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Do Body By Vi Shakes suck?

Recently there has been a lot of talk in my Facebook stream about weight loss. I think it’s something that is constantly on a woman’s mind, especially the year or two after having a baby.

I honestly only have about 5 pounds to lose, but once you realize that 5 pounds doesn’t go anywhere fast, its easy to become obsessed with the hows and whats of getting it off. I tried calorie counting but it made me feel punished and obsessed with food, I have been doing some light exercise in the house but so far I have not made real serious exercise a priority and I am aware of that. It is probably where my personal failure is at.

I also have this terrible scar from surgery and it gives me what is fondly known as the “C Section Shelf”. No amount of crunches hit that targeted area with the scar, so it’s a very difficult and specific way that you have to take it down…IF you can even get it there.

Most people just think you are still pregnant.

It is super hard to get motivation when you have a 9 month old and a 7 year old and work from home. At the end of the day I want to do…well…nothing.

And I want to do that nothing with a bowl of vanilla ice cream on the couch curled up with  my spouse watching the DVR.

At any rate, my good friends on Facebook sent me a sympathy box of Body by Vi. I have seen it everywhere. People posting how great it is, before and after pics, and how tasty it is. I said OK, fine, send it to me, I will give it a shot and test it out. Personally I am not sure that any sort of diet plan is going to work for someone that needs to lose as few pounds as I do, but hey, if it tastes amazing and will make me look like Bar Refaeli, I am so there.


Yesterday I busted open the box, but before I tried it myself, I asked my babysitter to test it out. She has no affiliation with anyone with Body by Vi, no friends on the system, and isn’t a chronic dieter. She does want to lose weight and has been exercising and keeping track of her diet. She has lost four pounds in the past week the old fashioned way.  She had a baby less than 6 months ago and also major surgery.

Here is her completely unbiased and honest opinion on the Body By Vi shakes:


I think I am going to get Lacey to test everything around here.

Have you tried a weight loss program? Did it work? Did you fail? Did you succeed? Tell me!



UPDATE: After trying coolsculpting and it not working, I just got an old fashioned tummy tuck! Read all about it.


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  1. There are a lot of people who love the body by vi shakes, and quit a few who hate them and the ingredients in the shakes, I have tried them and I think the taste good and that is important because if they didn’t taste good people wouldn’t drink them right? I don’t think the company really expects the customers to drink them for the rest of their lives hence the name 90 DAY CHALLENGE so I don’t see the harm in drinking protein shakes for the next couple of months.

  2. When it comes to fitness in the world, we need help! In the end, a healthy diet and exercise are what people need. We just need to find a way to convince them all of that.

  3. Hello i was just browsing the web to find it more about the VI shakes and well the real deal is they aren’t good for you and everyone needs to start reading labels because you shouldn’t east anything e with unfermented soy in it soy is terrible for you and any one who would knowingly sell this crap needs a swift kick below the belt

  4. I must say the body by vi shakes are good!! I have tried so many protein shakes and by far these are the best! 90 calories is the shake mix, you can and should add more to it! I add almond milk, 2 scoops of vi and fruit or almond milk, 2 scoops of vi and PB2(powered peanut butter)… Using a blender instead of a shaker is best, it doesn’t taste grainy coming from the blender! Yes these are mean as a meal replacer but not for 4-5 hours!! A healthy way of eatin is every two hours, breakfast drink a shake with the added fruit (1000’s of possibilities ) 2 hours or so later a good healthy snack like cheese stick, apple, etc then for lunch a shake then a few hours later a snack and then dinner after that followed by another snack!! The shakes work well with me.. Not everyone is going to like the same product as you so I say give it a shot, what do have to loose? Just weight, right!!?

