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Thomas the Train at Action Canyon

trackmaster-125x125We all know how much fun it is to play with trains. From little kids to big kids, to even adults, trains hold a  sense of imagination and fun that modern day electronic toys just cant master.  One of Charlotte’s first “big” toys at Christmas was a train set.

Unfortunately for us, it bit the dust in the fire we had last year and hasn’t been replaced. I cant say that Charlotte hasn’t made it a priority every visit to Toys R Us to run to the Thomas the Train demonstration table and spend approximately 1.4 hours playing along, because she has.

There is no doubt that your child knows who Thomas the Train is.  Thomas is the heart and soul of many kids and countless isles at the store are dedicated to every accessory known to man for this ultimate train set. We consider Thomas the master of children trains with almost every train set imaginable available for your child to go from adventure to adventure.

That is why we are so excited to bring you something that doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, (or are a big kid at heart yourself) the whole family will love playing with this new set from Thomas. We are excited to introduce you to: Thomas the Train at Action Canyon!

Thomas at Action Canyon

Cinders and ashes! Thomas at Action Canyon is Thomas’ most exciting adventure yet! This super-big play set was inspired by The Great Discovery and has all the excitement of the DVD. Your child can send Thomas chugging up a steep mountain track, puffing over an old bridge, and zooming down a thrilling mountain canyon! The best part is …kids can press a secret button to make the old bridge collapse and send Thomas rocketing through a waterfall!

Lucky for you, when you visit the website for ” ,  you and your child can enjoy videos as Thomas works his way around the track and you can glimpse the set in action.

You will also find a selection of things for you and your child to work on together; really this site is great for your train enthusiast. There is also the opportunity to play with a virtual game where your little engineer can control Thomas’ every move.


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  1. oh ha ha….this was a year ago. There was no year on the post and this giveaway pops up when you google thomas and friends.

    • I have no idea why the year isnt showing on the post above. Im going to try to figure that out. I changed templates, so its a new layout and I didnt realize it. I saw a few people entering this and I was like..ok…LOL~ But stranger things happen on a website, so I didnt realize it didnt have a date till you said something in the comments!


  2. 1. My Sons favorite Thomas and Friends characters are Thomas, James and Hiro.
    2. Our favorite Thomas and Friends show is “Hero of the Rails” and our favorite events are “Thomas LIVE Onstage” and “A Day Out With Thomas”.
    3. In the future we would like to see Thomas and Friends in more stores.
    4. What I love about Thomas and Friends are the positive lessons taught in the shows and most of all…he makes my 4 year old very happy!

  3. 1. My Sons favorite Thomas and Friends Characters are Thomas, James & Hiro.
    2. Our favorite Thomas and Friends show is “Hero of the Rails” and our favorite events are “Thomas Live on Stage” and “A Day Out With Thomas”
    3. In the future we would like to see Thomas and Friends in more stores.
    4. What I love about Thomas is the positive lessons taught in the shows but most of all…Thomas makes my 4yr old very happy!

  4. How do i enter the Thomas Action Canyon Giveaway? I can’t find a place to enter on this site. What do I do and where do I go? Please help! Thanks!

  5. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    Thomas, james, percy and Rosie!
    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    I love the new Thomas videos like hero of the rails, my son prefers the old claymatiojn ones.

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    Be more responsible, they are always in trouble!

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    How much he entertains my son!

    • I like you entered this only to just now realize it was a year ago :(….there was no year on the giveaway….just thought i would pass it along.

  6. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? It’s a close tie between Thomas, and James and Cranky

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? I love you train tracks they are easy to put together and keep him excited about all things Thomas.

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? explore the island to make and make more discoveries My son seems to think they should have more water adventures maybe a underground tunnel or ocean voyage to another island.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. You always know that there will be a good influence on your child. There toys are safe and easy to play with.

  7. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? Thomas, James and Percy.

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    the toy trains and movie Hero of the Rails.

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? explore the island to make and make more discoveries.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. The trains work together to help each other.

  8. 1. who are your childs favorite thomas and friends characters? my sons favorite are all of them, but mostly thomas.
    2. what are your favorite thomas and friends products, show episodes or events? my favorite show or movie is best of gordon, hero of the rails, and so much more. i have liked all that i have seen, there is always a good point to each movie, or episode. we like putting train tracks together to see who can make the best track, and playing with his train table with SEVERAL “thomas the train” trains!
    3.what would i like to see thomas and friends do more in the future? i think i’d like to see the trains making learning fun so children would like learning, and mostly keep doing what they have been doing it seems to work very well!!!!
    4.tell us what you love about thomas and friends. i love the great points it makes in the episodes to learn from their lessons, their good behaviors and manners. they definatley make awesome role models for children. thomas and friends don’t do violent behavior like you see so often now on t.v . all thomas and friends are with out a doubt great for children of all ages!!!!! we just love thomas!! i love the fact my son uses his imagination like crazy while he plays with his trains! thank you thomas and friends for the positive feed you throw out to the children!!!!!!

  9. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? Percy and Spencer

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? Trackmasters collection, changing the track keeps it interesting with new challenges

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? Sell the car connectors (the white hooks) for easy repair, I’ve had to replace train cars due to the hooks breaking

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. My son is hooked, so I’m happy.

  10. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    Thomas and Stanley

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    The take along collection, all the episodes we love. A day out with Thomas was also a wonderful experience

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    New Episodes, more thomas train selections in stores like Target.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    Good values, innocent entertainment.

  11. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    Thomas and Percy, of Course!
    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    My favorite toys are the remote control track-master train, I will get on the floor to play with my 4 year old with these! There are a couple episode I have grown to like also, Heros of the Rails is one of our newest favorites.

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    I would like to see more of the remote control trains, and some new episodes on video!

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I like that Thomas & Friends teaches good values, such as sharing, caring for one another, and good manners.

  12. My grandson philip loves Thomas, I’ve have to buy him all of Thomas’s friends when I can .He comes over my house ever weekend goes down stairs to play with all the tracks and trains. He keeps asking for Thomas and the water slide but can’t find it in my area.

  13. We absolutely love Thomas and all of his friends. My son’s favorite trains are Deisal 10, Buzz Buzz James, Oliver, Henry, Emily, Mavis just to name a few. He is at the age where everything he has , including bedding, is Thomas. Our favorite Thomas movies are Hero of the Rails and The Great Discovery.We love Thomas for the fun he has brought and the innocence of youth in such a crazy time. I tried to get Thomas at Action Canyon for him during Christmas but the prices were a little over my head. He was a little disappointed Santa did not bring it =/ With my sons birthday coming in a month I was hoping the prices would be a little better. They are not. It would be great for the Magic of Thomas to come true for my little one!!!!

  14. I have a three year old who is very infatuated with Thomas The Train. His favorite trains are Thomas, Percy, Spencer, Emily, Molly, Hector, Rosie, Stanley, James, Hero, ben, and there are several others to many to name really. He loves to play with his Mine, Quarry, Fix it train, the round house. His favorite movies are Hero of the Rails, Calling all engines, and Percy takes a plunge. He would love to see more movies with Hero. Ever since that movie has came out thats all i hear about. I love the fact that my son from watching these movies has learned how to read and count. He knows how to match shapes and colors. He has learned that sharing and helping is the best way to go.

  15. My grandsons favorite Thomas toy is Percy and Gordon. He loves Thomas the Train and got to go see Thomas Live.


  16. My son absolutley loves Duncan, his favorite episode was the statue of the elephant. as soon as he got that set i couldnt figure out why he was pushign the elephant instead of dragging it behind..Well because in the movie Duncan pushes it..never knew til my boyfriend told me!…He truly loves all the trains and is obsessed about TT, He is turning 3 today and some new TT stuff!! Action Canyon would be awesome!!

  17. Tracy wrote:

    Maybe you’ll think I’m just whining, but I really can’t see the harm in giving folks more than a couple days to check in and claim their winnings. Personally, I’m just getting back to check the winner’s list and 3 of 6 names were redrawn. Not even a week went by! Besides, the claim your prize by Saturday doesn’t list the date – which Saturday?

    We have a 48 hour policy because we run about 50 contests a month and its very very busy to do that. We have to keep one contest open and then closed and move on to the next or we cant properly keep things organized. Its always been our sites policy. We have it listed under our contests policies and since it was announced on thursday, it would be 48 hours from the time of the announcement, which would have been that next sat.

    We dont announce winners on the weekend however so you dont have to worry about that. IF a contest ends on sat, we wont announce till monday and then you can check from there.

    If we got paid to run contests it probably would be a lot better but since its all free, we do what we can to minimize the amount of work that our staff puts into them and away from their family.

    I would suggest to all contest enterers to put us on your twitter, put our feed in your email or on a feedburner, or check our site a few times a week. Mondays and Wed are best.

  18. Maybe you’ll think I’m just whining, but I really can’t see the harm in giving folks more than a couple days to check in and claim their winnings. Personally, I’m just getting back to check the winner’s list and 3 of 6 names were redrawn. Not even a week went by! Besides, the claim your prize by Saturday doesn’t list the date – which Saturday?

