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Does Coolsculpting Work? FULL Before & After (With Pictures)

Is CoolSculpting Worth It?

Rarely, if ever, does a new weight loss option come into style that offers a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment to rid your body of fat permanently.  Not anymore.  

CoolSculpting, a procedure developed by Harvard researchers, is an FDA-approved method of destroying fat cells in your body – no knives, no needles, and no recovery.  

Sound too good to be true?  Maybe not this time.

Back in November, as a mom blogger test subject, I had a procedure called “CoolSculpting” done. I am one of the ideal candidates for the process. Someone that isn’t really overweight, has the right amount of body fat percentage, and cannot seem to lose this baby fat around my midsection post-C-section.

I am one of many CoolSculpting reviews and I am here to answer the question, “Is CoolSculpting worth it?” or at least “Was CoolSculpting worth it to me?”

Like many considering this treatment, I had been eating right and exercising, but nothing I did ever whittled down the “belly pouch,” the “mommy belly,” the “muffin middle.”  And to be honest, I got a bit self-conscious.

Then I heard about CoolSculpting and I knew I needed to know more!

Understand that there is no way to tell you that my experience will be your experience, but it always helps me when I can read what someone else went through.

So, without further ado, let’s see if CoolSculpting is worth it!

Here’s what it looked like immediately after the procedure.

coolsculpting reviews


How Does CoolSculpting Work?

To put it simply, I wanted to know if I could have my fat frozen off.  Not sucked out with a needle, requiring surgery and recovery, but frozen. 

So I headed down to The Martin Center, a local plastic surgery office, and met with a board-certified plastic surgeon. This is what I learned about this procedure.

1) CoolSculpting is NOT for everyone. You will watch a CoolSculpting video on the procedure, which gives you some facts to help you decide if CoolSculpting is worth it for you.  A few things to keep in mind: 1.  This is NOT for health. 2.  You do not get this done because you want to lose weight. 3.  It is simply to target stubborn areas of fat and eliminate them.

2) The Dr. I talked to said they do not like their patients to have a BMI over 30%, and that they ideally like it under 25% before they treat someone. My BMI is 21%, so I am an ideal candidate.

3) The nurse showed me a flipbook of past patient results, and we talked about my expectations.

4) This is NOT an instant results procedure. Unlike liposuction, you do not just go in for the treatment and wake up with less fat. You are literally freezing the fat, which kills it.  Your body then absorbs the dead cells over an 8-12 week period, eliminating them from the treated area.

5) I was told it was not going to hurt, but that it would possibly be uncomfortable.

6) CoolSculpting will NOT tighten the skin. The Dr. explained that at my age (34), my skin should have some elasticity and that the up to 25% fat reduction I “could see” in that area should naturally reduce my skin, but there are other treatments and procedures (non-surgical) that I can do to help that if I am interested. Being a mommy is not for the faint of heart, you know?

coolsculpting review


The nurse then measured my body and showed me the applicator suction cups that my fat *cough* was gonna be sucked into. There was some discussion on whether or not I would fit in a large applicator, but that if I used the large one it would cover more of my targeted area, hopefully producing better, more optimally expected results.

No matter what applicator you use, your skin/fat must be able to be sucked in, extending past a “fill” line.  If you have a shorter span on your torso or less fat in the targeted area, you may need the small applicator.

I was also told that cramps or bruising were normal afterward and that if kept on for over a week, they would give me a prescription.  I’m not gonna lie, this was one CoolSculpt side effect I was not looking forward to!

While I was getting a little internally worried here about this cramping and bruising, I reminded myself that none of it was the cutting, tearing, or stapling that Shasta did.  That was why I chose the non-surgical fat freezing treatment option, after all!

Before I left, I took some “Before” shots at the office and signed up for my appointment.

Here it goes…this is me.

does coolsculpting work


Keep in mind that this procedure is not to help you lose weight or tighten excess skin, but to target areas of fat in your body such as love handles, inner and outer thighs, chin, jiggly underarms, or stomach pouch (often left behind by pregnancy), and help rid that one area of hard-to-shed fat.

You can look at my first post for more information about ascertaining whether I was a good candidate.