  5. You all should check out It Works! Wraps!!! Great for tightening and firming scars and flabby skin. They work great 🙂 We also have suppliments

  6. I just found your blog via Google searching for something and now I can’t remember what is was..lol. I love getting lost in Blogs and their stories! Anyway.. I first saw your pics before I saw your post and I have to say you are brave! I have way more “on top of my shelf, lol” but to post tummy pics is just pure strength! I felt compelled to comment on your post because I too have tried Visalus before I found the current products I am a member of. I switched for a few reasons but the main one is because of the how great Yoli’s company ethics are and how their ingredients are All-Natural – no preservatives – no artificial flavors or colors. Yoli’s Better Body System is the weight loss solution, and it is a lifestyle plan – not just take 2 shakes and done. 🙂 They lay it all out for you to make it simple (and it includes real food!). Their protein is a Whole Food product: biologically active, non-denatured whey. (a complicated way to say it is good for you.) The system has only been out for a year but the company has been around since 09. My husband and myself have been using the products since last Feb. He lost 55lbs in 3 months (Feb-April), hit goal and has maintained since (and this does not include any exercise beside some walks). I am still a work in progress.. lost 36 so far (took the summer off “plan” but maintained and am back on it.) But besides the weight loss we just love the way it makes us feel and how is has helped our over all health too. I have not been to the Doc since starting Yoli and that is a record for me! I would typically be there for sinus infections and strep throat seasonally. And my husband played football in college and the Alkalete has done amazing on his sore body. Anyway, I am not commenting to push Yoli but I know I searched high and low last time this year for my “New Year’s Resolution” and it took till Feb to find it. So, I just wanted to share some info to keep everyone informed of options. Education can be so powerful when you learn about all the good/bad stuff out there! Feel free to contact me with questions.

  7. Okay, first let me say Body By Vi is not a pyramid scheme. My business partner (the man who is funding my business) is a multi millionaire from the Body by Vi business. He was able to fire his boss before he turned thirty and his wife was able to fire her boss at age 28 because of their success with Body by Vi. I do the shakes but I don’t push the business.

    Okay Trisha, you have to give it another shot with this recipe. 8oz Silk dark chocolate almond milk, 1tsp peanut butter, 2 scoops vi shake mix and six ice cubes. Blend it up and drink. I am addicted to this one shake. I have to have at least one a day. =)

  8. Trisha,

    I just shot you an email. Get back to me when you get a minute please!

    my address is shaun . long (at) gmail

    It might have hit your spam.


  9. I love Body By Vi! For those of you who have said you didn’t like the way it tastes you need to try another recipe! My favorite is with OJ and frozen fruit. What you mix it with makes a world of difference. Also Body By Vi is part of a life style change to be a healthier person. It doesn’t just involve how or what you eat, but by getting more active and really wanting to better your overall health for yourself and your family. I want to take care of myself for my 3 year old son so that he can have his mommy for a long time because I don’t want him to feel the pain that I feel with just loosing my mom from heart problems in July of this year. Body By Vi is easy too. You make your shakes in the morning before work and take them with you or to your kids practice or where ever. Also you will save money while getting healthy by replacing drive through junk food with nutritional shakes. It is NOT a pyramid either. When someone asks you where did you get something, say shoes for example, you normally don’t hesitate to tell the person where you got them from and those companies didn’t pay you to advertise for them, but you just did and for free! Visalus pays its promoter because they are walking billboards. When you see the transformations people go through that is their advertisement. That is why you don’t see commercials or ads for them. Also with any diet you will gain weight back if you go back to your old ways. You don’t gain weight just by stopping the shakes. Like I said it is part of a lifestyle change. If you know someone who is having a Challenge party you should go and try the different shakes there are hundreds of recipes. I hope you all have success on your journeys to healthier, happier lives and hope this helps! Live with purpose and be kind, encouraging and helpful to others =)

