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I am not a quitter.

I know I have these baking fails at least once a month, but aleast I am not a quitter.

Since I am on an Oreo kick, I was trying to think of other ways to slip an Oreo cookie into my daily diet, so wrapping into another cookie seemed like a good idea.

Kinda like…an Oreo Surprise.

So I made up my favorite cookie dough recipe.

And laid it in the bottom of a bread pan.

And added 6 luscious Oreos..

And covered with more cookie dough.

And I put it in the oven.

And waited.

Not done.


Not Done.


Good Grief….still not done.

After about 50 minutes it was all pretty and brown on all sides.

I took out and let rest.


After about 30 minutes, I decided to transfer to a plate to cut and test.

Testing is my job.

Where I discovered it was not done.



Let me repeat… AT ALL.


I only had a small amount of dough left in the bowl.

I scraped up what I could and put into one tiny and lonesome cupcake holder.

Added Le Oreo.

Covered it up and stuck in the oven.



Took out and let cool. Covered with frosting.

 Because everything is better with frosting.

Then I cut it and found that….

It could have used a few more minutes.


I shall not be defeated by a cookie.


13 thoughts on “I am not a quitter.”

  1. I love the ooey gooey taste of how cooked cookies. Sometimes I take mine out of the oven before there completely done. My kids like them that way too, so I wouldn’t call it a fail at all. LOL! And I love the idea of a Oreo Cookie Cupcake with Frosting. Heaven!

    • I meant to say I love the ooey gooey taste of half-baked cookies. LOL
      Got so excited thinking about making some cookies with Oreo’s in them.
      I’m making some of these as soon as I can get to the store. Now I have an excuse to break my diet. I’m a sucker for sweets, especially cookie dough and Oreo’s!

  2. I least your baking faux pas was edible. I had one earlier this week that was godawful… there is a reason mayonnaise cakes are almost always chocolate… that concoction went straight to the trash…blech.

  3. I personally have kitchen failure as the ‘spirit of cooking’ has left me. I’m impressed with your bakery skills and feel I gained a pound just by looking at the wonderful cookie and cup cake. Sometime our best successes come from our most disappointing failures. The next patch will be perfect.

  4. I agree… the ooey, gooey cookie center sounds perfect to me! I don’t care for cookies unless they are freshly out of the oven… or under cooked in the middle LOL

  5. Ooey gooey cookie center sounds good to me and it looks delicious. I hope you ate it despite it’s few minutes shy of being fully cooked status.

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