Even though I had been to my consultation appointment, watched a CoolSculpt video, and googled like a mad woman, I was still pretty nervous. I had all sorts of questions:

  • How would it actually feel?
  • Would it hurt or simply be uncomfortable?
  • Are they lying to me?
  • Would I immediately resume normal activities or be curled up in bed in 6 days, regretting this?
  • Would I be bruised and battered?
  • Could CoolSculpting actually work?
  • Worse still, would I be able to function during the day with my 14-month and 7-year-old?


To help ease my (emotional) pain, I invited my friend, Lynsey, to come with me.  Basically, go with me to hold my hand while I got it done. I also asked her to hold my video camera, cause I can tell you all day long, but showing you is so much easier.

Once we arrived at The Martin Center I was ushered into a very nice treatment room, where a nurse verified that no way would I fit in the “large” applicator (truth be told, I breathed a huge sigh of relief) and talked about what she was going to do.

Then I had to strip down and put a spa towel around my waist. The gel for the applicator that goes on your body is much like ultrasound gel: thick and gooey. 

Be warned: If you leave anything on below your belly button, you are most definitely going to leave with wet pants. In this particular office, they had a shower in the treatment room, so I just stepped in there and changed.

Then I laid on the bed while the nurse helped me get comfortable, strategically placing pillows behind my head and back before we got started with the CoolSculpting machine. This resulted in some fabulous bedhead hair you will see in the later video.

What is CoolSculpting?

Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Totally uncool. Fortunately, CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells.

Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you.

Some women are looking to slim down inner thighs, chin, or stomach like I was.

CoolSculpting is a body fat reduction technique that freezes the fat cells in your body, causing them to die, and be naturally removed, or flushed, from the body.  

After Harvard researchers noticed that kids who ate popsicles growing up also had dimples as adults (popsicle panniculitis), they determined the frozen sweat treats were freezing fat cells in the cheeks, removing them forever. Applying that same technology to unwanted body fat, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells in the body, which then die.  

Over a period of 6 – 12 weeks, the body flushes out the dead cells, and voila!  Fat is gone.  Because fat cells freeze at a lower temperature than the surrounding tissue, they remain undamaged and unaffected.

CoolSculpting is approved for use on the belly, inner thigh (can you say, “goodbye, thunder thigh!”), and hip/love handle areas.  It has also been used to sculpt the chin and neck, “bra bulge,” and areas on the male chest.  

Doctors offer mixed reviews as to whether one treatment is sufficient to see results; most recommend multiple visits to make CoolSculpting worth it all.  This may be necessary if you have a significant amount of fat to be removed in any one area, or you have multiple areas to treat.  

Treatments are expensive (but not as expensive as liposuction!), with the CoolSculpting price running $800 per love handle or $1,300 for the belly area, but with little-to-no recovery time, it is an attractive alternative to liposuction.

Want to see what I went through when I got CoolSculpting? Here is my CoolSculpting Procedure post (w/ images and video).

Here is also a video of them removing the CoolSculpt machine applicator, which was really weird.

Now comes the BIG question that everyone wants to know.

Does CoolSculpting Fat Reduction WORK?

Unlike many “get thin claims,” both doctors and researchers claim that CoolSculpting not only works but that it is effective.  Using rounded paddles that are suctioned to your skin over a period of two hours, the device freezes fat cells while you relax, work, or rest.   

However, the technique is designed for those looking for minor improvements. Unlike liposuction that can target and remove large areas of fat, CoolSculpting is designed to treat much smaller areas and only those that the device can access from the skin.  

Doctors admit that the more treatments you undergo, the better your results.  Obviously, this increases the CoolSculpting procedure cost of treatment as well.

CoolSculpting can target and eliminate specific areas of the body carrying fat, but the amount of fat destroyed isn’t enough to decrease your overall body weight.  However, adjusting the shape of your body can get you into a smaller size.  

Doctors also note that the tone of the area can influence the effectiveness of treatment – the rigidity of the skin and other tissue can influence effectiveness.  

Also, because it takes time for the body to remove and flush out the dead fat cells, it’s unlikely you’ll see rapid results.  Results vary from patient to patient.

Lastly, doctors caution that unless you regulate your diet and exercise, fat cells that are not destroyed by the procedure can expand and grow, bringing you right back to where you were previously.

