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A better sleep requires a better mattress

I am not sure if you have ever put much thought into your mattress. I know it’s a constant discussion around here. My husband has a huge array of knee and back problems and finding the right mattress firmness for him is important to..well..his health and well being. For me, after hauling around a 25 pound baby all day, I am looking for comfort and the ability to fall right asleep.

Without Tylenol PM.

The problem is, he needs a firm mattress and I need something that is more cushion on my body. Now during the course of our marriage, we have gotten plenty of mattresses.  From our first pillow top (Sterns and Foster) which caved in the middle,  to our temperpedic, we have changed mattresses a few times over the years trying to find the “right” fit.

Regarding Temperpedic:  It was a great change from the pillow top to the Temperpedic Celebrity and initially we really enjoyed it. To this day my spouse has very little complaints about it. I, on the other hand, haven’t gotten out of bed in over 3  years without my spine cracking down the middle that makes me sound, and feel, like a 65 year old. I have moved it to my daughters room and she now has it. It’s not a bad mattress, but I don’t think its a GREAT mattress either.  You know how the commercials say “ask me about my temperpedic?”. Well ask me now 3 years later. I am not as positive as I once was.

A mattress shopping we go….

Last weekend, courtesy of Sears, we went shopping for a new mattress. I might possibly be the only person in the world that has a camera on me 24/7, so you get to experience it as well.

This is the Haas family freaking people out at Sears.

(yes, I do wear dresses mattress  shopping…I am from the South after all, y’all)

(Charlotte said: Can I have this pillow?)

(Chris said: Shhhh…I am testing it out)

Click more to find out which mattress I picked….

We picked the iComfort Savant. Formerly the iComfort Revolution, the Savant is the most popular choice among the iComfort line. Its a slightly firm, slightly soft mattress, so basically it hits the compromise of both couples. Our installation went great and the men that installed were knowledgeable about the mattress, the set up, and explained how to run it. We also got the moveable base so we could sit up in bed.

Now I will be back in a few days to let you know if my sleep and my husbands back are both doing OK with this change. In the mean time, you can read more about the iComfort Serta Mattress line on Momdot or visit Sears to find out which mattress fits your lifestyle and budget the best. If you are already researching the iComfort line, I have a special coupon code.

Week of 8/24-8/31  exclusive coupon code BLOGMATTRESS for double Shop Your Way Rewards bonus points on the iComfort or iSeries purchase

Question: Do you need a new mattress? Which one do you have now?

(this is a very important question!)


*mattress and information provided by Sears. Opinions and experiences are uniquely my own.

36 thoughts on “A better sleep requires a better mattress”

  1. We purchased the Savant Icomfort bed for $2200 and after only three months it started to dip where we slept and never returned. I only weigh 175 pounds. My wife is 116 pounds and wold roll into the gulley the bed created on my side. We had the bed returned and replaced with a new one. Same problem after only three months again.

    Bed is great for a few months, then it is worthless, back aches and nothing but problems. The big issue is the company will replace it if it shows a dip in it but the top memory foam will return to the original state so it look good until you go to lie down in it.


    • I have had mine for 2 years without that issue ( I am 120 pounds, my spouse about 165), but I understand cause our temperpedic did that to us.

  2. I have had my i comfort bed for 3 yrs It is very comfortable but I have never even felt the coolness they advertise I wake up0 hot every night throwing the covers off

  3. I researched mattresses for quite a while and went to buy a Tempurpedic. I tried out the iComfort before my purchase and OMG! It was WONDERFUL! I bought the iComfort Insight instead, but just upgraded a few days ago to the Savant! I was going to get it first, but tried to save some money. It was way too firm so now I’m getting the one I wanted in the beginning! I can’t wait for my delivery this coming Friday, 3/29/13!
    One of the great things about these beds besides comfort is, you have a 120 day comfort guarantee! I bought my original 3 months ago and had no problems whatsoever switching to the other model!
    These beds are AMAZING and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of a new bed! 🙂

    • The adjustable base is wonderful too! We bought a split king adjustable which is actually 2 twin XL’s.
      The mattresses have a 25 year warranty and the base was either 15 or 20 yrs. most adjustable bases only have a 3 to 5 yr, so that’s another thumbs up for the iComfort beds! 🙂
      After sleeping in my recliner for over 6 years, this has been a wonderful, welcomed and way pass due investment…
      Happy shopping everyone! 🙂

  4. HI. I purchased a Stearns and Foster and the 30day trial is up tomorrow. It has never felt as comfortable as the one in the store so I am going to return it. I have been studying the icomfort Savant but am so worried about all the reviews on the Serta site concerning the sagging……..usually starting after a year…….long after the trial period. Have you had any issues yet or is it still too soon?