  10. Ok, I was reading and thought I would try to help. I myself had a terrible pregnancy and had to have emergency C-section.. Long story short, after a year of dieting and exercising (seeing a nutritionist along the way) I was able to get off all my weight but still had the C-section shelf as everyone refers to it. I was mortified and wanted my flat tummy back so I had a tummy tuck (i got a full, but a partial if u don’t want a full is great too and recovery is faster), it is the only way to get rid of it as far as I know. You could try the tten laser but it only lasts a year or so and is very expensive and takes several treatments. I don’t believe it is a good thing for the C-section shelf though. What happens in C-section is they cut the muscle and it doesn’t heal back like before so therefore no matter how many crunches you do it won’t help after a while. I was up to 1000 a day and finally spoke to my doctor.. . During a partial or full tummy tuck they cut the muscles and re stich them, I felt 100 times stronger the day after my surgery even though I knew I had to be careful until i healed. If you re worried about the scar, don’t be, after it fades a year or so later you can laser it or have a natural shin tattoo done over it to help blend it. I love my flat tummy now and have been doing live Lingerie fashion shows (which I never dreamed would be possible after the surgery) Now on to the Body Bi Vi.. for a long time, about 10 years, I was on Pro Cal 100 shakes (made for weight loss and only can be bought at the doctor), Since then I have had a partial hysterectomy and seemed to gain a little back so I am now trying the body bi vi.. I like the taste of the creamy shake mix but if you don’t like the taste you can add fat free pudding mix to the shake before blending. I tried the Banana this morning and it was amazing. I will try to post again after a few weeks to share my results. But I am sure with exercise and good eating habits I will be at my goal again. Good luck everyone.. Hope this helps someone.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I bought these after seeing all of the great reviews on Facebook. I bought a month’s supply and when I got it, couldn’t wait to try my new yummy shake that was going to make me skinny! Big mistake – I found this shake to be disgusting!!! Even after adding the flavors to it, and even in an oatmeal (as one site suggested), I could not keep these down. I’m glad to see I am not the only one that wasn’t super pumped over these shakes!!

  12. I’ve seen in the comments about the ViSalis program not having any follow up with eating behaviors, and I thought to myself…the protein shake I use has that! I use Arbonne, and yeah, you have to mix it with ice, and possibly a banana (that’s how I love the chocolate one), but I’m losing weight steadily. The best thing about their program is that there is a healthy living webinar that teaches you what to shop for and look for. No big surprises in it: Whole foods, low in sugar and unhealthy fats. I think losing seems really daunting, when it’s really about cutting calories, and getting what we DO put in ourselves from reliable sources (yay local growers?) while preparing it ourselves in a healthy way. Besides, look what we’re teaching our kids and loved ones…that we value them and us enough to nourish thoughtfully and with intent. So the point of all of this? Toss a banana and some ice in the blender with the mix.

  13. My problem is not my tummy – thankfully I suppose – but it’s these DAGGUM arms. I am getting married soon, darnit – and I need them to look skinny – or at least Michelle Obama like. So far, it ain’t happenin’. Grrr.

    • Try the IT WORKS wraps. they tighten and tone. i have lost 9 in in my waist after just 2 wraps. You c an use them anywhere on your body. there are a detox and toner. Contact me at [email protected] for more info.

  14. I tried them for a few weeks and if I blended fresh fruit in with the shakes, they were fine. But without, they were gross. I think there are a lot healthier ways (and cheaper ways) to lose weight.

  15. Everyone is trying to pimp it out in my facebook feeds as well. I am so sick of seeing the words Body by Vi. Just from watching my feeds it screams pyramid scheme to me and I run far away from those things. I don’t care how it tastes. I bet it is cheaper to buy a gym membership than to purchase those stupid shakes.

    • I heard about Body by Vi years ago…only they were under different management. The other company went under. I also just heard they let go 3 Ambassadors.I know it’s easier for people to put on weight then taking it of…it’s the foods we eat, lack of exerise. Low glycemic is the best way to start, exerise and take a good multi vitamin…and I don’t mean centrum or one a day either…lots are a real waste of money…Do your homework….Look for a company that has been around for a long time like I did….if you truly want to work from home and make a good living and truly help people with Health and Freedom…

  16. I have not tried this. I have done those wraps from Work It or It Works, and those worked but didn’t last for I stopped using them, before reaching my ideal inch size on waist. I have similar problem with my stomach, although mine is also overweight way more than yours. That when I do lose the inches it looks just different after three kids, sigh. I hope you are able to get a great plan that works and is easy to stick with!