To maintain any improvements from CoolSculpting, you will still need to implement healthy habits daily.

Based on the reviews out there, CoolSculpting before and after results are mixed.  Some report the experience to be mildly painful or uncomfortable.  Others report severe pain and significant bruising.  

Some had excellent results that were difficult to maintain when their diet slipped; others noticed little to no difference following treatment.

Was CoolSculpting Worth It for Me?

Am I slimmer without going under the knife?  Thinner in certain areas?   Did I lose the body fat I expected to lose?  Was it worth the cost? Is CoolSculpting worth it overall? I will let you decide.

Personally, I believe that CoolSculpting made no difference in my body shape or “mom pouch” area.  It did little to dissolve fat or to decrease skin volume.

And while CoolSculpting wasn’t painful in the physical sense, it has the potential to be painful on your pocketbook, with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Here is a photo of my body from November 2012, prior to the doctor’s appointment.

pre-coolsculpting before

CoolSculpting Before and After

And today, just over 4 months later, after 1 treatment of CoolSculpting, is my Before and After results.  Moment of truth, people.  Moment. Of. Truth.

(That is my C section scar below that pocket of fat shelf, if you are wondering)

Here is a side-by-side


CoolSculpting Reviews

My thoughts about my personal CoolSculpting results — was CoolSculpting worth it, you ask?

Personally, I don’t see enough of a difference in the treatment areas…or really much difference at all that would make CoolSculpting worth it for every woman, in my mind.

When looking at a picture, my husband said that he can see some slight softening of my body, and some lifting of the C section area. For your notes, I have not lost any weight or inches from my CoolSculpting Procedure…sadly.

Believe me, I wish I could stand up here and say that my inches were crazily sculpted, that I avoided going under the knife, that one of these CoolScultping or Zeltiq procedures worked for me, and that CoolSculpting is worth it for you too, but the truth of the matter is, I am just not sure.

Honestly, I can’t tell you if it just didn’t “work” for me or if I am the type of body that needs more than one treatment. It is highly possible someone else would have a stronger result.

All human bodies are very different, and it’s possible that CoolSculpting is worth it for some women.

While I would undergo the procedure again to see if my results were better, I do not believe it made any real difference in my shape or how I fit into my clothing (which was what I was most hopeful for).

Incidentally, I have also had people reach out to me about this article with the same results. However, this does not mean that it will not work for you, just that my results are similar to others, as is the case with most things in life.

These types of procedures are specific to your body and are improving and changing every single day. This is where you really have to decide if it is worth it for you. 

You may need more than one treatment, which means your cost can go up quite significantly for a “maybe.”

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The average cost is approximately $1,600 but can range as high as approximately $4,000 for additional treatments. Most doctors recommend more than one treatment to see results, which means that for a procedure that may or may not work, you’re paying a pretty penny. 

There may be something to be said about going under the knife for “exact” expected results.  Only you can make that decision, dependent on your ultimate goal.

Do you think CoolSculpting made any difference that you can see?

Would you get it done? If you did, have you experienced different results?

Tummy Tuck or CoolSculpting?

I think we all ask ourselves when contemplating making improvements or alterations on our bodies, which type of procedure will give us those quick, visible, expected results at the best cost.

Now that you have seen my results and review of CoolSculpting, come check out my Tummy Tuck Before and After pictures! I decided to have a tummy tuck on September 15th, 2017.

You can read all about it here, step-by-step, to see if a tummy tuck is a good option for you.

Read my entire Tummy Tuck Journey——–>
1) How much is a Tummy Tuck?
2) Tummy Tuck Surgery Day: What to Expect
3) Tummy Tuck Before and After pictures

CoolSculpting Alternatives

CoolSculpting may not be for everyone.  However, tried and true methods of changing your body are reliable, safe, and easy to do.  They require the same attention to your diet as CoolSculpting, but they won’t devour your wallet at the same time.  

Many different diets and eating plans that can help you slim down, manage your weight, and improve your self-confidence, without ever visiting a doctor’s office.

21 Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit21 Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers KitAs I’ve written about elsewhere, the 21-Day Fix  (here is where you buy containers for the 21-day fix diet) and Cabbage Soup diets are some of my personal favorites.  

