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2 Ingredient Crayon Lipgloss!

I love lip gloss. Like a lot. 

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

If you look in my bathroom drawer you will find more lip gloss than any other item. I like the way it feels, I like that I can use it on its own or over a darker color and I love all the colors! Unfortunately my pocket book doesn’t like to me to purchase every color just to find “the one” so I wanted to give you a fun DIY craft to make your own Crayon Lipgloss from left over crayons from your kids box. This DIY Crayon Lipgloss is super easy (yep, you novices can do it and nope, I do not always do just kids activities here!), and DIY  gives you the ability to change colors on the fly and stock up a variety of unusual pigments for special occasions. Plus it takes less than 10 minutes so even us busy moms can whip up a batch in no time!

NOTE: This is def fun, but crayons are not food products, so we remind you not not to eat them..anymore than you would eat your lipstick. 🙂

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip gloss

Beauticom 5G/5ML High Quality Clear Plastic Cosmetic ContainerBeauticom 5G/5ML High Quality Clear Plastic Cosmetic Container

STOP! Before you get started, you will need somewhere to store your project.

I highly recommend you buy some lip gloss containers with screw tops. They are super inexpensive and you can get a ton of them for variety of colors.

Otherwise you are gonna make this project and just go…OH NO WHAT NOW!! Buy them FIRST, then come back and be prepared to have a blast!


Additional Ingredients to create your crayon lip gloss

Additional items you will need

  • A double boiler OR a pan with a tiny glass bowl to place inside
  • paint containers w/ lids to store your lip gloss (See to the left)


DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip gloss Tutorial

Pick the colors you want out of your crayon box.

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

TIP: If I could give you a parental tip, it would be to not to do this around kids so they don’t have an epic meltdown over you using their materials.

Chop up your crayons in tinier pieces that make them easier to melt.

DIY 2 Ingredient Lip Gloss

Add just enough water to cover the bottom of a pan, place on stove on med-high heat. Then add a small glass bowl or dish to the bottom. The water should not go into your dish. Place your crayon pieces and 2 tsp of Coconut oil in your bowl.

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

As the water heats up it will heat up your bowl and melt your oil and your crayons together. You can use a toothpick to swirl it around and mix it all together.

Tip: I put a tiny drop of Vanilla Extract into mine to bring out a pretty smell and taste! I’m sure peppermint would go nicely too.

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

Remove from heat. Here is the tricky part. Remove your bowl from your sauce pan CAREFULLY (its hot!) and then pour into your storage containers. I used a spatula and fork to assist in removing my tiny bowl and then used a heating pad to pour (over my sink) the liquid into my tubs.

Stick in freezer for about 2 minutes to cool down. This will help your mixture turn into a gloss consistency! Pull out and they are perfectly ready to use immediately.

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

Now you may be asking yourself what does it look like? 

Like this!


DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss


DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss


DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

Have fun! (need coconut oil, you can get some here!)

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  1. This was a fantastic idea. I did this with my daughters this morning. They were so pleased with being able to use there crayons on something other than paper. I’m going to write a post and link back to you if that’s okay! So fun!

  2. great idea! in the morning, i pick out my outfit and then make a quick lip gloss shade to match what i’m wearing!

    also, just a tip, instead of making them in a glass dish and then transferring them to another container, i make mine straight in a clear glass half-shot, it’s the perfect size.

  3. I made this with an off brand crayon and it was super quick and easy..BUT, the color saturation when applied isn’t nearly as bold as yours. I will try again with Crayola!

    • Shea or cocoa butter would be good substitutes, you could even use vegetable shortening if you really wanted to. Also, vaseline would work but would have a more gloss-like consistency (vs. the others being more like a balm).

  4. This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a very long time. I am a lip gloss and stick fanatic so I go through oodles of it, now I can make my own! THANKS!!!!!

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