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Here in the south, anything below 70 degree is cold. I know some of you in like..oh…Omaha…are getting a good laugh, but it’s about 40 outside right now and it feels like hell just reached my Gulf (and usually warm) state.

Even so, I do find snow “pretty”.

When I lived in Ohio (where “summers” reminded me of early fall here), I got my fill of snow. I always felt driving in it was like driving in a washing machine. I remember the first time in my car trying to duck away from the flurry of it all.

So imagine my surprise one day when I went out and found out that snowflakes actually LOOKED like the kind of snowflakes you cut out with paper.

It may seem weird to not know…but I just didn’t. Snow on TV looks compact. I never thought of it as individual pieces.

I took these shots with a regular point and shoot about 5-6 years ago…no special camera, lens, nothing. They just fell on my car running boards and hood and I was shocked to see, with my naked eye, a “snowflake” that I could have cut out with paper.

Cool, right?

This one had landed on some tulle that I had hanging:


You can see it up close with a little crop:

I sure wish I had had a macro back then!
Have you ever noticed how “pretty” snow is?


16 thoughts on “Snowflakes”

  1. That’s crazy! I knew that snowflakes how their own distinct design but I never knew they were this detailed. My kids would love to take pictures of snowflakes.

  2. Those are gorgeouse photos. I remember the first time I saw a snowflake like that when I was living in CT, I felt just like you – in AWE. You are right, they do look just like the kind you cut out of paper.

  3. That is beautiful Trisha! I never saw an actual snowflake like these before so cool! I agree it def makes them look pretty … even if I hate the cold.

  4. I love snow. It is so beautiful. The area that we live in has pretty much 4 equal seasons. That way I can enjoy each of them knowing that they only last a little while. Thanks for sharing the shots.

  5. I didn’t know that you lived in OH before. So did I. We mvoed here to SC 4 years ago – and I would much rather watch snowflakes on a TV screen or cut out paper than in real life.

  6. Oh wow! I NEVER saw like that when I lived up in Alaska all those years! Those are just about the coolest pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

    It’s great to stop and see nature and not take it for granted. 😀

  7. Snow is definitely beautiful! Although.. I hate how cold it has to be in order for us to have snow. Us up here in Omaha were enjoying the weather today though. It was at least above freezing!

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