These plans can either support a longer weight loss program or get you started on your road to success.  No uncomfortable treatments and no embarrassing consultations necessary.

 Plus, getting control over your eating habits is an empowering habit that will serve you well for a lifetime.

I don’t know much about them, but you can also check out at home freezer fat removal systems that are available online. For a fraction of the cost, they may offer some at-home and custom treatments.

This is not a testimonial on them, as I have not personally used them, but you can check them out, along with the reviews here right on Amazon.

While CoolSculpting may provide a safe and potentially effective way of getting rid of a few inches here and there, it is not designed for everyone, and it may not be effective in all cases.  

Either way, you will need to focus on your diet if you are going to see long-lasting and powerful changes in the shape of your body.

FAQs About CoolSculpting

What is the downside of CoolSculpting?

The downside for me was that I put out a lot of money and didn’t see any results. The shape of my belly fat was slightly different, maybe, but it didn’t shrink even 4 months later. Maybe a second or third treatment is needed, but that is too expensive for me.

What is the success rate of CoolSculpting?

For most patients, the amount of fat in the area is reduced by 10% to 25%.

How long do results from CoolSculpting last?

If you can avoid increasing the size of the remaining fat cells, the results will last forever because the frozen fat cells are destroyed. However, it is possible to increase the size of remaining fat cells and gain weight in the treatment area.

How much weight do you lose with CoolSculpting?

You don’t lose weight with CoolSculpting. It is a spot treatment for areas where it’s hard for you to lose fat. When the fat cells are frozen some of them will die away, decreasing the look of body fat.

Does the fat come back after CoolSculpting?

Any fat cells that die during treatment will not come back. However, the remaining cells can still gain additional fat and size, decreasing your results over time.

How many sessions of CoolSculpting are needed?

If you are at your ideal weight it should take only one treatment. If you have an extra 6 to 15 pounds you’ll need at least 2 treatments. If you’re over 15 pounds over your ideal weight then you’ll certainly need 3 treatments.

Those who are more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight won’t see the results they want from CoolSculpting.

Can you see CoolSculpting results after 1 week?

No, you won’t notice much, if any, results after 1 week. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to start to see results, with final results becoming evident after several months.


85 thoughts on “Does Coolsculpting Work? FULL Before & After (With Pictures)”

  1. My Zeltiq Cool Sculpting prcedure was an absolute disaster. What Zeltiq fails to point out in their product information is a side effect called “hyperplasia”. If this happens to you you won’t see a possible 25% in fat reduction in the treated area. What you will see is a 30 to 40 % increase in fat. This is not ordinary fat that can be lost with diet and exercise. This fat is very dense, hard and thick. It was so uncomfortable that when I sat I would have to pull my jeans away from my stomach so that the hyperplasia could slide by the top of my jeans. If I didn’t do this the hyperplasia would catch and it was painful. This type of new fat is different in that it seems to be attached to the abdominal wall as well as the skin. The only way to get rid of hyperplasia is to go under general anesthesia and have it surgically removed. I had this done. I was under for 90+ minutes. After the surgery my surgeon told me that the removal was much harder than he anticipated.
    Now begins my recovery. Along with several new surgical scars I have to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks – day and night. I can only remove it for bathing. The total recovery from the surgery is anticipated between 5 and 6 months and the first month is quite painful.
    I took the time to read through Zeltiq’s literature and nothing about Hyperplasia is mentioned. I think they do a disservice to their customers by avoiding this serious issue.
    In retrospect I do not feel that Cool Sculpting was not worth having, especially with only a potential maximum fat reduction of 25-30%. I should have stuck with my exercise routine a little longer. Now I have the scars to remind me of what I went through.
    Is it worth it to take such a risk with your health for such little improvement. The only potential fat reduction will be to a very small area. It’s your money and your gamble. If you choose to take the risk with Cool Sculpting I wish you good luck.

  2. I am weighing my options between Coolsculpting and Trusculpt. I have a scar from fibroid removal and then having a hysterectomy so I have a shelf that never goes away. I workout constantly and eat semi-healthy. I read in your review you only had 1 treatment. They usually recommend two treatments. Not sure if they recommended two treatments for you. Doing my research before I decide which treatment I want.

