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Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)

A few weeks ago I gave an idea on how to make applesauce bites and use those pouches of baby food that you have in your pantry for a tasty treat that didn’t involve a messy spoon. You can read that post on How to make applesauce toddler bites here and How to make Fruit Leather for Toddlers here.

Now they were such a hit with Phoenyx that I wanted to make larger more Popsicle type frozen treats and use up the rest of the pouches in my cabinet, so here is what I did.

I hope it serves as some inspiration for your cabinet!

All you need is a silicon pan.  Any shape will probably do and I own a heart one. Here are some Silicone Pans On Amazon .

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)

I added my squeezable pouches in (I layered two flavors here):

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)


Put the pan into the freezer till they were solid ( this took a few hours, but will ultimately depend on how much food you layer) and then I popped them out. They come out super easy!

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)



Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)

Now another way to do this would be to add little Popsicle stick handles in them or even use a thin apple slice (or carrot, celery, etc) as a handle so your child can pick it up without getting their fingers cold.

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)

These frozen treats are a great alternative to grocery bought ice cream and you can control the fruit or vegis and it tastes just as good! And if you have a pantry full of left over baby food, it helps clear that up as well.

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats (inspiration)




  1. how long do they stay frozen? I wonder about my baby making a mess of it in her hands ( and everything) before she actually eats it)

  2. Awesome idea! My baby isn’t into the pouches so much anymore, but he loves “Popsicles” in his mesh feeder. I’m definitely going to give these a try!

  3. I just cool up apples with j sprinkle of cinnamon then puree it then freeze in ice cubes then store in plastic container works so well

  4. So excited to try these my granddaughter is teething and I’m hoping these will help!!!

  5. Can you use homemade applesauce instead of the pouch?

  6. Great treats to have on hand when grab kids come for visits

  7. After they are made and you take them out of the molds. Where do you store them? In the fridge or keep them in the freezer?

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