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Rainbow Oreo? Gay pride Oreo?

Yesterday Oreo, the best cookie on the planet, put up a graphic that made some news with its support of Gay Pride. Lots of arguing ensued as people vowed to never buy another Oreo (yeah. right.) and others claimed Oreo’s bravery. All I could think was where in the world can I get an Oreo that looks like that??!? Turns out, you can’t. It was a fake graphic.

Color me rainbow disappointed.ย So…I set out today to make my OWN rainbow Oreo goodness. You can call them Gay Pride Oreos, you can call them Rainbow Oreos, I don’t care what side of the “battle” you are on, I am on the cookies side. The more the filling, the better the cookie.

Oreo Mega Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (13.2-OunceOreo Mega Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (13.2-OunceWilton Color Right Performance Color System, 601-6200Wilton Color Right Performance Color System, 601-6200

Here ya go:

1) Get a couple bags of Oreos. It takes 6 cookies to create 1 rainbow cookie, so depending on how many you want to make, you are going to have to do the math. I recommend the double stuffed.

2) Separate your cookies. I used a cheese slicer.

3) Paint your cookies with food coloring! I put them on a piece of wax paper, painted them with food coloring, and then put in the freezer for a few minutes to harden. Truth be told, the food coloring smudges almost every time you touch it. There are food colors that you can spray paint on, but I had none in my possession.

And why stop at just a RAINBOW OREO??

How about dipping it in chocolate. And throwing it on a chocolate cake.

Oh. Baby. Oh.

I’d write more, but clearly I have something else to do.


32 thoughts on “Rainbow Oreo? Gay pride Oreo?”

  1. That is SO GREAT, Trisha! As for the boycott some have called for, people need to learn TOLERANCE.
    Here’s something to try next, Trisha, seep-fried Oreos. My oldest did those for fundraisers while he was at college. They are GOOD!

  2. I think people who boycott Oreo over this (fake or not) are just stupid – Oreos are the BEST cookies on the planet!!
    I think you are so AWESOME to try and make these yourself. I wonder if the gel food coloring would work well?
    I have to have some of these NOW… I’ll send you my address with a cooler of dry ice soon. =)

  3. This is awesome! Im totally on team rainbow oreo cookie as well.
    While everyone is busy debating over the rainbow cookie, Im eating it.

  4. I love this! Very cute and then…BAM! Dipped in chocolate and topping a piece of cake! YUUUMMM!!!

  5. I think you are INSANE for making those … but awesome for trying. You should have done a video trying to take a big bite of that monster.

  6. I think separating Oreos without using your teeth is wrong. And not nearly as tasty. That last picture is downright EVIL! I love it!

  7. “I donโ€™t care what side of the โ€œbattleโ€ you are on, I am on the cookies side. The more the filling, the better the cookie.”

    Love it!

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