  3. I am just past the three week mark and had six areas treated. I took it upon myself to exercise, tailor my diet to metabolize fat and used various proven ways to circulate my lymphatic system.

    I am happy so far, my lifestyle change led to a 14lb loss and the exercise helped better the appearance of my “frame” and my trouble spots are smoothing/blending at the same time.

    What it does and what you expect will vary. Talk to a nutritionist, a personal trainer and research things you can do to support this procedure.

    After the procedure, you see a lump of frozen fat that is somewhere between the size of a stick of butter or link of sausage. That’s about what you loose. I’ll loose about 8 sticks of butter – combine that with exercise and muscle gain? It is a significant aid.

    Beware – whatever weight a stick of butter weighs can be gained in a couple days of bad eating. I have found that fatty foods (even healthy fats) and more than two drinks a night will hinder any progress from the procedure, exercise or lifestyle change……

  4. I had cool sculpting done to my love handles a year ago. I am already pretty fit, but after two babies I had the usual weight most women have in their sides. I had one treatment on each side and my results are amazing!!! I do not work at a doctors office or anywhere that promotes cool sculpting. My sides are noticeably smaller and the fat I had on my sides is almost nonexistent!! I’d do it again in a second and am hoping to get my belly done this spring. It is not for people looking for weight loss, go to the gym for that. This is for people in good shape who need to spot treat certain areas. I recommend it 110%

  5. I spent only $2000. The only results I see is because I went on a diet and lost 14 lbs. I looked good, and my belly flattened out. I gained 4 lbs back and can see the bulge coming back. Cool Sculpting is a waste of money.

    • I agree! I spent $4,00.00 on this ridiculous procedure in May 2014 and I honestly can’t tell a difference. So disappointed! I should have just had a tummy tuck like I was planning on. I think it’s nothing but a way to take advantage of people who are desperate. I try not to think about how much I spent on nothing because it makes me so mad.

  6. I also tried to freeze sculpturing did two sessions laid out $2400 and got nothing oh they said they could see a little difference but I had been on a major weight loss and workout routine for the 12 weeks according to my doctor I did more than that stuff even thought of doing.Total ripoff.

  7. Thank You so much for your reviews and saving me the money. I am sorry that they lied to you though! I hope you can get your money back.

    • I had my arms done 6 weeks ago. I had two treatments. After the first treatment and one week I didn’t yet see results but lost an inch. Now 6 weeks in my boyfriend sees it and says it feels smaller. My arms fit much easier in some tops now. I was told her massaging it right away which HURTS is key. I’m very happy

  8. Wake up people:
    Oprah said, “There is NO easy way for weight loss, no magic pill, no machine. If there was, I would have it”.

  9. Did not work for me either. How sad that people have to lie in order to make money . What a waste of time and money!

  10. When I went to all the free seminars the said you would loose 20% each treatment. I did it an nothing. I’m not happy and wanting my money back or give me something that works. Very unhappy, they lied to all of us.
    they never said that it is a possibility the it would not work, If that was said I would have never ever had it done.

  11. The only thing I lost was money. The only thing that got flatter was my wallet. Big bucks for NO results. Don’t waste your time or well earned money.

  12. I had it done 19 months ago, and I am sadly very disappointed. After waiting the customary 3 months for ”visible results”…I am STILL waiting 16 months later. When I returned for my follow-up visit, and after being measured post procedure, I honestly did not think there was much of a difference, if any. I have always had minor love handles and a small pot belly..even before three pregnancies… despite my not being overweight. I was truly hoping to lose the fat with this procedure, but that did not happen. I know that perhaps more treatments may be necessary, but I would NOT shell out another dime, until and unless, I am guaranteed in writing that if they did not work..again.. they would be redone at the expense of the place doing them. I, like others, are tired of paying $$thousands$$ and not getting results!!

  13. Hello,

    Am a California State University, Northridge (North Los Angeles) journalism undergraduate writing a story on CoolSculpting and the growing popularity of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Interested in interviewing you about your experience with and since the procedure. Could be done anonymously (would not use your name and would omit any identifiable portions of the interview from the story) or for attribution. Could be conducted via email or phone.

