Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake

With back to school hitting nearly every state, there is so much to think about. Around here it’s uniforms, school lunches, getting back into the homework and spelling words routine and yes, every moment explaining to Phoenyx “where Charlotte went.”  And after all of that each and every day, there are still after school snacks, and tell me how the day wents, and “no, you cannot go play with your friends till the sun goes down cause it’s not summer anymore” arguments.

But even so, I love school being back in session. There is a sense of normalcy around here to know where everyone goes and what everyone has to do on a day to day basis. It also gives Phoenyx and I some alone bonding time. Eventually it will be him on the bus waving goodbye and this house will be ultra empty.

Not that I will totally mind that.

So today when Kool-Aid asked me to come up with a fun craft that would help you with back to school stuff , I knew there were great ones out there.

But personally Kool-Aid reminds me of being a kid, of after school drinks filled up to the brim with ice, and of course, summer. To keep that same feeling going on after the school day is done, I wanted to create a fun snack. A really special one for my “just back to school but still wish it was summer” kid. And while my friends are coming up with some totally awesome Bento lunches to send their kids off to school with (that I am not good at) I am welcoming Charlotte home with something special and wanted to share with you!

Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Kool-Aid Recipe

Sounds delicious, right?

It is! It is!


  • Your favorite Kool-Aid Packet flavors
  • Whipped Cream

Just whip up your favorite whipped cream with Kool-Aid packets and use to create Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake. You can serve in one tall huge rainbow stack or break down. The Kool-Aid flavor DOES soak into the whipped cream so be prepared to make your old favorite NEW again!

Charlotte asked me “HOW did you do that???”

Like a good mom I told her I was a wizard.

She oddly didn’t question it.

Then she said “You know I am your taste tester, right?”

Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake in pictures:

Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake Kool-Aid Recipe

As the Kool-Aid man would say…..OH YEAH!


*contest closed, winner claimed.


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