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DIY Jewelry Presents That Your Loved Ones Will Remember Forever

Chicago is a city in Michigan and the third-largest city in the United States. Many know it as the Windy City due to the fresh breeze that blows from Lake Michigan. Aside from being a commercial center, Chicago is also home to a vibrant museum scene and beautiful architecture, both of which make it a bustling city of arts. One of the things Chicago is most known for is its Diamond District or Jeweler’s Row, a haven of many jewelry stores that you can visit to find different pieces. 

Jewelry makes for great accessories or add-ons to any outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a casual get-together or a formal event, accessorizing with jewelry can help you elevate your look. As a result, quality jewelry makes perfect presents for loved ones, best friends, and all the special women in your life. With the holidays fast approaching, followed by Valentine’s and Easter, you might want to fill your cart with diamond rings and necklaces to make a special someone happy. 

A notable aspect of gift-giving is the personalization put into each present. Whether or not you are the crafty type, adding or changing a little something on a jewelry gift box can make your gift feel a whole lot more memorable. Here are some tips to help you with DIY presents for any occasion.

Featured Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Create A Jewelry Box  

The most beautiful jewelry in Chicago deserves an equally precious home, and there is nothing that elevates a jewelry present’s appeal more than a personalized jewelry box. There are so many ornate boxes on the market, but the receiver of your gift is the luckiest to have something hand-made with love. 

If you are into crafts such as simple woodwork projects, then create a classic jewelry box by following a simple guide. Simple silhouettes are practical and fit well in drawers and vanities, and are a safe bet gift for your loved ones. Consider using higher quality wood that will last a long time so that your present will last through the years. But to make it extra personalized, add a special touch in the form of a carving inside the box. For instance, a carved note addressed to the receiver will make them remember you every time they reach for a piece of jewelry. 

But if you have no experience with woodwork whatsoever, then do not fret. Purchase a simple jewelry box from a craft store or a higher quality one from an artisan. To spruce things up, add a touch of DIY by decorating it with rhinestones, ribbons, faux fur, washi tape, and ornaments. Line the inside with decorative paper or faux suede for a touch of protection for the precious stones you will be putting inside. 

Customize A Ring

Seasoned jewelers offer a wide range of designs for you to choose from, but if nothing seems to be perfect for the special someone in your life, then consider customizing a ring. Top designers will work with you to figure out the ideal cut, shape, and silhouette based on your likes, dislikes, and inspiration. Nothing reverberates more than a specially-made wedding ring, 18th birthday ring, or 10th-anniversary ring made to fit the receiver’s tastes. 

The five-step process involves sketches, 3D renders, and customized molds and engravings, so you are assured that everything is made explicitly for your order. It takes about three weeks before a ring is ready to be shipped to you or your loved one. A problem you may encounter when ordering is figuring out your special someone’s ring size, as you would have to provide it to the jeweler for them to create an accurate cast. Go about it discreetly — casually compliment a ring that they are wearing and sneak in a question about size. They won’t care that you were digging for answers when they have a special surprise waiting in just a few weeks! 

Adding a personalized touch to a present makes it a hundred times more memorable, especially when it involves precious stones that last forever. But beyond the beautiful jewelry that you present to your special someone, they will surely appreciate the thought put into a gift created with love. There are several shops for jewelry Chicago, so you don’t have to worry about where to buy that gift.