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Red, White, and Blue S’mores

RED, WHITE, AND BLUE S’MORES: Fire not necessary!

Now that summer is quickly approaching, there are tons of celebrations to be had…Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July…my birthday.

Ok, so I threw that last one in there, but it counts in SOMEONE’S world, am I right?

So, today, in celebration of nothing other than a fun day to play out in the water, we made Red, White, and Blue S’mores.  No fire needed to make these sweet treats!  Although my kids would be all for stoking one this very second, if I’d let them.  There is something so magical about gathering around an open flame, roasting stick in hand with a mallow on the end, with sweet anticipation of gooey mallow melting into decadent chocolate between crunchy grahams.  The flame can’t help its alluring fascination as it tickles the mallow to the perfect golden, known only to the person holding the stick.  We have three different mallow preferences in our home: 1) White, barely heated.  2) Golden exterior with a gooey center.  3) Golden with black tips.  We take our mallows very seriously.

They are as simple as they sound. Just grab a pack of the red, white, and blue star marshmallows, pair with a Hershey’s bar and graham crackers, throw in the microwave for 15 seconds and voila!


Phoenyx Says “Why is this so messy, mom?”


fourth of july crafting ideas


We recently learned a trick that has revolutionized our S’mores.  Fudge Strip Cookies!  Graham Cracker cookies with chocolate surround; built in, you could say.  No longer do you lose your chocolate on the journey from lap to lips, oh no, your S’more arrives at your lips in perfect order with this new cookie trick!  Try them today!  DELICIOUS!!  Delicious enough, I may even make them my birthday celebration confection.  Oh, yeah, they’re that good!  Happy Roasting!


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