  17. Well… I need a tester like that for many of the healthy things I get.. Yikes.. LOL

    Ok.. Here is my scoop on the ViSalus ~ Body by Vi shakes and company. (I will probably get hate mail for this)

    April 2011 ~ Hubby found out he had kidney cancer and we were in the local mall a couple days later. Walked by a new booth there selling these amazing weight loss shakes. Hubby not being happy with his extra weight pointed it out, we stopped, got a couple shakes and he went on his way to Sears as I talked to the gal at the booth. She talked the company up and down, how great the shakes were and how much weight people all over the world are losing and how it is helping people quit their day jobs and stay home and earn lots and lots of money.
    We go home, and I get online and join as a promoter. (not cheap). Get the kit, we both start doing 2 shakes a day. Then I get pushed into joining hubby as promoter under me, I talk another girl into joining and pretty soon I hit rising star. Ok.. we are doing 2 shakes a day, don’t mind the taste and hubby starts seeing weight come off. BUT ~ He is starving. The shakes just don’t cut it. You need to take the other stuff they sell which are caffine packets, appetite control pills and vitamins. Hubby has surgery, and going thru recovery he stays on at least 1 shake a day and as soon as dr say’s he can exercise some he starts walking on the treadmill. So, we roll around to Sept, hubby has lost about 25#. He is happy… but life gets busy and he gets sick of the shakes. Me, I do them just because it is easier to have a shake and not have to put thought into what I will eat/cook. I don’t need them for weight loss but use them for the protein and the good stuff that is supposed to be in them. Hubby finally stops them, is tired of them and say’s he isn’t feeling the best when he does drink them. Me, I get sick of the pressure from my team to recruit and get others on my team. It is all about money, and how much you can make.

    My take on this company is that they push the 90 day challenge, but what happens after that? I will tell you.. you gain all the weight back and more.. as did hubby. They don’t teach you how to eat, how to exercise, how to stay healthy. They just tell you to drink shakes and take their pills.. and that is that. NOT!! The calories are so low your body has no choice but to shed the weight. That is unhealthy. No matter what they say is in the shakes, it is not healthy to eat only 100 calories or less for 2 meals a day.

    Stay away.. far away!

    Ok.. just my 2 cents 😉

    • Shelia,

      Thank you so much for your comment. That’s the impression I got from the video I saw. The woman who is trying to get me to sign up is my former trainer. I asked her if it was safe for someone who was breastfeeding, and she was all, “Yep! Sure, sure. Totally safe.” But if it cuts your calories that much, it’s going to have an effect on my milk, and will go to the baby. I’m also SOOO not into the high pressure sales pyramid deal.

      Thanks again!

    • Shawna, your post is so true…shakes are good if properly formulated and so are vitamins if proper ingredients are in them and no contaminates complete and balanced for what our body needs, they will help us fight disease.. Life today is good health without it nothing else matters.Look for a company that is truly about good health cause after all thats #1.I will never turn back and I’m happy I found the right one first time…I wish your family good Health…God Bless

  18. LOL that was awesome 🙂 I never tried the body by vi even though everyone keeps talking about it lately. I do make smoothies daily and they are a huge help with weight loss, or at least I keep telling that to myself LOL. As for the program I do 60 minutes on elliptical every day and eat about 1200 calories. So I eat 1200 and burn 820 which works wonders 🙂 I lost 23 lbs and have more to go, but I find it that less I stress about it more it works in my favor. I do treat myself every once in a while with a cookie, ice cream or frozen yogurt. Honestly I don’t deprive myself of any specific kind of food so I wouldn’t say I am on a diet, but more on a portion control. BTW you look great 🙂

  19. I have that same c-section shelf tummy issue! So glad that I’m not the only one.

    I’ve heard that those Vi shakes are gross. I have a friend on FB that swears they are wonderful and that she drinks them all the time. They have way too much sugar in them for me.

