Make a Pinecone Turkey Craft with our FREE Printable!

Pine Cone Turkey Craft: Thanksgiving fun for kids

This painted pinecone turkey craft is so easy and adorable. You need craft paint, pine cones, cardstock, a pair of scissors, white glue, and googly eyes. Get the free template download here to make your own turkey centerpiece, placeholders, and napkin rings! “Why don’t you just paint it?” Leave it to my daughter to look … Read more

Turkey Hat Craft: Our Favorite DIY Turkey Headband

Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving: Craft up some fun with this holiday kids activity, all ages

Make a Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Headband this year! Sure you can buy one, but it’s totally easy to do with paper and is an easy art project for most kids. All you really need is colored cardstock, a pair of googly eyes, and scissors. Check it out! Alright yall, I am winding down from thanksgiving … Read more

Thanksgiving Place Cards: Free Printable

Thanksgiving place cards

My sister-in-law is a saint. Every year she volunteers to have her house inundated with crawling babies, squealing children, somewhat broody tweens, hard-at-work moms, and hungry dads so that we can all be together for Thanksgiving dinner! And every year she seems to easily and seamlessly put together a beautiful tablescape for us to enjoy … Read more

Three Free Thanksgiving Printables

thanksgiving printables

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is to use printables. There are multiple reasons why I use them. They’re just plain ol’ cute, they are super easy to change out for the next holiday, they’re inexpensive and there is a huge variety of styles, colors, images, quotes, etc. My house has … Read more

Cinnamon Pie: Sure To Become A Classic

cinnamon pie

It’s getting to be that time of year, where pie making is going to be in full swing soon. Everyone has their tried and true recipes but I’ve been anxious to experiment with a few new ones to make for this year’s festivities. My family is known for our variety of pies at Thanksgiving dinner. Traditional … Read more

Ribbon Bows: A DIY How-To!

We have hit a record here that no one should ever have to hit: Hazardous Air Quality, never before seen in our state.  Smoke from fires in Canada are being ferried down the Columbia River, settling in Southeastern Washington like a wool blanket fort.  Even inside, you smell smoke.  If you didn’t know any better, … Read more

How to Fluid Paint with Kids

how to fluid paint | Fluid Painting Tutorial | Acrylic Fluid Painting DIY

Fluid Painting with Kids is an absolute joy! This messy painting idea is a clear win for adults and kids alike and with some supervision, can produce creative and hang worthy masterpieces! See below one of our parent/child fluid paintings and how we did it. To see another tutorial that breaks down how to fluid … Read more

18 Fall Mason Jar Crafts to Inspire You!

Have you gotten into the mason jar craze like everyone else? I am a huge lover of mason jars, you can make overnight oats, meal prep salads, and even use them in crafts. Below you will find a ton of Halloween Mason Jar Crafts for you to create. Decorate your home with mason jars in … Read more

Thanksgiving Printable: Giving of the Thanks

I just realized today I still had my Halloween prints up in the house. I always change out the prints to the holidays. It’s such an easy and instant way to decorate your home. I keep about 5 empty frames around ready to add the newest print. As I walked by today I was like…wait … Read more

Fall Leaf Turkey Card (or Craft)

Leaf Turkey Craft - perfect Thanksgiving Kids Craft, plus adorable card

I am so excited to publish this!But first let me back up and tell you a story. I live in the South and we have two seasons: Alive and Dead. The only (and I do mean only) thing that I miss about not having tons of seasonal changes are the beautiful fall leaves I often see floating … Read more