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15 Halloween Projects you can do Today!

Here comes Halloween, here comes Halloween! As you already know, I share a TON of Halloween DIY around here myself, but right now I wanted to give props to these amazing blogger ideas that you can incorporate into your busy Halloween schedule. These hacks, DIY, and crafts make sure your Halloween is full of TRICKS and TREATS! Please visit each blogger below to learn how to get started !15 Halloween Projects you can do today - easy DIY Halloween ideas that are friendly, fun, and you can complete today

1) Halloween Fabric Wreath

I adore this wreath! What a fun way to bring in a variety of awesome color schemes to your front door and this can easily be replicated for fall and Christmas as well.

Halloween Fabric Wreath DIY - adorable and fun crafting project for halloween

2) Candy Corn Playdough

Big super fan of playdough and slime! Your kids will love to get busy with this candy corn inspired play dough.

candy corn play dough recipe

3) Wood Slat Pumpkin

My husband keeps threatening to throw away the palette I begged him for….last summer. Its still leaning against my fence. If you are that girl, here is a fun wood slat pumpkin idea!

Wooden Slat Pumpkin Craft and DIY for Halloween and fall fun

4) Halloween Treat Jars

It’s a month of candy so you might as well get used to it. Check out these three candy inspired treat jars that bring in the TREAT instead of the trick.

Halloween candy treat jars DIY

5) DIY White Pumpkin with Flowers

I am all about an easy way to decorate a pumpkin! I adore these paper flowers on this classy white pumpkin, making it flawless for a table centerpiece.


6) Pumpkin Bowling

Keep the kids busy at dinner time or even rustle up a whole houseful of games and start with this fun Halloween inspired bowling! See more below:

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling game for kids

7) Halloween Costume Contest Trophies

Having a party this year or simply want to share some giggles to the ghouls at your front door? Create these trophies that will surely have everyone wearing their best.

Costume Contest Halloween Trophies DIY

8) Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

What a hilarious idea! See the super easy instructions on how to make your vases light up with spooks this Halloween:

Halloween Eyeball Bouquet DIY

9) Creepy Hands Halloween Treat Bag

It wouldn’t be Halloween without the EWWW. This is an idea I have seen since I was a little kid, which makes it one of my favorites. DIY below:


10) DIY Skull Candle Holder

Perfect for your fireplace, this DIY Skull Candle Holder is a great DIY to creep up your house- psst, its easy too!

DIY Skull Candle Holder

11) DIY Bloody Handprint Clings

These are so great for your car, front door, or to creep out a guest on the mirror. See how simple it is to make DIY Bloody Handprint clings at the link below:

diy bloody handprint window clings

12) Witches Cauldron 

What a fun idea to add a witches cauldron to the backyard…up the awesomeness by making them bob for apples too!

13) Make your house come alive

Nothing is more fun than driving around to see decor this fall, so get your house ready with this step by step tutorial below by clicking on the picture below:

Halloween Hacks Tricks and Treats: Making your house come ALIVE!!! Halloween decoration IDEA

14) Catch a Spider by Its Toe

Love this mason jar of grossness…see how to make your nighttime come alive with this all too fun craft this Halloween:

Halloween Mason Jar Crafts: Tutorial on how to make a creepy light up spider jar for halloween decor, center pieces or scary bathroom night light

15) Frankenstein Handprint

Can’t leave the little ones out! Get them involved with this adorable kid friendly craft that you can slap on a jar or a card:

Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Cards, Bags, and more! Toddler and Preschool DIY Painting Fun

16) Hawaiian Pineapple Jack O Lantern

BONUS! I cannot tell you how much I love this Halloween Pineapple! It doesn’t always have to be a pumpkin greeting you. This guy would make a perfect centerpiece at any holiday party this season.

17) Halloween Luminaries DIY 

18) Halloween Wreath with Cupcake Wrappers

Learn how to make the perfect Halloween wreath in any color with CUPCAKE wrappers! Step by step tutorial makes it SO easy.

How to make a Halloween wreath with cupcake wrappers, which is perfect for mantel or hanging in your home. You will find a step by step DIY tutorial below for your cupcake wrapper wreath. Have fun!

Want to see more great Halloween ideas? Check out these Halloween Inspired Mason Jar ideas!

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