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5 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment that take up no Room

5 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment

5 must have pieces of exercise equipment

We all know that having a pile of unused fitness gear lying around not only is a pain because of the clutter it actually hinders our chances of getting motivated by taunting us and reminding us of our failures.   The following 5 pieces of equipment are small enough to be tucked away and pulled out for workouts and fun enough that they won’t ever get banished to the basement.

Jump rope – It’s not just for little kids.  Jumping rope is an effective cardio workout, less damaging to joints and also helps strengthen arms and shoulders.  It also is a great way to work on coordination and balance.   Jumping rope is also a great workout for all levels of fitness.

Interval Timer – I never saw the value in an interval timer until I got more serious about fitness.  It’s a great thing to have on hand if you are doing circuit training, jump rope, running and so much more.  In a pinch it makes a great egg timer too.

Yoga Mat – A yoga mat is something everyone should have on hand.  It’s not just for yoga anymore.  Use a Yoga mat for pre workout stretches, while jumping rope to add a bit of extra cushion, yoga, Pilates and more.

A good pair of shoes – Unless you are into barefoot workouts like the Ugifit, Yoga or Pilates having a good pair of shoes
is an absolute necessity.  I am guilty of going cheap or buying shoes on clearance not realizing that they were last year’s shoes or even older making the cushioning brittle and weak.  I paid for my mistake with joint pain and injuries.  I’m going to save you from the same fate by offering this advice.  Go out to your local fitness store try on a selection of shoes suited to the type of workout that you are planning.  Pick the pair that is the most comfortable, jump in them, and run a couple of laps around the store.  You’ll feel like a fool, but you’ll thank me later.

You – Your body and its weight is a great piece of equipment.  By using your own weight as resistance, you can do a variety of workouts like Zumba, yoga, and circuit training without ever having to buy anything.  .

There are so many different fitness options out there; these are just a few of my favorites.  You have to find the workout and equipment that suits your needs.  These are ones I found keep me interested and none of them broke the bank or cluttered up my house.  Before starting any workout it’s a good idea to discuss it with your physician.

3 thoughts on “5 Must Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment that take up no Room”

  1. I wish I could do some of those exercises. I do a form of water yoga because of my disability and do have a great pair of shoes for when I go walking – I try to do a mile a day (in 3 different trips).
    I really wish there was just some way to transplant that lady’s body onto mine. =)

  2. Def must haves! I need motivation – hoping to get it back when I have kids in school this year and only one home instead of two hyper boys all week!

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