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Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas For Moms

Your child’s tooth is starting to wiggle and it’s time to start brainstorming some tooth fairy ideas. It’s so much fun to come up with an idea that’ll add even more joy to this moment for your child, especially if they’re losing their first tooth.

In this article, we’ll give you all of the tooth fairy tips and tricks and tooth fairy ideas to make your little one so excited that they cannot wait to lose the next tooth.

Creating the Full Tooth Fairy Experience

Before we dive into the ideas, there are some things you can keep in mind in order to create the perfect experience from start to finish.

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay?

Your first question is probably along the lines of what kind of cash the tooth fairy is dishing out for teeth. Even the tooth fairy is no stranger to inflation, and many kids are finding more than a quarter under their pillow.

Usually, a couple of dollars will be enough to make your child happy, but of course, it’s up to you as the parent to determine how much they’ll get for their teeth.

Some parents opt to charge a flat rate for each tooth that’s lost while others give more money for teeth that are in better shape.

Letting the Tooth Fairy Know You’re Ready

Kids as a lot of questions, so we want to make sure you have all of the answers.

Here are some ideas for when your child asks, “How will the tooth fairy know I have a tooth under my pillow?”

  • Sprinkle non-toxic glitter in the driveway as a “signal” to the tooth fairy
  • Leave a travel toothbrush and toothpaste on the doorstep with a note
  • Use glow sticks to guide the tooth fairy to your child’s room
  • Leave a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger to guide the tooth fairy to your child’s bedroom

Make it Convincing

Kids are skeptical, so leave little room for doubt by making it a convincing visit.

Here are ideas to add some extra professional touches:

  • Place the money in a bedazzled flosser
  • Spray glitter hairspray to create “fairy cash”
  • Sprinkle a little glitter on their end table, then use a barbie doll or your fingers to create small footprints within the glitter. This creates the illusion of the tooth fairy tip-toeing to your sleeping kid’s pillow

What if You Get Caught?

Every parent fears that their child will wake up mid-delivery. We don’t want you to be frozen with a lack of words if this were to happen.

Below, we have tooth fairy ideas for light sleepers, so hopefully, those will allow a sneakier entrance.

If you do get caught, here are a few ideas of what to say:

  • Tell your child you just saw the tooth fairy leave their room and wanted to see what she left.
  • Explain that the tooth fairy wanted to ensure everything was ready to go before she makes her arrival.
  • If caught reaching under the pillow, tell your little one that the tooth fairy was in a rush and asked you to finish the delivery.

Aside from those ideas, you can give just about any story that involves helping out the tooth fairy. Afterward, you can leave little hints in other rooms, such as “fairy dust” glitter, to show that the tooth fairy was indeed there.

10 Tooth Fairy Ideas For Mom

1. Leave a Tooth Fairy Certificate

After the tooth fairy pays a visit to your little one, they may want to leave a report on the care of your child’s tooth. This can be a fun way to not only add a little oomph to the visit but also educate your child even further on oral hygiene.

Use a free printable tooth fairy certificate to fill out and leave alongside the other treasures.

2. Leave a Tiny Note

Fairies are small creatures that have the ability to sneak under your child’s pillow, so obviously, their notes must be very small.

Take a teeny tiny piece of paper and write a small note (literally). For some extra help, use this miniature tooth fairy note template to create a magical letter for the tooth fairy to leave behind.

3. Sneak in Some Golden Tooth Fairy Coins

Along with, or instead of, using real money you can leave behind tooth fairy coins. Since your child won’t be shopping in a store by themselves anytime soon, they can use the coins for specific rewards you choose.

You can find these gold tooth fairy coins on Amazon.

4. Create a DIY Tooth Fairy Door

You may have let the tooth fairy know that you’re ready for her arrival, but how will she get in? Since the tooth fairy doesn’t come down the chimney, you can tell your child that she uses a magical door.

Get crafty and make a little door for your child’s bedroom so they can feel confident she’s coming. Use little golden number stickers for the house number, add a mini wreath, and a teeny tiny doorknob.

5. Leave Behind the Tooth Fairy’s Magical Wand

Imagine your child’s surprise when he or she sees that the tooth fairy accidentally left behind her magic wand. You can order miniature wands on Amazon, or you can create one yourself.

Some Ideas For Creating a DIY Wand:

  • Use a toothpick, hot glue, and beads to create an intricate wand. Once finished, add gold paint or glitter.
  • Cut a straw in 3rds. Glue small streamers and a construction paper star to the end.
  • Create either of the ideas above, but instead, add in a construction paper tooth

6. Show a Photograph the Tooth Fairy Gave You

If you have some photoshop skills, take a photo of your child asleep and add a fairy to the image. Your child will be thrilled to see actual footage of the tooth fairy herself making an appearance.

For those less savvy with Photoshop, you may find ease by using a phone app. Picsart, for example, allows you to create photos like this with ease and even have tooth fairy images ready to insert into your picture.

7. Set Up a Special Pocket For the Tooth-Money Transaction

If your child is a light sleeper, you may be wracking your brain on tooth fairy ideas that allow you to easily slip in and out of your child’s room without waking them.

For moms of light sleepers, a special pocket designed for the tooth fairy may be the perfect solution. Simply place the tooth into the pouch, and leave the money and treasures behind after retrieving it.

8. Use a Glass of Water Rather Than a Pillow

A glass of water can be another great alternative for children that are likely to wake up as you sneak into their room. Have your child leave the tooth in a glass of water, and add food coloring and glitter to the water after grabbing the tooth.

After they wake up, tell them that the tooth fairy’s dust must have changed the color of the water as they dove in to fetch the tooth. Place the money underneath the glass and you’ve completed a sneaky tooth-money transition.

9. Purchase a Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit

There are products for just about everything now, and that includes a tooth fairy pillow kit. Tooth fairies are tiny, so suggest to your light sleeper that the tooth fairy needs a special pillow for her to grab the tooth with more ease.

This, of course, ensures that the tooth fairy (aka you) won’t get hung up trying to sneak underneath their pillow. Find adorable pillows like this one that includes the pillow, fairy dust, and a note on Amazon.

10. Make an Oragami Basket

Rather than leaving a folded-up sheet of money, what if the tooth fairy left behind a little basket made of money? You can use this tutorial to help you fold an adorable origami basket made out of a one-dollar bill.

Inside the basket, you can add glitter hairspray coins or the tooth fairy coins we mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Children can be quite inquisitive, so making a smooth tooth fairy experience can ensure that all of your child’s suspicions are accounted for. Adding simple touches like fairy footsteps, notes, and other tooth fairy ideas can make the experience even more exciting and believable rather than money alone.

No matter which idea you choose to go with, your child will be so excited to see the magic of the tooth fairy. To ensure that the tooth fairy is pleasantly surprised with the condition of your child’s tooth, check out the best toothpaste for kids!