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Reuse Shampoo Bottles for Bathroom Safe Vase (DIY)

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It isn’t that hard to watch the bottles in your bathroom stack up and your favorites, while still recycling the bottles, can at times be a burden. But they do not have to be! Instead of tossing in the trash or filling up your bin, there are plenty of ways to reuse shampoo bottles in your bathroom! From cute cord holders to perfect paint containers, there are endless ways to reduce your footprint right at home. 

That’s why Unilever is educating shoppers about bathroom recycling  to save on the products you need – and save a little more when you do the right thing and we are helping you do that with Project Sunlight.  With Project Sunlight, you can learn tons of ways to reuse and recycle your products right in your own home! 

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Which is why I am excited to show you one of the ways I recycle shampoo bottles in my own house! In a bathroom, glass is one of the last things that you want around. Trust me, I have broken a drinking glass a time or two on my own floor and ouch on your bare toes! That being said, I love flowers and greenery in my own bathroom. It’s homey and relaxed. So I am sharing a great way to recycle your shampoo bottles into bathroom and barefoot safe vases. 

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Re-Use Shampoo Bottles for Customizable Vases



  1. Simply spray paint your bottles in a well-ventilated area, and I recommend on a drop cloth and let dry in the sun. 
  2. Once dry you can add on foam shapes, letters or tape and spray with a new color if you would like some patterns. Let dry completely. 
  3. Add flowers!


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 reuse shampoo bottle

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Did you know that Unilever shampoos, body washes, and lotions, are made from commonly recyclable products? And you can take advantage of stocking up on them with this amazing deal!


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And don’t forget to head over to Project Sunlight and learn MORE ways to Re-Use in your bathroom!


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  1. Those turned out really cute!! I don’t have windows in my bathrooms so they might look out of place, but I can’t wait to repurpose some of my bottles.

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