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Beach Themed Ornaments DIY

As a beach girl living on the Gulf Coast, I could not resist having some beach-y themed decor this year. I mean, hello. You remember my sons room, right?

But instead of buying some (and there are cute ones!) Charlotte and I decided to ruin my dining room floor with fine grain sand and hot glue. Fun stuff, this parenting can be. I am also going to let you in on a secret……….we bought our sand. Yep. 5 trillion miles of ocean and sometimes it’s just a bit quicker and costs less to just shop at Amazon.

Beach Themed Christmas Ornaments DIY


What you need

  • Plastic Balls for decoration (you can use glass too). You get these in the CRAFTING section, not the Christmas section.
  • Bag of Shells, I like the mini ones that include color.
  • Sand. The sand comes in all colors, I just bought regular white sand
  • String to hang the bulbs

You can wander around town looking for items, but if you are like me, you hate that. Check out amazons prices first:

60mm Clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornament60mm Clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Ball OrnamentCreative Hobbies Sea Shells Mixed Beach SeashellsCreative Hobbies Sea Shells Mixed Beach Seashells


1) All we did was create a makeshift funnel to help distribute the sand into the bulbs and then pick out random shells for design. I made sure we didn’t over fill the bulb so it didn’t get too weighted down. After showing Charlotte once, she filled and added shells and I did the hot gluing! Making Beach Christmas bulbs is a very easy craft for about 6 and up as long as you are using plastic. I left the bulbs in the container they came in because this and is really fine and I didn’t want it all over the dining area.

2) My best advice is to hot glue the toppers back on and then use a ribbon and hot glue closed to create the hanging tie.  We also added a little blue glitter to some of our bulbs for variety. VERY easy and lots of fun!


And if you love crafts, do not forget to check out my How To Make a Tutu Tutorial! Even though the above craft is more after my son, tulle and tutus are totally my daughter!

10 thoughts on “Beach Themed Ornaments DIY”

  1. That is such a CUTE idea for ornaments. I might have to make these with my kids next year and let them give as gifts. My MIL loves giving me ornaments and loves receiving them. She also LOVES the ocean so this would be perfect for her.

  2. Love these! They are adorable. I love any craft that has to do with a beach theme. I am going to make some as well using beach glass!

  3. I am definitely making these! I’m an island girl and am totally missing the beach right now (it’s currently 32* in Texas). Thanks for sharing…its so easy too!

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