Kit Kat Brownie Recipe

When it comes to chocolate, I have a bit of a weakness. And while I am totally a plain chocolate kinda girl, lately I have gotten really hung up on Kit Kats.

They are a gift from above.

I thought I would put Kit Kats in the middle of brownies and see what happened….and rather than boring you with some stupid recipe post, I’ll just show you what I did. It’s honestly not rocket science.






You are going to be surprised, but I think I prefer my Kit Kats and brownies separate. It was chocolate overkill (weird, right?) and when the Kit Kats melted in between the brownie mix, it was hard to tell when the brownies were actually done. Of course when I put a knife in and it didn’t come out clean, I was guessing whether it was brownie mix or just melted chocolate. As a result of the confusion, I overcooked by at least 4-5 minutes and it altered the flavor of the wafers. I think a few more times and I may be able to get this down and have not given up hope that this could still be a match made in heaven!


No matter what it was fun and cooking has to be about fun and adventure sometimes. I am going to try again with some of my other favorite candies and I’ll report back if we get a total Brownie/Candy marriage winner!  Looking for more cooking? Try my Spicy Jalapeno Mexican Wontons…easy too!

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  1. Vicky says

    Hello! So I did try it. I wasn’t as fond of it as I thought I would either! With the choc are melted off of the wafer it wasn’t food… They were nice and gooey brownies but when I bit into the wafer it wasn’t good… It’s like the cooking of it altered the texture of the wafer. Definitely a good on paper but not so much when you make it.. :(

  2. Vicky says

    Hi trisha,
    So I was wondering if you had tried this recipie again? Also, how many boxes of brownies did you use? I actually want to make it for a family gathering this holiday and wondered if you ha any other information for someone that is going to try this? I’m very excited cause I love kit lays too! I almost wonder if it’s good if they are a little undercooked or soft with the melted chocolate from the kit kats… Thanks for having the idea and I will let you know how they turn out!

    • says

      I havent tried it again- I just personally didnt love it. I think it could use some alterations. I did use 2 boxes of mix to cover them all. I would def try undercooking them a bit to see and let me know!

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