  19. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    My sister’s son would LOVE this! His favorite character is Thomas. 🙂 I can’t say I’ve watched this much but it was on PBS the other day and I was struck by what a cute show it is! I wouldn’t mind my daughter wanting to watch it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. And, what you love about Thomas & Friends? They inspire such magical creativity in my ds! And, me too! : )))

    Thanks again! : )))


  21. In the future, I’d love to see Thomas & Friends create eco~friendly products! : ))) That would be brilliant! : )))


  22. My ds loves, loves, loves Mighty Mac, Max the Dump Truck and, of course, Thomas the Tank Engine! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  23. My son is a fan of Thomas. But only the toys. He refuses to watch the show yet he insists on looking at the toys every time we go to the store. I can’t pretend to understand it!

  24. That would be awesome if Thomas visited schools and told them how cool it was to learn. Of course my kid probably wouldn’t want to study that day at all 🙂

  25. I love how at such a young age both my kids knew all the trains names. I really loved how my daughter used to say Peter Sam. She was one and used to use this little sort of accent. It was the cutest thing. If I could post a video clip in a comment than I would post it.

  26. My kids love Edward a lot. I’d love to see more Thomas books and videos as my kids are huge on Thomas!

  27. I like TopHam Hat. I like the basic train sets. thank you. I like when they do shows on morals (when the children do not even realize they are learning). Thank you

  28. What I love about Thomas the Train is that the kids pay a lot of attention to him and they learn some morals and values

  29. My little brother loves loves loves!!!!!! Thomas the train and i would love to give him some thomas the train toys. please pick me!!

  30. i agree that I would love to see Thomas in the US, also perhaps have an Asian adventure, a bit more diverse…

  31. I think they could do without Diesel. Thank goodness none of my kids episodes have him in it but their movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad has him in it. He was rude and called the trains and Mr. Conductor names..not so good when you are trying to teach your kids to be nice to everyone despite their differences.

  32. Vinyl designs and decor has this really cute train in vinyl that I would love to buy for my sons room…it is sooo cute and not badly priced!

  33. My sons favorites are Thomas, Percy and Henry.

    I love everything Thomas! It is such a great character that the whole family enjoys.

  34. I love how I can put on a Thomas movie and then take a shower and not have to worry that my kids are going to to get into things. It can keep their interest for hours.

  35. What I love about Thomas & Friends:

    the moral lessons that are taught & the postive outlook on how to deal with things.

  36. What I would like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future:

    Travel the USA to visit historical sites & teach history lessons.
    Something like Thomas & Freinds go wild in the WILD WILD WEST!
    He could travel thur the ghost towns & where the Gold rushes were.

  37. Sir Topham Hatt is my nephew’s favorite character. He dressed up like him for school one day last year and was very excited.

  38. We haven’t watched Thomas yet, but I love that the characters are trains. My daughter is just getting into these types of things and loves her other train she has. I bet she would fall in love with Thomas!

  39. My grandson loves James. I like Thomas. The episode where one of the trains race against the bus is one of our faves. I like this show for my grandson because it is different, and the trains sometims dont get along but they always are there for one another.
    We would like to see more Sir Topham Hat and his wife!!!

  40. However, the Thomas movie we have taught my son to say “I have a plan and you’re not in it”….I don’t like that line, so not nice.

  41. I had to hide the train tshirt in the closet cause he would not stop putting it on each day and it is too cold for short sleeves here.

  42. My son’s favorite Character is Thomas. I like the Thomas movies on DVD; they make easy and great gifts. Maybe Thomas and Friends could travel to all the different major cities in Europe, to teach the kids about the world. My son and I love trains and Thomas is the perfect ‘kids’ train and toy. Thanks for this wonderful contest!

  43. oh my goodness…I just found out that Day out with Thomas is going to be in Utah a day before we are going there. Now I just have to convince my husband it is worth the money and to leave a day earlier 🙂 My son would absolutely love this!!

  44. ok…I finally figured out what a Day out with Thomas is. Yes I know, I am slow! I found the information on the DVD my daughter got from the library today. That would be so fun..man my son would be in heaven! I wish we lived near a bigger city 🙁

  45. I am so excited..we finally found Joey’s Thomas pajamas. We have been missing the bottoms for quite some time and he has been extremely sad..but tonight they have been found and he is sleeping soundly in bed 🙂

  46. I love Thomas and Friends because it’s a train that talks. If I had a train that talks, I would be rich!

  47. I love that it’s a show that we can watch over and over. Not to mention that I don’t have to worry about my kiddos seeing anything inappropriate.

  48. My daughter had no accidents yesterday or today so I told her we would go to the library and she would get to pick out a movie. She chose a Percy movie. Her reasoning was so that she could watch it with Joey. Isn’t that so sweet! Sharing her treat with her older brother 🙂

  49. My sons favorite characters are Percy and Thomas. I really wish they would make more movies like “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”. That is both mine and my sons favorite.

  50. My son is so sweet..My daughter just went pee in the toilet and we were all so excited. Joey let Emma play with his favorite toy. I think the Thomas show does promote sharing.

  51. I also love Sir Topham Hat at the beginning when he says Stay Tuned or The episode will be coming up soon and stuff like that.

  52. I love the beginning of the episodes when they have the music and they introduce all the trains with a their name in front of the train..me and my husband get a kick out of it everytime it comes on.

  53. I love how these trains & shows can create such imaginative play. Since starting watching, Andy has been more into imaginative play than ever, he talks to his trains & *they* talk back!

  54. We bought a new train whistle a week ago (the dogs ate our old one), so now Aiden loves wearing his train conductor hat and blowing his whistle.

  55. We went to an Easter thing for kids a week ago and they had this thing called Dan Dan The Choo Choo Man. This company owns a mini train that kids can ride in. It was too cool! My son took a ride in it and loved it!

  56. I love that Thomas and Friends teach good life lessons, like listening to instructions, forgiveness, and teamwork.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  57. In the future I would like to see Thomas and Friends get a new character! One with a cool accent that likes to do things differently from a foreign land!

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  58. We like the Percy and the Chocolate Crunch train set. It is our favorite Thomas the Train product.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  59. Only 2 more days! Only 2 more days! Must win train! We love Thomas and have been getting so excited…2 days won’t go by fast enough I am afraid 🙂

  60. So..this would be a great gift for my son’s half birthday. His birthday is right after Christmas on the 29th and we have felt so bad that we decided we were going to have a mini party on his half birthdays and then his friends birthday in December. We don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a gift for his half birthdays and for his real birthdays…so what better than free 🙂

  61. My three year old like to wear his train conductor costume he got for Christmas while he plays with all of his Thomas & friends on his track! It is the cutest!

  62. Wow I am so surprised the Thomas hasn’t been playing in our house on the TV for the WHOLE weekend. That must mean we have been busy.

  63. We really love Thomas & Percy over here, but Duck keeps popping into someones vocab these days.. I wonder who will be our next purchase???

  64. WE have tickets to see ThomasLive on stage in May. My son loves Thomas the Train and so does his cousin Jack. Percy is his favorite too.

  65. Oh Percy delighted all of us at the dinner table tonight! Andy decided to share him with his little brother, who threw him into a wine glass! We sure do love that cheeky Percy, LOL

  66. Well, my son wasn’t too disappointed when he didn’t get Thomas in his basket…probably not as much as me 🙂 He loved his helicopter from Cars and is very happy 🙂

  67. I don’t think they have an Easter Thomas..that would be cool though. We have the Ultimate Christmas Thomas and the Birthday Thomas..do they have Halloween?

  68. I love how some of the little trains make certian noises, they crack us up. I do wish they had an *off* button on those kind though! =X

  69. Thomas, of course, is first. Salty is also very popular in our household. And since the kids have figured out that Thomas & Friends are not food, everybody has fun! 🙂

  70. Well it’s off to go play the Thomas matching game with my kids. that is part of our daily routine around here.

    I am # 800…is that lucky? 🙂

  71. I feel so bad. My little Joey isn’t getting anything Thomas in his Easter basket this year. I couldn’t find those eggs and our Walmart and Shopko have a horrible selection of trains. And back to my above post, I usually buy everything online but unfortunately I thought about it too late..:(

  72. I know what you mean..that is why I do my shopping online 🙂 I go to froogle.com and type in what I am looking for and it gives you different vendors so you can shop prices.

    That is how I found my daughter’s, Lady train. They were sold out everywhere and it seemed like everyone was selling them online for like 20 bucks but I just kept on going back to froogle and eventually found one on sale.

  73. I also browsed Trains today, I wish they had an online data base to find what store has which is stock, its awful driving to 50 stores to find ONE SPECIFIC train..ugh

  74. I was killing time in Walmart yesterday and I couldn’t find any of the Thomas wooden collection. It was all the motorized line. I was hoping to get a new train car for my son’s Easter basket.

  75. Alisha…yeah we have tried the sitting on the potty while watching Thomas Unfortunately she hold her pee so well (has mommy’s bladder) so she never goes!

  76. Day out with Thomas is coming in July to an area near us. It is 2 hours away, but I know that it will be worth it. My boys would flip out to see the REAL Thomas.

