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Rocky Mountain River Race Waterslide Review

Rocky Mountain River Race Waterslide Review

As a work at home/stay at home mom, keeping the kids busy all summer is a challenge. Even when the kids are lucky enough to have an awesome sitter, they are outdoor kids and we need lots and lots of outdoor ideas. Sadly the one we had got RIPPED in our house move! It was in the backyard and the movers drug it through the yard and across our brick patio where it got caught and ripped in an un-reparable spot.

In the middle of summer.

Which is why when Little Tikes offered to send me the Rocky Mountain River Race (after honestly hitting every single store in town and finding them out of stock, NOOOOOOOOOOO), I was beyond thrilled.

Like may have done a little dance in the yard thrilled.

Let me tell you about this particular water slide so you know. The Rocky Mountain River Race is a water slide with a climber in the middle and a full slide on each side. This means that each kid (and I just have two) can go down at the SAME time.

Less fighting for the slide = win for mom!

Rocky Mountain River Race

An inflatable water slide with two slides and a climbing wall! Kids will enjoy hours of outdoor splashing fun in this water slide bounce house. The Rocky Mountain River Race is on! On your mark, get set….splash! Water slide bounce house toys are perfect for multiple kids to play on at once, keep cool and getting some exercise!

First, if you have been debating an outdoor water slide for your  backyard, stop debating. Yes, the price point is not the toy you walk by in the store and knock in your cart and say have a nice day. You may go home and think about it. But don’t. There hasn’t been an outdoor water slide in our yard that has not gotten its moneys worth every summer.

Rocky Mountain River Racer water slide little tikes


  1. Fun surprise water bucket that fills and dumps on the kids
  2. Easy foot holes with hand holds to get up – my 2 year old has no trouble because the spaces are set perfect
  3. This pool fills up pretty quickly into a soft landing spot
  4. My best friend Lynseys daughter whom was here when it came in…and cried when they had to go home


As you can see it’s a fairly large and stable water slide.

I have a half acre back yard set up, but even so its an easy set up and easy take down, so you can remove it when you are done. Its not light but even at 5’2″, I have been able to drag it to the spot in the yard. It also comes with stakes to stabilize the sides when kids climb and you SHOULD use those. I find its easiest to use a hammer to drive my stakes into the ground.

Rocky Mountain River Racer water slide little tikes


Phoenyx is 2, going on 3, and has no problem independently getting up and down the water slide. My only suggestion or awareness here, is that kids should not be left unsupervised at this age. The pool on the bottom does fill out pretty high and if your kids are anything like mine, they do things they are not supposed to- like go down face first. This means a huge face full of water. He seems to like it and do it over and over again, but please be careful with your kids and understand that drowning can happen in a small amount of water, so keep an adult near by.

Rocky Mountain River Racer water slide little tikes



How easy is the Rocky Mountain River Race to set up?

Assembly: It showed up in a box and a friend that was over at the time and I pulled it out. Our set up was approximately 15 minutes with laying it out, attaching the tubing and getting it staked in the ground. That 15 minutes was the longest of these kids life ever. As far as inflation is concerned, its VERY fast. I took a video so you can see how quickly it goes up. To take the air out, all you have to do is turn off the air blower and untie the extra release on the side and it goes back down.

Quality of the Rocky Mountain Water Slide

I have owned quite a few water slides and water slide bouncer combos. Out of all the ones we have owned, we have found that the Little Tikes slides are the strongest when it comes to texture and how well the slide works. If enough water doesn’t go down the slide, it hurts to slide- we have had those in the past. There can also be problems with the length and Charlotte, because she is bigger, generally gets caught in the “unfun zone” of trying to scoot her butt down. We have not had problems like that with the Slam n Curve Little Tikes (1 slide) that we had in 2010 or this one.

Kids thought

The kids were incredibly excited and we use the water slide almost every day since we got it!~


If you are interested in the Rocky Mountain River Race with dual slides, head over to Amazon for the best price and free shipping!



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