn’t find it….but wait…there is MORE. Did you know that acting like a Baby is a fetish too? NO worries, you can learn to talk like a baby, fold your adult size diaper, or find a babysitter for your adult….baby….here.

I ran across a forum where people put up art (check out this graphic of the disney princesses in adult diapers….walt is rolling over in his grave) regarding this fetish and in the forum, this was a response:

oh wows. dats de best babbys saiwor moon pics mes ebers seens!!!! yous just so tawenteds. saiwor moons whats gots mes hookes ons anmies.. ebwys ones says its tos girwys buts mes teww dems, so whats mes is ans gurws. anys ways its asomes n cants waite to see what u come outs wif nexts.


Sweets Babys Alwice
*suckwes mes paci*

Designed to be playful yet functional, we made this incredible adult baby diaper even more absorbent than the leading brands of adult diapers. We know you’ll love how absorbent it is and how the front will swell just like a baby diaper when it becomes wet! These diapers are really heavy too – they weigh up to 210 grams each! That’s almost half a pound of diaper fun each!

Check out this guy…in a diaper.


Cause changing crap in a diaper for 2.5 years wasn’t enough that I want a GROWN MANS diaper to clean up. Wait. Is this what happens when you breastfeed your 25 year old?

Conclusion: I have now decided that breastfeeding at 10 years old is normal.


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  1. Wow. I just can’t even begin to process this. I nursed Grady for nearly two years and that was more than enough time. If my 12 year old son asked me to nurse, I would be calling a therapist. And the baby fetish thing? I’m nauseated.

  2. I honestly think that breastfeeding until 2 is pushing it, but to each their own. But if a kid is old enough to go to school there is seriously something wrong going on there. And the mom and kid should be in counseling to get help for whatever that is.

  3. Ok first off, I am going to do my best to forget almost everything I read in the 2nd half of the post *shudder* I don’t judge the people who do it but I can’t help but judge the act, c’mon, seriously?! All of us has come short of the glory of making it to the bathroom when we are sick and dealing with the flu, I can’t imagine PURPOSEFULLY missing the bathroom and sitting in my own crap or urine….*gag*….waiting for someone *i think i puked in my mouth a lil* to come wipe my … my … *gag…gaining composure* arse…..
    However, concerning breastfeeding…
    When I was a senior in high school our study hall teacher had a child in kindergarten who would get out of class during our s.h. period and the li’l girl would come down to the room to be with her mom and EVERY day she would crawl right up under her shirt and nurse for most of the hour then take her nap on a lil pallet by her mom’s desk! For me, 5 is a bit old to be nursing your child (esp in front of a bunch of hormone driven teen guys) but I feel like when to wean is kind of between the parent and child. If they are old enough to express verbally, I think it should be done at home or in private (I am pro-public breastfeeding infants! When a baby is hungry they are HUNGRY & can’t wait or even be told why they have to). My brestfeeding experience with my first child was perfect, so much bonding, so much stress relief just sitting there looking at my child contently nurse and knowing that I was providing him something that no one else could…when the teeth came in, he came off :D.With my 2nd baby, it was a wonderful experience but he was HUGE and I couldn’t keep up with him…so at like 3-4 months we had to switch him to formula but he still pacified at the breast for about 3 more months and there were times that letting him nurse, even though not for nourishment, was the only way to help abade his colic but once again, teeth in, kid off! My 3rd breast feeding experience was HELL, she had a small mouth, couldn’t latch on right, I was stressed and my diabetes was out of whack and she cried non stop because even though I was making ENOUGH milk, there was no nourishment in it so we had to cease at 3 months again but she too pacified on them for almost a year. Now my kids are almost 14 (he would crap if he knew I commented about this), 10, and 4. The younger 2 still have a tendency to want to rest their head on them (NOT in a nursing way, but you can tell they are still very fond of them and that there is something comforting about mother’s breast…not mother’s breast MILK) but there is no way in hell that I would even consider allowing them to nurse now!
    The mom in the video SEEMS very well rounded and fairly sane and I think she really does feel that she is doing what is best for the younger daughter…and I think the girls seem very “normal”. I couldn’t do it at those ages but hey more power to her, she seems to be doing it out of love and comfort nothing more.
    Wow, I rarely comment and this is why, sorry for the blog post in the comments, I actually just wanted to thank you for not being afraid to post on such a um…uh…”creepy” subject (LOL that was just a jab at your other post…I do not find your blog creepy at all, just a blog that is unafraid to be straight up about what mom’s see, what bothers us, and what is wrong with the world today!) I also want to thank you for being very considerate of even the views of your readers that don’t agree with what you post (even though I feel like they are a lil off in sometimes lol)
    OH and as for ANR…um between hubby/wife when wifey is already lactating or whatever, no biggie, but any other ANR just kinda disturbs me…actually anything beyond “what does it taste like…hm” kinda weirds me out but between hub & wife I say it is up to them.

    **I tried to send this via “contact us” but it was too long, sorry!**

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  4. OK, here’s where I probably shoot myself in the foot for commenting here…

    I agree that the whole adult baby/diaper lover thing is probably the weirdest thing you have ever heard of. I would like to dispel some of the myths associated with it:

    1. It does not involve children at all.
    2. For about half of the people involved, it is non-sexual. Diapers are a way of regressing to a time where things were simple and non-stressful/threatening.

    I agree that this is probably bizarre to some, but please dont judge someone off of this.

    For a well presented, non-graphical site about this, go to: http://understanding.infantilism.org/

    And for the record, your blog came up on a Google search for adult diapers!