  77. One day I walked in on my son playing. He was probably 3 at the time and he was sliding off our big beanbag yelling “AVALANCHE!” I asked him where he learned what an avalanche was and he replied, “Thomas.”

  78. @ Christine:
    I agree with this. However they do have a few Bertie, Daisy, Lady, Rosie. There maybe others, but my little girl is bound to be a fan since thomas is the only toy that my boys played with. They are all over our house.

  79. @ Kami:
    We use Thomas as our incentive to go potty. We set the potty in front of the TV and for 2 days straight our son sat on the potty and watched Thomas. After going poo poo so many times he earned a brand new train. What Thomas fan wouldn’t want to sit and watch Thomas for hours.
    Maybe throw a huge thomas potty party while they are on the potty. It only took a 3 day and he was completely potty trained.

  80. Oh hey…I just typed in Plus Thomas Train on ebay and a bunch popped up..some as low as 99 cents…of course it could go up higher but there are a lot to choose from..good luck 🙂

  81. Claire…I have seen them at a couple of places actually. I saw them at Walmart around Christmas time and I have also seen them at Toys R Us

  82. Claire…get the 10 dvd set and your kids will be set for hours. My mother in law gave that to Joey for his Birthday in December and he still hasn’t gotten through them all. 🙂

  83. I think a car would be fun as well…I just love the bus and how he always says…vroom vroom in his little voice. My son has the helicopter…I bet he would love a car.

  84. I would love to see a car character introduced too! ( maybe they already have but I havent seen one yet??) since they have a bus, etc already! Maybe a little convertable, LOL

  85. I cant wait for more Thomas shows to come out, they are just so sweet & my boys just love them. I wish they have a tv channel that played Thomas ALL day, I’d be able to spend one day a week cleaning with the kids in front of it =X

  86. My favorite Thomas producst are the trains and the tracks…so simple for my son to put together and use his imagination! Thanks!

  87. I like that Thomas and Friends is an educational show. I don’t have to worry about my children watching it on TV. They also have a lot of cute merchandise. THANKS

  88. My daughter’s favorite character is THOMAS. He use to be my son’s also, but now he has outgrown him.

  89. @ Kami:
    Day out with Thomas is where you go to ride the “real” Thomas! They have them at many railroads all around. You can go to the thomasandfriends.com and find a location near you. The children absolutely Love it, and so do the adults. It’s pretty cool and they also have other outdoor activities to enjoy, all Thomas related. Also the children can meet Sir Tophamhat =)

  90. Claire…I know they have plush trains..they are really soft and fun….not stuffed animal like but probably the closest you will get.

  91. I was just thinking that same thing when I came onto the website…the 15th is taking forever to come….We need that train!

  92. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    We love that Thomas $ Friends teach the kids right from wrong in a very simple way to keep their attention

  93. We would love to see Thomas & Friends add more different vehicals to the show like trucks and cars.

  94. We love the tracks and battery opperated trains. Thomas the train (a real train) comes around every time and again and the kids love to go on ride.

  95. My little guy watches Thomas and Friends every morning. Thomas is definitely his favorite. Thanks for the chance to win Thomas at Action Canyon.

  96. I have been amazed that my 3 year old knows ALL the trains names. He has been doing this since before he turned 2. He could tell you who they were in coloring books without seeing the color of the train and just seeing thier faces.

  97. Since Diesel 10 is a meany and cranky, when our boys get fussy and mean we start to call them Diesel 10. Our 5 year old HATES this and quickly changes his attitude.

  98. I love how Thomas and Friends is so simple. He is a classic that has been around for 65 years and it will be around for that much time and longer still. I love how they embed problem solving and good behaviors. I love their products they are of such great quality.

  99. My kids would love to see more animated movies. They really like the one they have come out with. I would like to see more full length movies. For me I would love it if Provo Craft would come out with a Thomas cartridge for the Cricut. I don’t know if they need to buy rights or what, but it would be great.

  100. We probably own almost every Thomas DVD. Doble loves The Great Discovery. However, it was so funny to see his reaction when he watched Railway Friends and now when he wants to watch it he asks for Thomas talking because Thomas actually looks like he is talking. It is the new animated movie.

  101. My almost three year old has been around Thomas since he was 6 months old. And now he is obsessed. I thought his big brother loved him, but Doble has him beat.

    Doble’s favorite character is Thomas by far.

    Funny story Doble’s(nickname) middle name is Edward. I got after him one day and called him by his full name. He looked at me and said, “Not Doble Edward. I am Doble Thomas.” He has even gone as far as telling his teachers his name is Doble Thomas and they have written it on his pictures he has colored.

  102. I do almost wish I could find stuffed animals of them, I’ve never seen them before & I think a soft one could be awesome for my kiddos!

  103. Again, I just love these trains. I love the cards that come with them, the messages they teach, the words, the stories. I love them about as much as Andy!

  104. Kami no kidding..lets get started?? Tonight *Percy* encouraged Andy to try MUSHROOMS!! Via my BFF.. I love how attachable these characters are for children, it kind of can help us as parents sometimes, to have that *voice* to speak through!! 😉

  105. We love love love Thomas…
    Their stories are simple and have great life lessons. The computer talking trains and moving people are a huge hit around here too!
    Thank you Thomas for teaching so much goodness to the kiddos 🙂

  106. Do more in the future…
    We love the videos and the last few we were given have other HIT entertainment shows at the end… that is SUPER cool.
    I would love it if they included a few more connector tracks in the take alongs. They get lost easily and we always need more of the all female/male parts.
    I have heard there are live events to go to and we would love to see more of those 🙂

  107. Claire, that really surprises me as well that Andy said he learned it from Thomas. Those trains can often be rude but always manage to love each other in the end 🙂

  108. Seeing all these comments and what we would all change and add to the thomas line, I think we should all go into business 🙂 we could make a fortune with all these ideas 🙂

  109. I think trains with moving eyes would definately be cool. I love when their eyes roll on the show…I think my kids would love it too if their eyes rolled around when they hit into something or something like that…

  110. My son isn’t at the age yet where he likes one more than the other, but Percy is always going on our train table! Thanks for the chance.

  111. I love that Thomas the Train has a positive message and teaches kids that hard work pays off. It is important not to forget these messages these days. Too many kids shows have negative messages and I am glad that Thomas is still wholesome.


  112. Wow, Thomas teaches manners ( which is odd b/c sometimes they are very rude!) Andy just said “No thank you” un prompted & when I asked who says that (because he doesnt usually say that to us!) he said “Thomas’s train..”

  113. I do wish they had trains that their eyes moved. I havent seen any, if they already do., But I love the eye rolls when they get happy & would love to be able to make our trains do expressions!

  114. Percy is SO tired today, Andy told me after not sleeping well. I love how kids can attach themselves to these train characters & use them to express themselves.

  115. I think something for Potty Training would be great as well! They do have those bath squirters, I wonder if that could work…..

  116. I agree that there need to be more Thomas events. Where my nephew lives, he has to travel a couple of hours to make it to Thomas Live when it rolls around once a year. He wasn’t able to make it last time and he was bummed

  117. Even though it is impossible because trains don’t go pee but I think it would be great if there was Thomas stuff to teach kids about going potty on the toilet. I know they have a Thomas toilet but wouldn’t that be cool if Thomas went to the bathroom in the toilet. Think me weird if you want…We are potty training at our house and I am worn out…I need something new and exciting that would make her want to go only on the potty 🙂

  118. My son’t favorite character is Percy.

    I like that the show teaches lessons with good morals. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  119. I would like to see Thomas and Friends offer more of their Thomas live. We really wanted to go, but our local area only had it on one day where we couldn’t attend.

  120. Our favorite Thomas products are the take along sets. We also love the Thomas shows on tv. I can quickly see Thomas at action canyon becoming a favorite though!

  121. My son loves Thomas. His favorites are Thomas and Percy. He has a take along set and always has Thomas and Percy talking to each other. I like Thomas too 🙂

  122. I love the Thomas and Friends stories and the lessons that they teach. I think Thomas is great for kids of all ages and both boys and girls. I love that!

  123. I would love to see more Thomas and Friends events in the future. My son loves them so much and they only come once a year. Maybe if they came to the seaquarium or had a fair or something. That would be great!

  124. We’ve been to A Day out with Thomas three years in a row and I have to say that is probably my favorite event. It is a ton of fun for my kids and I enjoy the train ride w/them!

  125. My son Carter loves Thomas and his friends, he now thinks of Thomas as his best bud, so he shorten his name to Tom. For his treat if he behalves himself when we are out shopping, I turn into Toysrus and let him go play with their track and then he usually gets to pick a new train out. He also has a special pillow that he is the only one that can sleep on, of course it is his Thomas and Friends pillowcase one, I have wash it when he is at preschool so he doesnt throw a fit. We have two of our animals named after Thomas’s friends. Sir Topham Hatt which is our cat and Molli our 10mth old puppy. I recently purchased tickets to Thomas Live, which we have to wait till July to see. He has been to A day out with Thomas twice and we are hoping to get to Six Flags so he can see them there. I just love the way Thomas and his friends teach kids about being vain, bossy, and how to treat others.

  126. Percy ( and Andy) are on day 2 of using the potty, I told them if they full PT they’d get an action canyon ( from here or not!)

