Rainbow Oreo? Gay pride Oreo?

Yesterday Oreo, the best cookie on the planet, put up a graphic that made some news with its support of Gay Pride. Lots of arguing ensued as people vowed to never buy another Oreo (yeah. right.) and others claimed Oreo’s bravery. All I could think was where in the world can I get an Oreo … Read more

Breakfast Pot Pies

I am one of those people that doesn’t like to eat breakfast. I realize its the “most important meal of the day” and yadda yadda, but try as I might, I can’t seem to swallow something prior to 10am. Unless its Sweet Tea. Or looks like this… Earlier this week while putting together Blueberry Beignet … Read more

Blueberry Beignet Crumble Recipe

I love vanilla ice cream. I love how the plainness of it can invite bright colored fruit or rich chocolatey fudge drizzled on top. Of course vanilla ice cram is also enjoyable in its creamy perfection alone. Except who wants that. Vanilla Ice cream is a canvas just waiting to be decorated, wouldn’t you agree? … Read more

Sheep Cupcakes Tutorial

How to make Sheep Cupcakes | EASY Sheep Cupcake Tutorial with Video

These sheep cupcakes are so fun to make and completely adorable. Look below for a tutorial on how to make sheep cupcakes as well as a short video explaining! These are not only fun to eat but so adorable to serve, making your next party or event a show stopper.   I have been seeing … Read more

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Red Velvet crinkle cookies, made with red velvet cake mix, is the from scratch cookies you have been looking for. Nothing wrong with a snickerdoodle or a gingerbread man, but there is nothing more delicious than turning cake into a cookie. Trust me! You will be addicted from the start with these soft cake like … Read more

Cupcakes made of #Win

There is not much more in life that I love more than a cupcake. There is something amazing about having a little perfectly proportioned cake that belongs just to you. And there are so many ways to create a cupcake…sweet, salty, decorative, colorful…they truly never get old to me. The other day my family and … Read more

Chocolate Banana Pops!

Last night I wanted to do something to clear out left over sprinkles in the cupboard. You know how you go through the pantry and have  jars of spices and sprinkles and they all have about a half an inch of leftovers? That’s me…but I have about 14 jars like that. So last night, while … Read more

Use Tinfoil to Create a Heart for Cupcakes and Muffins

This weekend we made these scrumptious strawberry cupcakes. The recipe I was using had them in the shape of hearts and I didn’t have a heart cupcake tin. Poop. I generally have to do things the “old fashioned” way. That usually translates to me being too cheap to buy the right pan. Anyhoo. Here is a little … Read more

Jelly Bean Bark Candy Recipe

Jelly Bean Bark, a great way to incorporate left over Easter Jelly Beans, is a super easy kid friendly recipe that takes your jelly beans and wraps them up in white melty chocolate. I can’t say that I love Jelly Beans. I can’t even say that I like Jelly Beans. But there is something about … Read more