    Sample attribution:
    Jane Doe,44, of Madison, WI

    Areas of Interest
    Lifestyle prior to the procedure- fitness level, eating habits, etc
    Lifestyle after the procedure
    What factored into your decision to choose CoolSculpting over other procedures?
    What reassurances about the procedure’s safety where needed prior to your decision?
    Previous cosmetic procedures? Did your experience with CoolSculpting warm you to other procedures?
    How did you choose a physician?
    How did you hear about the procedure?
    Experience with the procedure itself – an account of what the procedure was and how it differed or adhered to your assumptions going in?

    Thank You,
    Shaka Dixon
    [email protected]

    • It’s a scam, I will get my $7000.00 back. I had to take out a loan for this. I was told oh yes it will work. NOTHING
      I’ve had it done 3 times. The 3rd time was at the their cost. The 2nd & 3rd time it hurt so bad during the procedures that I thought I would scream. I started in Oct 2013, no change nothing. My husband is so ticked when he found out I took out a loan for nothing. $7000.00 is a lot, we are far from rich. We both work hard . They took advantage of a lot of people. I’m think I’m going to contact a lawyer. They weighed me each time. total 2 lbs lost. WOW. I walk 3 times a week, I’m very busy up & down at work etc…
      I don’t like being lied to. I had my abs & side areas done 3 times. NOTHING.

  14. I too had cool sculpting done about a yr ago. NO results.
    Just blew 3000! I had 1 large ab with 2 side flanks.
    I have the 2 csection hang over.
    It did hurt. I was so bruised I looked like I was in a car accident.
    To this day my crazy symptom is my belly is so hard that I have
    Trouble bending….as if I was prego. Wish there was more info out there on what a scam this is.

    • I also was ripped off at a laser clinic in melbourne-I feel like I lost all my ab muscles and now my abdomen is alway distended and bloated feeling, as if there is no muscle tone left. My love handles are still there too. It is a big waste of money! Thousands of dollars in there pocket and no satisfaction at all.

      • I agree. I spent 3,900 with no results. Even with counting carbs,fat,calories etc. There was no result with cool sculpting. Only a big loss of money.

  15. I had this done on my belly 3 months ago and have seen ZERO change. I was so excited to finally shrink my ‘pooch.’Now I’m disappointed I didn’t put the money toward liposuction!

    • I am also supposedly an ideal candidate for this. I work out regularly and am of below average weight, just wanted to take care of the “menopot.” I had one CoolSculpting treatment, followed by 4 Exilis treatments (more than a year ago), and I didn’t see the slightest difference from either. Both treatments are also quite painful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Of course I was told that I just needed another treatment. Why would I throw good money after bad after seeing zero results? Wish I had put the money toward lipo. Yes, there’s downtime with lipo, and it costs more. It also works. I predict CoolSculpting will disappear as soon as the next pseudo-miracle treatment comes along.

    • I just did one treatment and I am an ideal candidate …i dont really weigh that much. Maybe 113 when I went in. Unfortunately I had zero results. For the cost, if it requires mroe than one treatment to see results, I would rather put the money into surgery which is guaranteed.

      • I appreciate your response! I just watched your video and you look great and like an ideal candidate. I was thinking of at least trying this for myself if my doctor says it’s right for me. Do you have any tips before going in (maybe questions to ask the doctor)? And was there any downtime afterwards? I read you can go back to work after a couple hours. Was that true? Thanks again.

    • They say you see improvement in About 4 weeks with exercise. I wonder if it’s the exercise that’s reducing the fat. So people who don’t exercise don’t see results. Let them prove it without exercise. Save yourself the money and just join a gym.

  16. Wow i can see the difference! I got 1 treatment for about 27 days ago and im so exited to see the final result 🙂 i want 1 treatment more on my tummy and side handles 😉 im from Denmark by the way 🙂 kind regards Grith

    • you must be an owner of this system and are promoting it because I would imagine most would say they don’t see any great results. If I paid over $200 for this procedure, I would be very dissatisfied with these results.

  17. Actually, l am here having the procedure done… Initially the suction KILLS!!… But dissipates within 10 minutes… I’ve gained 50 pounds in the past three years due to thyroid and back and neck issues.. Went from Zumba, interval training, yoga, pilates, to NOTHING! Just had back surgery in June… And am limited with exercising… No BLT (bending, lifting, twisting)… Wearing bone stimulator 4 hous a day..doing PT 3 days a week…. Hoping this will give me a jump start… Went from a size 4… To a LARGE!!! Frustrating to say the least, but I am determined to make this happen …having six hours done…cost is just under $5000….