  127. Kami, I need this train too =X Andy is needing a boost right now, we’re having some sleeping troubles & Percy goes to bed with him every night, this would really cheer him up, he’s been saying “I so crabby, wheres Percy??” as he resists a nap, with Action Canyon, I’d bribe him to take naps =X

  128. My nephew wanted to name his dog Percy (he unfortunately got vetoed, but he did name his stuffed animal dog Percy instead)

  129. I love the way they always learn a lesson in the stories. Plus when they are narrated by someone with a british accent…LOVE IT!

  130. They may already have this, but I haven’t seen it yet, so I’d like to see a way to link the wooden tracks with the plastic ones.

  131. A little over a week ago we went to A Day Out w/ Thomas, and my son LOVED it. He has asked daily to ride on various trains…today was James. =) You can see his reaction and pictures of our day on my blog. Life @ 30

  132. I HAD to get ACTION CANYON for my grandson too, but you can’t find it in stores where I live, so I went on Ebay and got it for $37. It was well worth it, the waiting; not so much. I told my grandson the big brown truck was going to bring it and he waited day in and day out with bated breath for that big truck. Finally on theh 7th day which just happened to be his Birthday the big truck showed up!! I think we were both about as Excited as the other. It was wonderful!

  133. So no luck in finding the Thomas eggs at Walmart either…Bummer! I guess I will have think ahead for next year now that I know they exist. I am pretty sure my darling son will still be into Thomas. 🙂

  134. so is there anyway to edit a comment 🙂 I just realized in my first comment about blogging about this train set I didn’t put .html on the end of my blog..so if you click on it you wont get to the website where I blogged about it.

    I must win train!!!! 🙂

  135. Man…I really need to win this train set so my husband doesn’t think all my time on here was a waste. He thinks I am spending too much time on here 🙂 He wont be saying that though when the train comes in the mail and he sees how happy our son is 😉

  136. I agree with Claire…they need better storage containers for the trains. We have a really hard time cramming my sons train into this container…they need once designed for all the tracks and accessories.

  137. My kids love Thomas and all his friends. They enjoy playing with all the trains in there collection.

  138. With a big 1st birthday coming up, Andy is already commenting on how it isnt HIS birthday, so this could be an awesome joint gift for my kids to learn to SHARE!

  139. Diesel is helping to potty train my little one! The only time he desires the potty is because it gets him one step closer to the prize! I bet he’d PT in a day if we won 😉

  140. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? my son’s favorite is THOMAS!!

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? he loves the electric train

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? more of what they are doing, their products are great

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. my son loves trains and Thomas is such a friendly train

  141. As a parent, I’d like to see a little LESS teasing between the train characters and more POSITIVE relationship building. I know, in the end, Thomas & Friends work it out, but the conflict is not well understood by children under 8 (?).

  142. It’s fun to bribe your kids 🙂 They cleaned their rooms so fast tonight so that they could build Duncon on the website before they went to bed. 🙂

  143. My kids and I love Diesel 10. My kids pretend to be Diesel 10 while cleaning up their toys. What parent wouldn’t love that, they are their favorite train and the toys get put back in the toybox. We love Thomas and all of his friends.

  144. 1. Thomas. All of them really, except for the Diesels.
    2. The wooden railway trains.
    3. Keep being useful engines by working together and working hard.
    4. The boys have hours of fun playing together and learning to share.

  145. My kids are playing with their train set right now. We have a launcher that is supposed to launch a ball to land in the back of one of the trains..right now they are using it on cars. They are launching the cars instead of a ball. See, there are endless possibilities to train tracks 🙂

  146. (4) I love that Thomas is a timeless toy. All four of our kids loves playing with the trainset especially between the ages of 3-5.

  147. So last January my son switched preschool teachers and a long with that came a bigger classroom with more space and more cool toys. The first day in that classroom, we walked in and wouldn’t you now there was a huge train table just sitting their being unplayed with. That was the first thing my son noticed. He didn’t say hi to his new teacher, he just ran over to the table and that is where he always is when we go pick him up…I wonder how much he learns in that class 🙂

  148. At our home is’s Thomas all the way … with James and Gordon running close seconds … our Grandson has enjoyed Thomas and all of his tracks and set-ups since he was little — his collection just keeps getting bigger … can’t tell you how many DVD’s we have now !!! Enjoy them all! Our favorite has been the Circus set-up. we would LOVE to see a Theme Park for Thomas and friends here locally (FL) .. I know many would love it !!! Saw some info on You Tube about the one in UK … our Grandson went nuts over it!

  149. Percy is our favorite!! We can’t wait for “Day out with Thomas” this year. Last year was our first of what I’m sure will be many.

  150. I would love this set because we have No day out with Thomas events near us, but I would use this for my boys birthday gift so he could have his own day out with Thomas, every day!

  151. I love that Thomas and Friends has such a positive message about working hard, being useful, being a good friend. I love that the trains help my boys learn about relationships, colors, and numbers. I love how my children can use their imaginations when they set up all of their train tracks.

    I love that Thomas is practically an honorary member of our family!

  152. My three sons love all of the Thomas and Friends trains… but Thomas is the one they all fight over. I also have a son named Henry, so Henry is also popular with him. 🙂

  153. My son’s fav. train is of course Gordon. The episode he watches over and over again still is actually the life-action movie introducing Lady. Perhaps its easier for him to remember the name of it. But now that trains faces move with their voices he might change his mind.

  154. #4 I too love that T.&F. have been around for ever. I love that they are so kid friendly with the workmanship and that they still do tons of their toys in wood.
    They are classics in my book.

  155. It’s so fun watching my kids play with their Thomas Cards. We got Joey a set of Thomas playing cards for his stocking last Christmas. I love watching them play gold fish…it is so cute! My Emma gets so excited every time she gets a match 🙂

  156. I also love the flip switch on this track, to send them on a different direction. These play sets are endless, you could build & build and never repeat the same design if you wanted!

  157. Andy asks if Thomas would share his canyon, with Percy. I told him unless Percy was cheeky, I’m sure Thomas would love to share =)

  158. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I Love the fact that Thomas and friends have been around for so many years and still going strong with young children. Because with the way things are now parents really need positive toys for our children. My son’s great uncles played with Thomas and Friends like 50 years ago when he was a little boy.
    Also we are big fans of the “Day out with Thomas” in 2 cities and we make it a big family get together as we live far from some of our families and this makes it enjoyable for the entire family since there’s something there for all ages!

  159. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    I would like to see the Thomas and Friends “LIVE” in more locations like the Day out with Thomas is. There weren’t any within 200 miles of me and I live within 100 miles of 3 major cities!

  160. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    MY favorite train has got to be Thomas! My favorite Thomas and friends product would have to be the battery operated trains, because this is the ONLY toy that will keep my extremely hyper-active 3 yr. old’s attention for any amount of time. Thank God for Thomas train sets. I just wish he had more to expand to the little one he has.
    MY favorite episode is the Halloween DVD however my son broke that DVD =( But the best yet are the Day out with Thomas events we go to twice a year. We go to Mason, OH Railroad in Sept, then we go to Connersville,IN in May. Btw, the Mason Oh. is better =)

  161. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    My 3 yr. old son, Jalel’s favorite train is James. But he also loves Diesel & Diesel 10. He refuses to go to sleep unless his pillow is facing on the “James” side…

  162. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    I would like to see Thomas come to more train stations around the country, like he dis when he came to Strasburg Railroad in PA.


  164. Well…I went to the new Walgreens and no luck on the Thomas and Friends Easter Eggs…I guess I will try Walmart…wish me luck 🙂

  165. My three boys love Thomas! He is their very favorite engine. Of course, they love all the engines, but Thomas is by far their favorite.

  166. My kids collect the Take Along Thomas trains. What I think is so funny is that you can rotate their faces so they like to rotate them upside down or sideways..it makes the trains look very funny and the kids find it so hilarious. Who knew such a little train could be so entertaining 🙂

  167. Thanks…I will have to go look at walmart. We just barely got a walgreens here so I doubt they would have Thomas Easter stuff or any easter stuff for that matter since they are so new..but I will check them just in case. I just think they would be a great gift for my kids’ easter basket especially since Lady is included in it.

  168. 1. KID’s Favorites
    William loves Thomas; Johnathan loves Percy; Nathaniel loves Gordon; Matthew loves them all, couldn’t chose a favorite.

    I love Thomas because he is generally a very good little engine and sets such a good example for behavior.Even when he is bad, he always comes around to do the right thing. No wonder he is Sir Tophamhat’s favorite engine.

  169. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I love the timelessness of Thomas and the innocent joy it brings children, especially mine! 🙂

  170. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    We had a real movie come to town once (at the movie theatre). My son thought he was in heaven. I wish those would come more often!! It was so much fun. They gave Thomas prizes, etc. too.

  171. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    The Boulder Show, all of the Wooden lines, the Bachmann model Thomas, and we would LOVE to have something like this Action Canyon b/c my boys LOVE anything that “zooms” and anything Thomas combined together make the perfect toy!

  172. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    Battery Percy, Battery Thomas, Toby

  173. we l♥ve Thomas at our house! thanks for this opportunity!