    Happy new year and peace to all–


  5. LOL That is hysterical! I’ve known about/heard about this fetish for many years. They even featured it on CSI or some other crime show.
    But I would NOT dare blog about it! You are brave, sister. You are gonna have some grotesque hits on your blog now, lol.

    Qtpies7’s last blog post..Question of the Day

  6. Sarah wrote:

    Don’t be surprised when you get some really nasty google hits on this post. I wouldn’t even want those people looking at my blog by accident.
    That is gross!
    Sarah’s last blog post..Not Me Monday


    Sarah @ Ohana Mama’s last blog post..New Year’s Resolutions: Be Prepared…for a car break down (closed)

  7. Hi there,

    I’ve never been to your blog before and just stumbled onto it while searching for something else, via Google. Excellent writing! You’ve got me hooked already and I might have to start blogging here.

    I felt compelled to leave a comment because I am a single mother of three involved in an ANR with my boyfriend. It’s certainly not for everyone but those of us who do it, love it for lots of reasons. It’s not entirely sexual, but sometimes erotic…most of the time, however, it’s nurturing and loving and something discreetly shared between two consenting adults. There is a wonderful website dedicated to ANRs called Land of Milk and Honey. It’s porn-free and offers a of insight into something that even I can appreciate is a little “out there”.

    And by the way, adult breastfeeding does NOT always extend to adult babies. The two can be very separate. As is in my case. I’ve changed enough diapers to last me a lifetime.

    Take care,


    janetk’s last blog post..Arts & Culture

  8. Sarah wrote:

    Don’t be surprised when you get some really nasty google hits on this post. I wouldn’t even want those people looking at my blog by accident.
    That is gross!
    Sarah’s last blog post..Not Me Monday

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I think BFing your baby/toddler in public isnormal and not sexual. I dont think BFing should be sexual, because it will then become illegal to do in public. It isnt illegal, right? And I thought BFing was super hard. But I honestly dont produce a lot of milk. So it sucked. I wish I had the BFing relationship with my baby. Not my teenager or husband, though.

  9. Sarah wrote:

    Don’t be surprised when you get some really nasty google hits on this post. I wouldn’t even want those people looking at my blog by accident.
    That is gross!
    Sarah’s last blog post..Not Me Monday

    they have actually already started. LOL!!

  10. Don’t be surprised when you get some really nasty google hits on this post. I wouldn’t even want those people looking at my blog by accident.

    That is gross!

    Sarah’s last blog post..Not Me Monday

  11. And I thought that dressing up in animals costumes was weird. This takes the cake.

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  12. I’ve (unfortunately)also heard of this fetish. You really wouldn’t believe what all is out there. I have a friend that crawled into a deep dark and completely bizzare world. The stories she tells are INCREDIBLE. This is actually mild. Ignorance is bliss. And as for the 25-year old, I completely agree with Jenny. That doesn’t make sense.

    And I really don’t understand how a 25-year-old’s mother could still have milk, if she truly was just breastfeeding temporarily because she was upset about something. If you don’t use it, it dries up, so that makes no sense.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Final Christmas Celebration

  13. LOL. I had heard of the acting like a baby fetish. I believe there was a political official who got into some trouble over holing up in a hotel room with some other baby fetish people a few years back. If I remember correctly, it pretty much ruined him but there isn’t actually a law against it.

    I have no problem with older children breastfeeding, and I don’t see any problem with a husband sampling it if he wants to, but pimping out your pregnant or lactating body to strangers? I DO have a problem with that. That may make people think that moms who genuinely are trying to do the right thing for their kids by breastfeeding longer (mostly toddlers) look like they are “getting something out of it,” which is so untrue.

    And I really don’t understand how a 25-year-old’s mother could still have milk, if she truly was just breastfeeding temporarily because she was upset about something. If you don’t use it, it dries up, so that makes no sense.

    Jenny’s last blog post..Skin MD Natural Product Review

  14. Okay, this is why I don’t go delving too far into the World Wide Web. There’s just some freaky stuff out there that I would rather not know about.

    Gina’s last blog post..The Ta

  15. More power to the moms who can do extended feeding. I lasted only a few months, maybe it was 6 weeks, hell I can’t really remember now before I gave up with my first. I felt like I should just walk around topless because he wanted to nurse every hour on the hour when he was awake, and he took 20-30 minutes for each feeding. I wanted my body back!

    AmandaG’s last blog post..My Great White Spider Hunters

  16. Trisha, I can only imagine the google keyword hits your going to get in the next few weeks from this one. LOL

    Cat @ 3KidsnUs’s last blog post..LittleMissMatched – Get Your Funk On! (Review & Giveaway)

  17. I’m just amazed that the little girls would not be embarassed. I can only assume they’re home schooled & living far away from any neighbors. But then again I can’t believe the Mom isn’t embarassed and doesn’t see anything wrong with it – I mean your kids drawing your boobs and naming them? To each their own, but 18 months was plenty enough for me!

  18. I’ve heard of the adults acting like babies thing. Along with having a nursemaid and everything. Some people are sick. I guess some people get turned on by little kids, and some people get turned on being little kids. Ewww, Ewww, Ewww!

    Trish’s last blog post..Weird Keyword Searches

  19. Yuck! to all of the above, I have never heard of anything of the sorts….I saw a 20/20 where a 6 year old was nursing, but wow!! I guess to each their own, but I think 1 year is my limit. I CANNOT believe the adult diapers either No F#*^ing way!

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