  18. Thanks for Sharing your experience.
    I am a plastic surgeon and was introduced to this product at a meeting. In theory it sounds good, but you have to question any devices ability to deliver the correct degree of cooling , to any significant depth of tissue, non-invasively. The manufacturers info indicates a 5.4 to 7.2 mm fat reduction measured by ultrasound at 120 days. Modest at best, and considering the length of the procedure and expected repeats, I don’t know if it would be worth it for me as a patient. Probably not unless I was just trying to slim down an already sculpted body. My pinch test is a little thicker. The magic fat machine is still waiting to be delivered. Please post us another photo at 3 months.

    • Its been three months since I posted this. I am happy to post again but i don’t believe it looks different. I was told I was an “ideal” candidate and probably in theory I am with weight/height, but if it changed, it was so minimal. I will update this week w/ a new photo!

      • Hello,
        I am scheduled to have this procedure. Did you lose any feeling in the area treated? Did the area stay red or was there bruising? If so, how long did that last? Thanks for posting on this!

  19. I had CoolSculpting done in Midland Michigan 8 days ago and was told there would be no pain… WRONG!! I am having such severe pain that I can hardly stand it. Child birth was less painful! I called the doctors office to be told that they have never had any of their clients expierence this pain before.. BULL!! Really read on this before having it done! The office could not even give me medicine to calm the pain at all only Motrin 800! Ugh!! I want to have this done again, but not if I have this pain all over again!!

  20. Thank you for the information and posting your results. I am going TODAY to have this procedure done. I purchased a 2-treatment procedure. The 2nd one will be within 4 weeks timeframe. I am a little nervous of the cold/numbness but more nervous of not seeing results. The things we go through to get our bodies back and not to see the results you are expecting – is heartfelt. I hope over time (12 months or less) you will see better results. I will definitely post again and let you know how it goes for me 🙂

  21. I dont see a big difference in your before and after photos, some people need up to 4 treatments depending on your body. I had regular liposuction 3 years ago and i looked worse after. sure it took away my little pooch but the rest of my skin was loose looking. i had cool sculpting done 4 days ago and i can see a slight difference and i can feel my skin tightening up. im not a doctor but i would say, get another treatment. I was told in my first visit most of the people getting this done need 4 treatments and thats standard. I may only need one bc i already had liposuction. I hope this helps you. also, i would rather do this 4 times than ever get more lipo.

  22. This is a great video! I think it’s so helpful for others to know what to expect! I can see the results. I had a similar volume to treat. The plastic surgeon who performed mine was very honest about really needing more than one treatment to see great results, and he was right. I have had 3rd CoolSculpting treatments on my abdomen in the past 4 months; about six-8 weeks apart. About 5 weeks after my 2nd treatment (11 weeks after my 1st treatment). It keeps getting better now too, I haven’t had new before and after photos taken in about 6 weeks or so but now I don’t even need to see them to know that I finally have a nearly flat belly after being mistaken for a pregnant lady constantly! I couldn’t be happier, AND the best part is I’ll continue to lose a bit more fat over the next two months from the most recent treatment! If you’re on the fence, know that you really need two treatments (even if you don’t have much to lose) and most places give you a better price when purchased as a package.

  23. I would like to see a side shot of before and after. I’ve read that CoolSculpting is not a quick fix and takes time to see results. So, a “huge” difference should not be expected at all. It looks like there is a difference though as others have mentioned. The distance from your belly button to the lower stomach crease is noticeably reduced as compared to the before pic. Were the before and after photos taken by the doctor or nurse at the practice? Using different cameras and lighting situations can make a difference. This is immediately noticeable in the tone of your skin. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I would done the traditional cannula liposuction. I did that 2 years ago and went from 36″ waist to 31″. It was painful the first 6 weeks and and I did have to wear a compression wrap. Did you do that?

  25. I’ve had cool sculpting and awaiting results actually!
    I think your results are visible and possibly measuring from your belly button downward, towards your middle area (privates) or the end of your tummy’s smile line it may prove a change. I think I see a shorter and tighter smile line in your tummy like your spouse said.