    1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    Thomas of course but also Henry & James right now for the two younger ones.

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    my favorite is “A Day Out w/Thomas” b/c it has become an annual trip for our family & everyone looks forward to it!

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?
    I’d like to see the Live Thomas shows at more locations.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.
    I l♥ve the fact that they have been around since I was a little girl & they are still just as popular. Their items are so sturdy & durable. Wonderful quality products.

  174. My favorite characters are Henry and Gordon, together they make me laugh. For my grandson, he loves Henry and James. He is a HUGE Thomas the Train fan and he got a lot of trains for his birthday and Christmas. We would love to see more adventures going on with the gang! What we love about watching them is that they are fun, they can be sassy but they always look after each other and help each other. My grandson would LOVE to have one of these canyons. Thanks for this opportunity!

  175. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    My 2 year old loves Gordon. He calls him his best friend. Aiden loves him soooo much that he wanted to see him “go round and round.” Not sure what he was talking about, he walked me to the toilet and explained with delight that Gordon went round and round! Unfortunately, Gordon also went to the sewer.

  176. My children like all the trains. If there is one we don’t have they want it. They have to bring their trains where ever we go. They have many favorites and every day they change. They try to give them all a chance. My 3 years old really like the video. Percy’s chocolate crunch. We have worn it out. So scratched by now that it hardly plays and my sons gets upset that it is scratched. What would we like to see….We love videos. Thomas videos play all the time in the car and my 2 little ones get made when we have to shut it off. We have a train table with just the basics. Parts are real expensive for us so we try to get something new when we can afford it. We love everything about thomas and the trains.

  177. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    Anything that can keep a 2 year old BUSY, I LOVE!!!!! LOL

    My son NEVER seems to get tired playing with his trains…

  178. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    I would love to see more Thomas & Friends Bonus DVD packs…..the DVDs that come with a Bonus car.

  179. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    I LOVE A Day Out with Thomas!!!! My son was so excited to take a ride on his favorite train, Thomas.

  180. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    Thomas is my son’s favorite..he calls him Thomas the choochoo Train.
    He also LOVES Percy, Bertie, Rickety….really he LOVES them ALL, LOL

  181. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    Percy and of course Thomas

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    My son watches Thomas and the Toy Workshop like there is nothing else to watch.

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?
    Come out with more great track sets like Take Along and TrackMaster!

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.
    Thomas is great for the imagination and little boys to have a quality (non-fighting) toy and hero.

  182. What I love about Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is that they show that you don’t ALWAYS have to like the same things or agree on the same things, but you can still be friend and get along. WE don’t all have to be the same. I also like the idea that there are rewards when you do what’s right and the a consequences for when you do foolish things.

  183. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I love how both of my boys, 5 1/2 and 2 years old, will both watch the shows then play with the wooden track set and completely re-enact their favorite episodes. It just really inspires their imaginations and creativity for play and playing together. Plus we love reading their books almost every night before bed.

  184. My son LOVES Toby and Jack. He just got a new Thomas DVD, Calling all Engines so we have been watching that these last few days. He calls it “Calling all E’s.” I love that he loves to play with his Thomas & Friends set by pushing the trains around the track with his own little 2 hands. I’m sure we will eventually graduate to the battery powered engines but for now, he seems very content doing it all by himself. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  185. I love the remote control Thomas that goes on the Trackmaster sets. We would like to add James and Percy, but haven’t yet. It’s fun to watch my son run the train in all different directions.

  186. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    Our favorite show episode is the Thomas and Bertie race. We play that all the time via movie and on the train track. Our family has also gone to the Day out wiht Thomas event for the last 4 years. We have such a great time. Plus I love seeing both of my kids face light up each time Thomas takes another trip around the train museum. It’s just priceless….

  187. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    My son who is 5 1/2, and is still madly in love with trains. His favorie character has always been Gordon. He loves to race/run around to be fast just like Gordon.

  188. @ Kami:
    I bought them about 2 years ago at Walgreens and Walmart. but I have not seen them this year. My son loves them, especially since the Easter Bunny brought them for him. Good Luck!

  189. Anytime we see anything Thomas we have to buy it. He spots things at TJMAXX and Marshalls all the time. He loves Thomas, Percy and James the most!

  190. 1. my son (4) and daughter (2) are crazy about show. my son’s favorites are gordon and spencer and my daughter loves thomas and percy.
    2. I like the motorized engines.They keep children involved. Also we enjoyed the day out with thomas at illinois railway museum. that was the best day kids had.
    3. I would love to see price drop. I have to save for my son’s collection. He already has spencer, gordon, percy and skarloey.
    4.They are inspiring, educating and intersting. I love the show as they teach simple ethics and behaviour so simply and engaging way. I love the quality of toys (the oldest is about 2.5 year old now and going well in the hands of two toddlers) and of course the creativity in play

  191. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    I love it when they ‘work together’ with other vehicles…like Bertie helps deliver the passengers for Thomas. Perhaps more interaction with ‘other townie vehicles’. My son LOVES the snow plow episodes.

  192. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    I LOVE the DVDs that come with a BONUS train especially their Holiday Bonus packs.

  193. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    My son NEVER seems to get tired playing with his trains….anything that can keep a 2 year old BUSY, I LOVE!!!!! LOL

  194. I love the take along trains. You just can’t destroy them. My four year old loves everything Thomas. I make curtains, blankets and comforters for his bedroom. We collect all the thomas train sets. However the take along are the best, especially for the younger ones. The magnets works on both ends of the trains.

  195. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    Thomas is my child’s FAVORITE train…he calls him Thomas the choochoo Train.

  196. Thomas is my child’s FAVORITE train…he calls him Thomas the choochoo Train.

    My son NEVER seems to get tired playing with his trains….anything that can keep a 2 year old BUSY, I LOVE!!!!! LOL

  197. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?My 6 year old son lover Thomas of course, he has since he saw his first one. My 4 year old loves Percy. They play Thomas for hours a day.
    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? I DVR Thomas everyday. I would have to say the best Thomas they like is Thomas and the Magic Railway
    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? The boys love it when they get scared, I dont know why, but that would make them happy.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. It is a great show, today it is hard to find a good show for your kids, one that you can feel safe leaving them alone to watch. I love that they are always coming out with new products too, that way Birthdays and Christmas are much easier to buy for.

  198. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    I like “A Day Out With Thomas” in PA. The look on my son’s face when he saw Thomas live was priceless.

  199. My son is thomas and friends crazy the question should be what doesn’t he like. Thomas is his favorite he has to take him everywhere he goes dr,store,outside,etc. He plays with his thomas and friends from morning to night. He even goes to sleep with them and I have to take them after he goes to sleep. Ever since he was two he has been crazy over thomas videos, music and trains and track. He can name all the trains, there numbers, and colors. He also likes the new thomas shows where there mouth and eyes move. I hope they make some toys that are animated more too. My son I think will always love thomas and friends and I hope so.

  200. My son, Gio, spends hours making scenarios and exploring adventures with Thomas and Friends. It is truly a wonderful toyset. Eventhough he loves them all, Henry and Emily are his favorites.

  201. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? My son LOVES Thomas and Percy

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? I like the wooden sets the best

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. I like the lessons they teach 🙂 and that my autistic son remembers those lessons!!

  202. my grandson absolutely loves Thomas, Toby, gordon. He is drawn to anything thomas and we enjoy playing games on the trackmaster website and thomas and friends website. I loike the fact that it is a teaching tool and they don’t realize they are learning.

  203. Went to a play date today..I had to PRY my child away from the train table. Yep.. having this awesome canyon would make my life alot easier!!

  204. Does anyone know where I could get those wind up thomas and friends sets that come in clear eggs. I have seen them on ebay and I would love to get them for my kids easter baskets. Especially since one of the trains is Lady. I don’t think they would get here in time for Easter if I bought them online..has anyone seen any of these in stores?

    We love Thomas!

  205. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I love that they inspire creativity in my sons. The wooden track sets are a classic, and don’t require any batteries (great for the environment). Plus, they are quality toys, and will last for many, many years, I’m sure =)

  206. 3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

    More sales =) We do have to wait and save up everytime we add to our growing collection… the recent Thomas playdates at Toys R Us are fun, and they give out coupons then.

  207. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?

    I like the “Day Out with Thomas” event in California. It’s like a Thomas and Friends convention, complete with a real Thomas train that we get to ride!

  208. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?

    My 2 sons (ages 3 and 1) love THOMAS! Even my one year old can pick him out of the bucket of trains. And he loves drinking out of his Thomas cup too, and play in the Thomas play tent with his older brother.

  209. The Thomas Easter set is very cute! I passed it by wistfully & my sister actually sent it to my boys, Love love love all things Thomas!

  210. Joey also had a really fun Thomas train. It is a large train that has a a string attached to the back of him that attaches to another green train that sits on a green platform. when you pull the green train back he drives up the platform making Thomas move himself. It is a pretty cute toy and we never go on a trip without it.

  211. I hear you Andrea…we need more girl trains as well. The boy trains definitely outway the boys. We have Lady and Molly..we would like to get Rosie and Emily.

