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The Top Five DIY Gifts for 2019

The gift-giving season is challenging. Amazon Prime makes it possible for everyone to have what they want almost instantly with the click of a button. Gift cards often feel too impersonal. In the modern world, making gifts seem like the only way to present your loved ones with something unique and thoughtful.

If you’re at a loss for gift ideas and love being crafty, here are the top five DIY gifts for 2019.

Custom Vinyl Cut Shirts and Cups

One tool, endless possibilities: it’s no wonder that so many people purchase a vinyl cutter and let their creative juices flow. With a vinyl cutter, you can make fun, one-of-a-kind gifts that your friends and family can’t find on store shelves.

While the options are endless, shirts and cups are the go-to for gift giving. Pick up some insulated, stainless steel wine mugs and customize them with funny sayings like “wine a little, laugh a lot” or “yoga in a glass.” Create custom shirts with quotes from the recipient’s favorite show or pop culture puns that will make them laugh and think of you every time they put it on.

DIY Natural Beauty Products

Consumers are gaining awareness about the chemicals and toxins in many store-bought beauty products. Show the people on your list that you care by creating DIY natural beauty products. Not only is this a unique, thoughtful gift, but it’s also easy to do in large batches.

Some popular DIY natural beauty products include:

Try a few different recipes, dress up some recycled jars, and save some for yourself. The people in your life will love these relaxing natural gifts.

Food Scrap Plants

Eco-chic DIY aficionados love using every part of the food they eat. Growing new food and plants from scraps isn’t just great for the environment and the grocery bill, but can also double as a gift. 

For a functional approach, grow potted vegetables or fruit that the recipient can continue to cultivate outdoors. Tomatoes and strawberries are an excellent option for potted growth, which is ideal during the winter months. If you’re looking for something a little more creative, cultivate citrus seeds. Even if the plant never gets transplanted into the outdoors or bears fruit, these green mini trees emit a lovely citrus aroma all year.

Seasoning Blends

What could be more symbolic and festive than giving spices as a holiday gift? Create custom seasoning blends and share them with your friends and family to inspire their creativity in the kitchen. 

If you don’t have any go-to custom blends, get creative, and consider the culinary delights the recipient enjoys. If your uncle loves spicy food, get your cayenne powder out and make some dry rubs for him to test out. If your best friend loves all things pumpkin spice, put together a coffee seasoning she can enjoy on cold mornings before work.

The Gift of Warmth

While DIY gifts tend to be heartwarming, they’re even better when they warm the body as well. Create a hibernation station for the recipients on your list. Get some warm, soft fabric for a blanket or use arm knitting for a genuinely DIY approach.

To go with your custom blanket, make some slippers or hand warmers. Throw in a homemade heating pad and a jar of a DIY hot chocolate mix for a gift that will help fight the post-holiday blues and keep your loved ones cozy until spring.

DIY gifts don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Choose a theme and incorporate some unique touches for each individual on your gift-giving list. Homemade gifts are a great way to show that you care without breaking the bank.