    I’ve lost all my baby weight (from both babies) by “clean eating”. I don’t eat anything with added sugar, so pretty much nothing processed.

      • Maltodextrin IS a sugar. Not only that, but when it hits your body, it has a higher glycemic index than sucrose, which is common table sugar, or honey, or for that matter, a potato.

  20. I have that scar times 3! and the last one is keloid! UGH! I did lost 30 lbs using ediets and have kept it off . just by making myself do more. I have done a lot more stuff outside, walked the dog, hiking, and swimming. But I have been thinking of doing the 90 day challenge through Body by V. I love your sisters honesty! I did try a sample a few months ago. It was ok. Not too nasty. I’d probably would do it . . . once I saved my pennies!

  21. LOL! Gotta love the honesty, and why pretend?! I LOVED the video, ha ha! I lost 6 lbs at the first of the year using slimfast, but I really do like slim fast I think it’s yummy. Never tried the body by vi. As for that little shelf, I still have it too. I fully believe it’s impossible to get rid of, I work out a LOT. It almost looks like you have a keloid scar, is it raised? I had that the first time around and they cut it out on my second c-section. It healed a lot better and you can barely even tell where the scar is.

      • A keloid scar is when it is raised. It doesn’t hurt anything, just looks different, and that’s just the way it scars. My first section looked a lot like yours though and you can hardly see my second one. I’m not sure why they scar they way they do….my first one was raised and my second one didn’t. I’ve read that it can have to do with the muscles underneath but who knows really. It’s pretty minor compared to what some keloids look like though.

        • I think my dr cut me higher than most…i had a tubal at the same time, so from what I understand its not in a normal C section spot. Maybe she was lazy.

  22. I TOTALLY agree about the salad and a run. I have resorted to eating healthier, reducing the amount I eat and trying to get in a few minutes of exercise each day. I just want to be comfortable in my clothes again. My youngest is 13 and so I have NO excuse to be carrying around all this weight. Maybe I will share my weightloss journey on my blog http://www.blog.heidiward.com Maybe someone might care.

  23. I have tried BBV, and naturally like anything else, the moment you STOP drinking your meals, you will pound the weight right back on. I did like the taste of the shakes – I mixed mine with Vanilla Silk Milk – but I think you said it best during your Cabbage Soup Diet Days – “if you had to eat filet mignon and vanilla ice cream every day you would get sick of it.” (yeah, that stuck with me)

    Old fashioned way is the way to do it. It’s sad that everyone falls for a “quick fix” .. havent we learned by now?

  24. I laughed at that. It is always good to have an honest opinion. I do a lot of protein shakes and weightloss home made smoothies.. I think I would try just about anything to lose weight though 😉

  25. Ha. too funny. I had a friend spamming up facebook with their referral links, I pretty much assumed it would taste like powdered ass.

    • yeah the directions say if you want to add fruit, etc. but i have to agree w/ her..it does taste like a protien shake. The kind you would get if you were working out.

  26. I don’t see myself ever drinking any type of shake to lose weight. I got about 7 pounds that I want to lose but I am trying it with the watching what I eat and exercising method. 🙂

    • you know kim and I did the cabbage soup diet that one year and we both lost about 7 pounds if I remember correctly and we both kept it off…but i tried it since having P, and i cant do it. I need more energy than i did back then!

  27. I just found your blog through another blog via another blog. I love how that happens and then I cannot remember why I was ready the original blog. Any way, I am at work and just read your post about the Body by Vi. Unfortinately my PC at work is half lame and won’t play sound so I am going to have to watch this when I get home. I am excited to hear the feedback because I have WAAAAAAY more than 5 lbs to lose and have some friends who are doing the Body by Vi. I would like to hear someones elses feedback and compare.

    • I think her feedback is funny….and honest. I did a video on the body by vi cookie..i dont have it up but i can tell you that it did make me full, but i counted imagine myself eating it any more either. Its funny because after seeing all the “stuff” that goes into weight loss programs, I think maybe eating salad and going for a run is easier.

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