  212. I wish I had money to buy that Thomas Easter set..Joey would love that too. They have so many cool baskets full of goodies this year. My son will probably get a little train though to go with this collection.

  213. Joey loves to go to the Thomas Friends website. When you click on the games section it shows Thomas coming out of a tunnel full of water and flying to a bridge a little ways a head…Joey just loves that…when he wants to play a game he comes up to me and says he wants to see Thomas fly 🙂

  214. Today Andy walked to the computer, told me Percy wants to see the Waterfall, and wasnt happy until I came to Momdot & showed him the video!

  215. Target has a Thomas the Train Easter set in the holiday aisles. They also have another brand as well. Both are cute for train lovers that get toys from the big bunny.

  216. They had train week at my son’s preschool and the teachers set up a train station and train. One kid sold tickets, another was the engineer and the others were passengers. It was funny and they all seemed to enjoy it!

  217. My son was singing a train song in bed last night. Something about “see the little pufferbellies all in a row”…it was so cute to listen to from the next room.

  218. Yes! I love Harolds voice.. Always.. His slow drone just makes me smile, Andy too!!! Everyone in our house walks around mimicing Harold..alllways!

  219. Thomas is my son’s favorite. He likes them all, but Thomas is the best.

  220. My oldest son is three and a half he’s been playing with his thomas trains for almost a year now. His favorite characters are James or busy bee James. The whole family just loves all the Thomas & Friends products. My one year old is starting to take the trains
    and walk around with them. It will not be long before he knows the
    names of all the train characters as does my eldest son.

  221. Thomas & Friends trackmaster trains are something that your kids will love. Buy any of their train sets and you will fire up your childs imagination. Your kids will want to play with these toys for
    many years.

  222. Claire..they sell Percy shirts on ebay and there are even a few sellers who can costume make them so you can have your child’s name put on them. Not sure what size your child is but I saw 2T to size 6..Hope that helps 🙂

  223. I can’t believe how many times my kids can play the same Thomas games. They love the matching game and building Thomas or Duncon. There are only 2 choices for the building trains but they still love to do it over and over.

  224. I love the language “naughty” “ashamed” “cheeky” it uses works to describe their feelings that children dont hear daily, it increases vocab!

  225. I am loving the website games! Some are a little too advanced for us still but the new Action Canyon game is super easy, I wish it were longer though.

  226. We are on a mission for a Percy shirt, if anyone sees one somewhere, let me know! Andy said he needs a “really really big Percy” as well..

  227. Love LOVE the drawbridge too!! How cute to watch your little one switch him to a sudden waterfall..I bet Thomas would say “weeeesshh!”

  228. We went for a play date today & the boy my sons age was at school, so he got to play with his train stuff ALL alone & then had a melt down then it was time to go. We SO need this for home!!!

  229. I love the magnetic trains that go together, my boys play with them the most out of all their Thomas stuff. I also love their Thomas carrying case {that I got for $1 at yard sale} that they go in. My favorite thing about Thomas though, is that you can see him live, “A Day Out With Thomas”. We took the older boys about 3 years ago and saw him and got to ride on him and do fun activities, it is such a fun memory. The boys want to do it again now that they’re older.

  230. My boys like Thomas the best, they have other trains and know the other trains, but there’s just something about Thomas!

  231. My son and I love Thomas and Percy. I personally enjoy Harold the helicopter as well but my 4 year old son likes Jeremy the jet plane since it is fast and has the same name as his 10 year old brother.

  232. Its funny to see how many posts there are of people liking their voices. I am not that fond of their voices and that is the only downfall I have to watching the dvd’s. I really really liked the voices they chose for everyone on the movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad…I wish those were the original voices. I think their voices on the t.v. series are too old..maybe that just me 🙂

  233. I think, if they haven’t already, need to make a pedal train..that would be cool. My son would love to drive around in that! Of course he would be happy with a train trike..too bad I didn’t think of that earlier 🙂

  234. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.
    The tv episodes are well put together and obviously there isn’t any violence. Also for the fact that they are on PBS is a plus for me!

  235. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    I think that the wooden trains and tracks are wonderful and durable!!

  236. 4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    I like that my son loves it and has gained a love for trians because of it. It is so cute watching him play with trains and yell out “Choo Choo”!

  237. 2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    I love the traveling Thomas Train that comes once a year…. Well my boy loves it. Every year we get together with his favorite cousin to go see Thomas and take a ride on him. This is such a fun event.

  238. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    Oh my boy would love this! I don’t know why exactly, but for some reason Gordon and Thomas have always been his favorite. Probably because his favorite color is blue.

  239. I saw an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 where they took their kids on a Thomas and Friends train ride! That is so cool for kids to experience! 😀

  240. I love the *tickets* the trains come with, with the facts & info about each train, I think those are as *special* as the actual train around here somedays!

  241. Hi,
    Please enter me in your contest. My little Jacob has been asking for this. He wants it so badly. He calls it “Thomas’ splash mountain”
    1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
    Percy and Thomas
    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
    Thomas Live on stage.
    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?
    Make more workbooks. Possibly a dot to dot thomas book.

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

    It is good clean entertainment, unlike spongebob which is name calling and hitting.
    Thank you in advance for considering us for this contest.

  242. Diesel MAY have taken over the #1 spot in the house! I’ve been telling DH about this & Andy told me to “go win me Thomas” today!!

  243. Thomas and Edward are the favorite characters in our home. My little nephews would absolutely love the Action Canyon. Thank you very much for the chance to win.

  244. I think I’m going to be brave this year and make my son a birthday cake in the shape of Thomas the Tank. I saw some tutorials online.

  245. I love that Thomas is a name we can trust to produce a safe & fun toy for our children. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  246. I would love to see them add more big trains for babies to their line. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  247. We love Thomas because it allows my son to use his imagination, building new tracks and creating fun stories along the way. His favorite characters are Thomas, Emily and Gordon. Thomas gives such great lessons, showing act and consequence along with teaching positive resolution skills!

  248. What I love most is that it’s truly kid-friendly. With some cartoons I worry about leaving the room because some of the content just isn’t great for kids. I never have to worry about that with Thomas.

  249. My favorite event has been the Day Out with Thomas at our local railway! We met some friends whose sons also loved Thomas and rode the big Thomas-faced train!

  250. We have been big Thomas fans for years at our house! My son loves Gordon & Edward, my daughter thinks Emily is great…and I personally prefer Percy!

  251. So did anyone get the free Thomas the train from Toys R Us last weekend? We don’t have a store here where I live and I wasn’t about to drive an hour and a half to the nearest one…I was disappointed you couldn’t us it online 🙁

  252. So, everyday me and my son and daughter sit down at the computer and play Thomas games for about 1/2 an hour. It is really fun to see my kids minds at word and to see how much they have learned. I can’t believe how smart my daughter is (she is 2) when she is making her own train or playing memory match..she has developed quite a memory.

  253. Have you guys seen those cute shirts they have out now with Thomas and his Friends. They light up and make whistling noises. This lady was selling a Thomas Book and 2 of those shirts for 10 bucks..now I wish I got them!

  254. For Christmas we got my son a geo trax…I was so sad when I found that Thomas was now making a motorized track set. It was cheaper and I am sure my son would have liked it better. Oh well, at least it is a train I guess! I know he will love this though! I hope I win!

  255. I think it would be great to add more learning aids to their collection–it’s great to use a child’s interest of Thomas to promote learning

  256. My sons favorite are of course any of the tracks but he has two “carry along” sets that pack away and we can take them on trips, to Grandmas or his brothers sporting events. I love them!

  257. My 4 y/o came over and saw the Thomas action Canyon and flipped!! lol. His bday is in July… Hmmmmmmm

  258. I love Thomas and friends because it is very age appropriate for young kids and it is basically a perfect family show/toys/activity.

  259. I love that Thomas & Friends entertains my 4 younger kids ranging from 2 yrs to 9 yrs old……. It makes for a happy day when they ALL like the same thing.

  260. I love that they are fun for any age. My father, husband, son, niece and I can all play with the Thoas things and have fun.

  261. I’d like to see more things for 1 & 2 year olds. I was really sad when we went to Travel Town and all I could find for my son were 3 engines (I bought all 3 and he loved them). So can you make a few more for the under 3 crowd.

  262. I like the tie in at Magic Mountian with THomas and Friends. My husband and son love putting the tracks together and running the trains on the tracks. I also like the portable Thomas and Friends that we can take along on vacation easily.

  263. I wa sjust thinking about Thomas.. thought I’d come post how I love his beautiful blue color!!! Boy, he runs his freight line grreaatt!!!
    (I want to win okay??)

  264. So, I am trying to figure out why there aren’t many things that have to do with Lady. Is she only in the movie with Alec Baldwin? I remember when we were trying to find one for Emma..it took me forever because no store were selling them. On ebay, there were going for 20 or more dollars which I thought was way too much for a little train. I finally broke down and paid 10….I think they need more Lady things!

  265. My son was so cute last night while saying his prayers. He said, Thank you for daddy telling me I am a great boy and that he doesn’t take my trains away and that I was able to go get them in his room 🙂 Lately our son has been not wanting to obey so we have to take his trains away and I thought it was so funny he mentioned that in his prayer.

