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The Turkeys Go On Strike: Handprint Turkey Craft Fun!

Last week Charlotte had her first every school play! Oh man it was so cute. She got one of the only parts where I didn’t have to come up with a costume for her- she was just a human. But other kids were berries and turkeys, the moon, cats, lawyers, sidedishes – I have never laughed so hard.

Those kids did FANTASTIC! The play they did was called “Turkeys Go On Strike” and it was basically the turkeys realizing all their friends go missing this time of the year.

turkeys go on strike play

Turkeys Go On Strike Hand Print Fun!

So for fun, after the play, we were inspired to make some “Turkeys Go On Strike” handprint crafts that you can make in your home! The beauty of a craft like this is that its just for fun. There are no real instructions you need to follow.

You need:

Ready to make your Handprint Turkeys? Just trace and cut out some hand prints! Then glue onto a sheet of paper. We had all our turkeys marching since they were striking (of course!). Then we just added some words, glittered it up and voila!

I am also a huge fan of bringing art to life with googly eyes, so we added those and of course some feet. Easy peasy- check it out.

Handprint  cutouts and Elmer's glue stick to make turkeys go on strike craft
Yellow, green, red, blue, and orange glitter and handprint cutouts to make glitter turkeys for Thanksgiving.
Red glitter on one finger of handprint cutouts to make a turkey tail for Turkeys go on strike craft.
Handprint cutouts with red, orange, and green glitter on the fingers to make turkey handprint crafts.
A yellow piece of paper with letters glued on to spell, "Turkeys Go On Strike," with glitter handprint turkeys below.

Now, I always show you the pretty table with everything done, so I thought for fun I would show you what it really looked like when we were painting and drawing – a huge big mess. Scissors and paint and extra papers everywhere! I guess when you are being creative you just get EVERYTHING out!

A table with glue, glitter, scissors, handprints, and turkey handprint cutout craft.

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  1. Those are really cute! I remember making turkey hand prints as a kid. Heck, I’m so not an artist, so that was something I could actually do and enjoy! Sounds like you guys had a blast with both the play and making these. And I’m with you, googly eyes make all the difference.

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