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My C section scar…post surgery day 2, day 10

When I found out that I had to have a C section, I was super paranoid. I mean, its MAJOR surgery. Anyone who just passes it off as an “every day” thing doesn’t really take into consideration that they cut open your body, remove organs, take out a baby and put organs back in.

Oh, and for the record, they really do take organs OUT of your body and reattach.


Mucho Respecto to women that do this more than once.

I asked, googled, and looked everywhere to find out about C section scars and recovery. Its different for everyone is the main thing I learned, but I wanted to share mine as it goes along for those with the same paranoia and box full of questions.

This is my C Section cut/scar the day after surgery.


This is 10 days after surgery (today).


Btw, those lines are not stretch marks..I have a belly band on and it leaves me with “clothing” lines when I take it off. And of course the dark line is the Linea Nigra, which I got later in pregnancy this time.


I have also already lost 17 pounds. I’ll update again in a week or two.

Now go hug your mother.


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  1. J like to look and read about others. I’m terrafied about having mine this 35 weeks twins b/ g

  2. Oh lt’s healing well. I have a double cut C-section scar we can compare if you like. Although I think mine is lower than yours I may have to shave 1st. OH I just looked… it appears as if its a dark tan line all the way across. YEP mine is lower lol

    ps I never used any lotions with either of mine and it healed up nicely although I do have to mention that I am still numb there 3 1/2 yrs later.

  3. It looks like it’s healing really nicely! I ended up with a keloid scar after my first, half of the scar looked like a raised earthworm, it was gross. Not sure why it healed like that. Second time around, they cut the keloid out, and you can barely see where they did the incision. It healed much better the second time around, minus the cellulitis I got at 5 weeks out.
    I think it’s cool that you are sharing pictures because I think that’s one of the scary things about having a c, you don’t know what to expect afterwards.
    I’m also curious what the belly band does, and does it hurt to have pressure against where your incision was?

    • It actually makes me feel more secure, like I am not going to rip open when I move..kwim? Its almost like a work out belt that goes around but its just velcro that holds it together and its adjustable. Ill share a picture coming up so everyone can see. I like it quite a bit.

  4. My mom had 4 c-sections because she has a heart-shaped uterus! Hers are old school…up and down instead of side to side. After what my sisters and I did to her poor body, we can never win an argument with her. EVER. You have fantastic blackmail material if your son ever goes through the nasty teenager phase…

  5. It is healing great. It looks like the doctor knew what he/she was doing and you’ll have little to no sign of it as time progresses. Glad you are up and getting better every day. Very impressive weight loss too.

  6. It looks like it is healing well! My guy will be a month old on Monday & there are a few inches on either end of my scar that are not healed (I popped stitches) and then I’ve got a funky rash around 1/2 my scar that doesn’t itch or hurt but is just not pretty. No pictures for me though!! I had lost 16 lbs by my 2 week check-up and I agree with you its body shape NOT weight that is a factor after baby #2.

    AND, my first c/s scar was almost 22 months old when I had #2 & my doctor couldn’t even FIND it. He actually missed the line when he first started cutting & then he found the scar and so the first 2 inches of my scars don’t match. :/ I used the Mederma scar cream after I was fully healed with #1 & will start using it on this one after it completely heals.

  7. Trisha, it looks like it is healing really well. I am glad you are moving around better then the days immediatly after. I hope you continue on the up mend!!

  8. Never had a C section and I guess I never will since I had the ER hysterectomy. They took out my body parts in front, however, to get to my back when they did my disc replacement. No fun.
    I am feeling for you.
    Glad you’re healing.
    Use Vitamin E to heal the scar. They told me too late.

  9. I’m a 2 time C section survivor 🙂 It gets better, and the scar does go away almost completely. Mine was *just* about faded from my first daughter when I had my second, 20.5 months later. Though, the whole “numb for a few inches around it” never did go away completely. But you get used to it 🙂 Relax and take it easy!! BTW, the second time around was easier, if that gives you hope 🙂

  10. Just had my second one end of February. It’s no joke, especially when dealing with scar tissue! I wouldn’t say I was in extreme pain and with pain reliever it was manageable. Also, you do heal surprisingly quick as long as there is no infection. The second one was definitely easier for me, and yeah I loved the band, I used it for the first few weeks and then I was fine.

    • For my regular delivery, it wasnt normal so to speak so recovery was a year…i still have repercussions from it. But this was far far more painful in a sharper way. However, I feel better than i did earlier on so you take the bad w/ the good?

  11. After 5 vaginal births I was told I had to have a C section with my twins. They were both in breech position. Never. Again. It was horrible. I’m a “get up and go” type of person. I was unable to walk for two weeks after my C section! People who elect to have it done for a non medical reason scare me Can you sense that I’m still bitter?:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • thankfully Im up and walking, but I know what you mean. That first week was pure hell. The first day I will NEVER forget. I didnt even want to hold my own baby cause things were so incredibly painful. I also think elective C sections are stupid.

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