  266. Yesterday while at preschool, my son was telling everybody that he gets to ride Thomas this summer and that Emma, his sister, is going to ride Lady 🙂 I am not sure they make lady trains and I am pretty sure we can’t ride 2 trains at once…I love little kids imaginations!

  267. So..my son has a large tracks collection and for the past week my husband has been determined to use all the track pieces making sure that every route is accessible while making it that there are no dead ends. It is quite hilarious to watch. He still hasn’t concured it 🙂 Tracks aren’t just for kids 😉

  268. What I love about Thomas and Friends is the adventures they have and how they have real feelings just like our preschoolers do.

  269. I love Thomas the Tank because its so calm – the stories don’t have a lot of “loud” characters who get away with being rude. Instead its just a nice show – family oriented and something that gets my son imagining outside of just watching the show. Thanks for the chance!

  270. Thomas and Percy are big in our house. My daughter when she was little had the opportunity to go ride Thomas and LOVED it. I hope that my son also gets the opportunity

  271. The question is to my two year old… “who is not your favorite?” haha He seriously loves all of his trains. Rosie, Emily, Thomas, Percy, Henry, ECT ECT ECT. My son would love this action canyon!
    Thanks so much for doing this!!!! My little trainlover will love this!

  272. I love the game on this website as well. For a little one who is wanting to “do computer stuff” like mom & dad, its extra exciting & will be so helpful at certian “I need you to shhh” moments with the baby!

  273. I also love Harold, his voice cracks me up.. “always”
    Andy does a great impression of him!! I like how Harold can be snooty but can also be sweet & helpful!

  274. I love the tracks as well, you could play with them for years & never come up with the same combo twice, there are so many options & add ons.

  275. I am excited…this summer we, as a family, are going to take Joey on train! This will be a lot of fun for me as well because I have never been on a real train..it will be a great experience for both of us 🙂

  276. What I think is great as well is that a lot of the DVD’s come with wooden trains. Right now on Amazon you can get two trains on certain movies. Last Christmas we got our son the Christmas Thomas movie and it came with a cute Thomas Train..it was 2 presents in one especially since I took out the train and used it as a stocking stuffer 🙂

  277. I agree with Michelle..there definately needs to be more girl trains. My daughter just loves trains as well and loves to play with them with her brother…she just loves Lady but I think it would be cool if they had some pink and purple trains.

  278. What I like about Thomas, is the tracks usually have an endless amount of ways to set up and my daughter really gets engaged in it


  279. I would like to see more girlie trains added to the group, for the girls like my daughter who love pink, but also like trains


  280. I love my daughter’s little Thomas the Train backpack she keeps her trains in. The new sets, i like toby at copper mountain


  281. What I love about Thomas and friends that their shows really catches little ones attentions and their product are built very well!

    Thank you!

  282. I think the show teaches valuable lessons, that is what I love. My son just loves that they are trains!

  283. I love the Thomas wooden trains and they bring hours of enjoyment to my son. I know it is a product he can save for his future children.

  284. I love the train table sets. He doesn’t have one, but they have one at one of my favorite stores. He can play FOREVER while I shot. It is WONDERFUL!!!

  285. As I have two girls, I’d love to see a female Thomas character or at least something that might appeal to girls a little more. Thanks!

  286. I like the quality of the Thomas products as well as the good messages that the books and movies teach. Thanks!

  287. Oh boy my 2 year old is a HUGE thomas fan! Right now our living room seriously looks like Sodor Island! Our favorite Thomas movie right now is “The Great Discovery”. I love it cause it’s a feature length (insert smiley face), he loves all the songs, especially when Thomas is traveling down a disused mine (no we haven’t seen it a few times!).

  288. Speaking of Cranky ( yes I’m on a roll!!) I LOVE how Thomas & Friends actually teaches.
    Andy has taught ME about “freight cars” “shunting” and he can recognize a Cranky when we’re driving now. I didnt know most of this stuff until he told me, and he didnt know before Thomas told him!

  289. I personally also like Bulgy. Hes just too much, becoming a chicken roost, getting stuck in bridges! Andy calls his Bulgy “cranky” an awful lot!

  290. Andys girlfriend, Haileys daughter Skye sent Andy Henry & Emily.
    Andy hadnt seen Emily before & he tends to forget her, but he knows shes a girl & talks to her softly. I’d like to see more of the girl trains, they dont have a huge character role in the shows I’ve seen so far.

  291. Here at our house even brushing your teeth is fun. Last Christmas I bought a Thomas the Train toothbrush holder..so now he has a Thomas toothbrush that he can put in a train…he loves it!

  292. I like that Thomas & Friends has happy, pleasant music, lesson-rich and team-building morals within their episodes, and maintains a clean & family-friendly show while still keeping little ones’ attentions (even my daughter’s).

    Thanks for the chance!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  293. My son loves Trevor, simply because he has visible gears within his car (G loves, loves anything with gears).

    Thanks for the chance!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  294. I love the narrator’s accent in all the Thomas movies (especially when it was Ringo Starr) I always tried to copy his voice when I would read my daughter the stories at bedtime!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  295. I would like to see more female trains introduced!!! Or even more female characters (other vehicles, etc)

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  296. My daughter loved the Day Out with Thomas, meeting Sir Topham Hat, and actually riding on Thomas is something she still remembers fondly!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  297. My childrens favorite characters are of course Thomas, but also Harold the helicopter, and they like Cranky the crane too.

    I like Emily.

  298. The thomas and friends websites allows you to watch *portions* online~
    I love that!

    Just when you wanna sit back and relax…watch THomas and Friends!

  299. I was really surprised how much my 2 year old could do..she build Thomas and played the matching game really well and was so excited when she saw a game that actually had Lady in it…they need more things with Lady.

  300. There are a lot of fun games to play on the Thomas and Friends website….if you haven’t checked them out, you should! You kids will have a blast!

  301. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? she loves Thomas

    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?thomas live circus was spetacular

    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? more sharing episodes

    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. it teaches the kids lots of good manners

  302. I love you can watch little mini shows on the Thomas and Friends website…they are short but still teach you valuable lessons. My kids love them!

  303. My 2 yr old nephew is so into Thomas. This is what he wants as the theme for his birthday which is coming up soon.
    His favorite character is Percy.
    I think that if I were to state a character I’d say Bertie.

  304. I wish that our local Sears and JCPenney had a Thomas theme or even a train theme for their portrait studio…I wanted to take a picture with trains for his 4 year old pictures but no luck.

  305. Joey has a leapfrog and his favorite is the early reading Thomas the Train..it has fun interactive games and he gets to hear them all talk when he wants them too…if you have a leap frog and a Thomas lover I would definately invest in that.

  306. I love it when my kids play trains…it is so cute to watch them! Right now they are playing with all the Take A Long Trains that they have and Joey, my 4 year old, is telling Emma, my 2 year old, all their names and everything that is on the train like the Funnel and Horn…it is way cute!

  307. I love the Thomas & Friends toys because they are pretty basic and rely on the child’s imagination to be fun. They also appeal to a wide age range, so that your investment in Thomas trains goes far.

  308. What I love about Thomas… that my kids can be completely occupied by playing with their train set for at least 30 minutes at a time! It’s great!

  309. I would love to see more real-life Thomas events. The Day Out With Thomas is great but pretty expensive so I would like if they had some smaller, cheaper events. Perhaps tours of the train with a show at local train stations?

  310. My favorite Thomas is the movie “Thomas and the Magic Railroad.” That is one crazy movie! And you have to love Alec Baldwin in it.

  311. i’d love to see thomas and friends do more for girls. t shirts, maybe some more pink or girlie trains??? something?

  312. we love the trains and tracks just for playing. i’m really excited to bring my kids to see thomas and friends live, and to a day out with thomas next fall!

  313. my kids favorites are jack- for my son jack, and molly- for my son molly. but they also love toby- we have a dog tobey. then again, we love gordon- thats my sons middle name. not on purpose mind you!!

  314. I don’t see my answer to question #1 so I am going to repeat it.
    Thomas is the grandsons favorite so that would be my favorite also.

  315. What I love about Thomas and friends….The DVD’s are such that they hold the child’s attention throughout. I like the hands on activities through the Thomas and Friends trains that are available. I like the website for Thomas…my grandson gets only a little computer time but I want to introduce him to the site…he loves puzzles but he has never done one where you have to rotate the pieces. I like the content of the DVD’s…children can relate to it.

  316. #3 I definately want them to continue making new DVD’s exploring more concepts young ones deal with. Certainly more live events…if one comes anywhere close, we will make sure our grandson gets to go to it.

  317. #2 I love having Thomas the Train DVD’s. My grandson can work the portable DVD player by himself and he loves to choose a DVD to play. He is not allowed to watch a lot of tv so the DVDs are very special to him.

  318. 1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters? My son adores Percy as much as Thomas it seems 🙂
    2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events? I really like the train sets because my son can spend hours in imaginative play!
    3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future? More computer games — my son is always looking for Thomas computer games to play.
    4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends. I love that they teach lessons that I want my children to learn and that they are fun to watch as well!