    Good luck!!!

  26. Nice review. I’d be interested to see how you continue to change. We offer this treatment in our clinic in the UK, and have seen some fantastic results considering its a non-invasive procedure. The body takes time to break down the “broken” fat cells, and it is proven to break down 25%-40%, but sometimes it takes 6-12 months. Clinics need to set realistic expectations where results are concerned, and advise people that this make still not be a “quick” fix.

    Good luck with seeing some improvements.

  27. Thanks for sharing this. I had cool sculpting done on both my inner thighs. Same situation. I was ideal candidate. Not obese but have always had more inner thigh than my workouts can get rid of. I had two rounds on each inner thigh. First round was in September. Second round in December. I measured my thighs at the beginning, middle, and end. During the past few months I’ve maintained my regular workout schedule and eating habits. I didn’t lose a millimeter. Like you said, I’m not sure if my fat is just resistant to it. But I spent $2500 and I should have just put a down payment on lipo or a wardrobe of jeans with more thigh space.

  28. This was super interesting! Yeah…couldn’t really see a difference. I have the same “shelf” as you (only mine is not so petite!). I probably wouldn’t qualify for the procedure, but after seeing the results, I don’t think I’d be interested in trying it even if I did because the cost is so high. Honestly, for $800, I’d expect to see something quite noticeable. Maybe not a flat tummy (miracles aren’t quite that cheap, after all) but definitely a noticeable difference. I’d only go back for a second treatment if is was part of the $800 I’d paid the first time! 🙂

    Thanks for the review.

  29. Our CoolSculpting center is in Portland, Oregon and found most of patients see the best results in about 5 to 6 weeks. However, sometimes it takes up to 12 weeks. Keep us posted on your results.

    CoolSculpting, Portland – Oregon

  30. I agree with Lynsey that your hip area looks smoother and it does appear your scar area has “lifted”. I’m intrigued but I wonder what would be needed to see “results”.

  31. I don’t see much of a difference either. I hadn’t heard of this procedure before you tried it, but I would be interested to see if it works well on others.

  32. I don’t see much difference, but I agree with your hubby. Thanks for your honesty and transparency in this review!

    • Thank you for the pics….am considering this procedure, however I really do not see any difference….I may have to rethink this…maybe more gym time is necessary

  33. Truthfully I don’t see a difference. However, I, like you, wonder if you would see results with more than one treatment. Glad you got to try it out for free though!

  34. If I didn’t know you had the procedure I might not have seen anything at all. With that said the “shelf” doesn’t seem as wide and the before photo has slight bulges on the side at your hips that are smaller if not gone in the after photo.

    • the hips may be the difference of my pants and my hands on my hips on one of the shots (cut out of the frame) because I only had it done on my stomach.

  35. I did and it a few years ago and saw NO difference. I won a contest so the procedure was free otherwise I would have been super upset to pay all that money with no results.

  36. Unfortunately I don’t see that much of a difference either. But I do see it softer and the part above the scar looks “higher” so maybe that part toned up a little with the exercise you’ve been doing?

  37. I was interested in seeing if there was a difference for you, but like everyone else just see a softening of the area. It would have been really neat if you could have saw a difference.

    • I havent found ANYTHING that gets rid of skin…fat you can diet away but what happens to the skin from kids? Why was this easier in my 20s. LOL

  38. I agree with Lynsey. I notice more on the outside and that is probably from the gym. Unfortunately those lovely c section shelfs probably need the knife to be taken care of.

  39. I can’t believe it’s been 4 months! I feel like I might be able to see a little difference, but not enough to say “YEA, I see a real difference.”

    I agree with Lynsey, I think your hips look smoother.

  40. I can see lift, if that makes sense. I agree with Lynsey, I think the gym could achieve those results and you are getting healthier…it’s like double bonus!

      • I was just told by their office in Melbourne Australia that you have to wear a max size of 16 or lower for them to consult with you. Told me “id have to shed some kilos and then call them back”!

  41. I can see a little bit of difference – more so on the outside than on the “shelf” – your hip area looks smoother. Not sure if it is enough of a change to justify the cost however. I think you may have gotten those results just going to the gym a half a dozen times.

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