    • Its not been a year but I am not having any issues with it. In fact, we went to Vegas a few weeks ago and i could not wait to get back home to my mattress.

  5. After lengthy shopping for a mattress, the husband and I decided on an icomfort. We loved the mattress and got a good night sleep most nights. I am 50+ and needed something cool for hot flashes that come in the night. Icomfort promised to stay cool and probably is okay with that although I still wake up throwing covers off. I don’t think there is ANYTHING that can help that. After one year, I am miserable. The mattress sags in the middle and getting out of it is like climbing a mountain. Rolling over in the night is the same way and without being able to move throughout the night, I wake up very stiff and sore. There is a warranty if the mattress sags more than 3/4 inches. Guess I will be dealing with that.

    • Thats how I felt about my temperpedic….in a year my back was DYING. I am so glad not to have that thing! So far so good on the iComfort for me. ILl keep my fingers crossed.

  6. We just donated our mattress/box springs about an hour ago … so, yeah — I am going to be looking for a new mattress set up next week after we move. In the meantime, it’s an air-up bed for my husband …. Cozumel resort bed for me!!!

  7. A decent mattress is so important! That was the big purchase we made with our wedding money when we got married, and it was worth every penny. I hope you love yours for a long time too!

  8. I absolutely need a new mattress. I have tried to purchase a foam topper and it helps but sometimes I wake up and my hips hurt. I’m shopping for one and it is so hard to know which one is right. I had to actually remove my sheets to find out what type of mattress we have because it was given to us when my mother handed down the bed. So I have NO IDEA how old it is but definitely over 10 years. It is a Serta Perfect Sleeper.

  9. we have a Serta, it was comfy for the first year or so but it is now getting older and my husband and I both wake up with aching backs now. We are going to have to start a mattress fund!

  10. My mattress is in sad shape. We’re shopping next year for one. My husband has a horrible back and it is a must, plus we were recommended to get something better to help with his allergies.

  11. I have always wanted to try a temperpedic. Once we move to a bigger house I first hope to graduate to a King bed. Ahhh can’t wait for the space.

  12. We have a knock of tempurpedic and its comfortable..but I sweat so much..its unbearable in the summer. This mattress looks great. Can’t wait to hear more about it in a month.

  13. We have a dual bladder soft sided waterbed. I never had one and always wanted to try it. The WORST mistake of our lives. The salesman said with the dual bladder you can’t feel the other person move. That’s a crock, I can feel him breath. We need a new mattress and I want a sleep number but it’s in my dreams since we can’t spend that much right now.

  14. We are in need of a new mattress but I’ve been holding off because it’s a big investment and I want to get it right. We’ve had 2 mattresses in our marriage. A Tempurpedic wannabe which was nice for awhile but I think my hot flashes got the best of me. LOL Our second, the one we have now is a Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale and after 2 babies and a couple pets, a sag in the middle & the fact that I can’t flip it, just turn it….darn it, it’s times for a new mattress. I’ll be watching your posts with interests & envy.

  15. WE have a mattress that we had custom made for us because our RV bed is a weird size. But, it sags in the middles and is soooo uncomfortable. WE are going to be buying a new mattress for our house when we get back to Georgia in October. I hope we choose the right one.

  16. You are one lucky mama. That is the mattress I drooled over when we were shopping for one last year. We were in such a hurry and on a tight budget that we couldn’t pull out the cash to buy it so we settled for Paula Deen Mattress which I loved because it’s super cushy but my husband has had nothing but constant back pain since we bought it. He needs firm, I need super soft. I’m kinda thinking we just need our own beds but he won’t go for the whole “spouses not sleeping together” thing.

  17. I can’t remember what kind of mattress we have but it’s about time for a new one. Hubby had back surgery a few years ago and still battles back pain. I get REALLY hot at night so I need a mattress that’s not too hot. I thought about one of those memory foam mattresses till I tried one out a few years ago (it felt like I was sinking) but now I’m wondering what a sleep number bed would do for us. I just hate mattress shopping!

    • Now i haven’t mentioned it in THIS article, but the iComfort Savant has a cool gel that makes the mattress dissipate any heat! so in other words, it stays cool the whole night.

  18. We currently have a pillow top (Serta) and it does exactly what yours did. It sags horribly in the middle. We both hate it and complain about it on a daily basis. But we still have not spent the money on a new one for fear we would wind up in the same situation. Too bad you can’t try it for 30 days before you pay for it.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one.

  19. I definitely need a new mattress. I currently have a Simmons. It was a gift when I was pregnant almost five years ago and it has been through a LOT of moves!

  20. I have a Sealy Posturepedic and it SUCKS, it bows in the middle and neither of us get any quality sleep 🙁 For $800 I expected it to last longer than 2 years!

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