  319. My little girls love Percy and Thomas. These trains are so unique for kids to play with not so involved but lots of fun for them. We also have several of the movies. Soon to have a new little boy so this would be an early one or two year old birthday present. Thanks for the chance to win.

  320. i love that there is no violence, anger, or any of that other stuff that seems to be sneaking into kids cartoons!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  321. i love when they have “thomas” events at our local library – books, toys, talks about thomas!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  322. my son loves “chomas” even though he can pronounce “t’s he’s always called him that!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  323. What do I love about Thomas and Friends? Thomas and Friends have been a favorite of all three of my boys and their appeal is timeless. Thomas is simple in the best possible sense – the tracks are interchangeable and fun. I can honestly say that all of my kids have logged hundreds of hours with Thomas and Friends. The toys are soothing and they are my #1 recommended toy for parents!

  324. I’d love to win this for my nephew. He loves all the Thomas characters but I *think* he likes Percy the best as that is the one he talks about most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  325. So…I am really excited! My sister just informed me that they have an actual train that for only 18.00 your whole family can ride from Salt Lake to Ogden, Utah..we are definately doing that in June when we go there!

  326. My nephew loves Thomas. Thomas and Percy are his favorites, but he loves playing with them all. I love playing them with him also. We have so much fun spending hours putting the tracks together and drivng the engines all around!

  327. My grandson loves Thomas of course, but he favors Percy! He eats, drinks, and sleeps Thomas the Train. Books, DVD’s, characters, he loves it all. Thanks for such a wonderful contest.

  328. I also really like the Thomas books. We gave him one for Christmas and it had 3 different stories in it…so it is like you are getting 3 books in 1 for the same price as 1. My son really enjoys reading it and I really enjoyed the price 🙂

  329. My son is a very easy going, very adaptable kid except when it comes to his trains. Everybody has commented to me about how Joey is such a great kid and so easy to take care of unless there are trains there. That is the only time I have seen my son have a temper..if someone touches or messes up his track…then it they are toast 🙂

  330. In Utah, they have what is known as the Trax..it is a train that will take us from West Jordan to Salt Lake…we are planning on taking our son, Joey on that just so he can experience it…I am sure he is going to flip out thinking that is the coolest thing. I wish we could afford the actual Thomas the Train trip in the Mountains…but at least he will get to go on a Train and it will cost nearly nothing.

  331. I really liked Thomas the Magic Railroad..I think they need to make more of those. I like Alec Baldwin in it. I would have to say that is probably my favorite of all the Thomas’…I really like the Trains voices as well..I think they sound too old in the shows.

  332. My son always loves reading the story Henry and the Elephant, although I think that his favorite might be Percy. We can’t wait to meet Thomas in person in Baltimore, MD May 2nd at the B & O Railroad Museum! Thanks for doing such a wonderful giveaway! -Abbie

  333. My son’s 3rd Birthday was Thomas. It was really fun and I had fun doing the cake. I bought the 2 of the Take-a-long Thomas sets (Percy and Thomas) for the top of the cake.

  334. My son was Thomas the Train for Halloween! He looked so cute and when we went to the mall there was a Percy there…i wish I would have got a picture.

  335. Another thing that I would probably change is I would make the show more up to the times. They still are using stick figures (or whatever you want to call them ) as the conductors and children and Sir Topham Hat. I think it would be cool if they used real people in the shows and not just the Movie.

  336. I wish they would do more shows with Lady in them. That is my daughter’s favorite train and I think the the only one that she is in is the movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

  337. We have one of the original DVD’s of Thomas and the 2 episodes with Ringo Star…I thought that was kind of funny that he narrated them.

  338. In Utah they turn a train into Thomas for a week and let the kids take a train ride. It’s really cool.

  339. What I love about Thomas & Friends is an innocent show and always shows a good moral to every story.

  340. What would I’d like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future is have the tv show with children interacting with the characters.

  341. My favorite of Thomas prducts are the dvds my grandson and I can sit for hours watching them. His favorite is the Thomas & Friends Henry and the Elephant DVD Video. My grandson just loves the elephant.

  342. Thomas is the favorite of my grandson and I would love to win this for him…thanks for the great giveaway

  343. My two year old is crazy about Thomas right now. He loves Thomas and Percy best.

    I love that its simple and teaches a lesson in each episode about good behavior.

  344. My son’s favorite character is Thomas. I love Thomas the Train shows because whenever it comes on tv my son jumps up and down yelling choo-choo trains.

  345. What a wonderful prize! My sons love Thomas the train so much. Our favorite is Thomas for my oldest son and myself and our youngest loves Percy. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  346. My sons favorite thomas character is Thomas or Skarloey. He loves the movies and the battery operated trains the most. I would like the thomas company to steer towards the older children. SOme people think thomas the train is for babies or toddlers not kindergarten/ 1st grade age.

  347. What I really like about the show is the diversity of characters. They are all different colors, sizes, shapes and ages. They have different abilities, temperments, personalities, positives and negatives. It’s a fun way to show society in general wrapped up on one little island.

  348. I’d like to see the show on at different times, my kids never seem to catch it on TV, only DVD. I’d also like to some of the other trains at the Day Out With Thomas days.

  349. My kids like Thomas because their big brothers name is Thomas and they think that’s cool. 🙂 I like percy.

  350. MY personal favorite is..hm… I really like the one when Sir Topham hat gets covered in jam. I cant see it with out wondering “wth were these giant crates of jam doing at a railway???”

  351. Percy is the favorite in this house.Percy goes EVERYWHERE with us.. Percy gets *stinky* and needs baths, Percy ….does #2 along with Andy…You name it, this eyebrows are wearing off!!

  352. We are just at the age of working into Thomas we have a 6 flags with a Thomas section my don really loved riding the Thomas the Train they had ( I did too. Like really enjoyed it, lol) We are looking forward the the Day with Thomas I’ve heard great things about it!
    Thanks for the entry
    Tonyamcrain [at] aol.com

  353. I love how there is always a good variety of Thomas proucts available. If you have a nephew like mine who loves Thomas products, then you know that you can always find something that he doesn’t already have.

  354. My 4 year old sons favorite in the series is Thomas himself, he loves Thomas the train, and would love this set to go with the pieces he already has!

  355. I really love the small wooden train set that my son has. He only has two small trains because the wooded trains are really expensive but he thinks it is really special to play with them! he would think this was amazing!

  356. I love that Thomas the Train is narrated by such talented people. I didn’t realize until one of the other commenters said it, but the narration also preserves the sense of being read to. Awesome for children!

  357. Favorite episode…..we love the ones that George Carlin narrated…. Probably Thomas Meets The Queen.

    Please tell Thomas the Train that we appreciate SO much their generosity of spirit evidenced daily in the wonderful shows and the generosity of treasure in offering this giveaway.

  358. Thomas the trains seem to be the cheaper of train sets I have noticed. You can usually get them on sale at Toys R Us a lot…which is nice when your son is addicted to it. The trains are fun too for stocking stuffers or Fillers for Easter baskets because they are small.

  359. My son was recently potty trained and we gave him one of those kids cameras but it is the dinkiest little thing and i feel bad that that was even his gift for becoming potty trained. Well recently he has become fully trained going poop and not wetting the bed during naps and bedtime…I think this Thomas set would be the perfect gift for him to show him how proud we are of him.

    I don’t think my kids are ever going to grow out of Thomas…maybe the movies but definately not the train sets.

  360. They have some fun stuff for your kids to do on the website. My kids really enjoyed being able to click where Thomas was going to go and to be able blow his whistle…I am off to print off some pages for them to color!

  361. I just let my son and daughter watch the trailor for the set on the website…they are both in aw! We have now watched it about 6 times 🙂

  362. We actually bough my son a Geo Trax for Christmas and sold his Thomas the Train set. (Just the tracks not the trains) I have regretted ever since. The thomas tracks are just so easy to put together and now he has all these trains (which he still loves to play with) that don’t have a track to go on. I would love to win this and surprise him with it!

  363. I agree with Julie…it is really sad how you can’t even put on a cartoon for your kids anymore without knowing if it is clean. I love how you don’t have to worry about Thomas!

  364. I guess it might help to tell you where I blogged it 🙂


    We just love Thomas around here…my son got the 10 pack movie collection for his birthday in December and still hasn’t finished them yet.

  365. you know I listed Zach’s mini train from bathset as his favorite…but I totally forgot about his book. He LOVES the flashlight Thomas book!

  366. oh well of course I just had to print out the coloring pages from their site! Will get a pic when Zach colors them.

  367. What we love best about thomas….that there is always a teaching lesson with the episodes.

    Zach simply loves that he is a train…He loves trains.

  368. I would love to make it to one of their Thomas days at the train museums that they have….or a live show(like all the other cartoon characters do).

  369. Probably what I like the most about Thomas stuff is that the play and scenarios are endless…depending WHO is playing…WHO their favorite characters are…HOW the track is set up…AND, it is portable…we can take portions of it to Grandmas house and that gives a whole NEW place to make a new adventure!! CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION abounds!

  370. I like the “girl” engines…I know it makes it more marketable to girls but my boys like it too… and it just expands their play.