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42 Best Homemade Gifts For Mom! DIY Gifts From Daughters

DIY birthday gifts for mom and homemade Christmas gifts for mom are the most heartfelt things you can give! Check out these incredible homemade gifts for mom that are so special and most of them are really easy to do.

Daughter giving mother a special homemade Christmas gift.
The best gifts are memorable ones. Making something special for your mom will make your gift memorable and remind her of your love.

Buying Christmas gifts for mom can be so difficult! And who wants to trudge through the mall for the fifteenth time this week? Not us!

And then there are birthdays, a mother’s day gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, anniversaries, and all the other gift-giving occasions where mom deserves something special. What to do?

Fear not, because we have the ultimate list of DIY gift items that mom will go nuts over! It’s so true that handmade gifts are gifts from the heart, so we recommend giving your time and energy by gifting mom something that you hand-crafted just for her.

Check out our list of the best homemade gifts for mom from daughter!


DIY Gifts for Coffee and Tea Drinkers

1. Polka-Dotted Mug

A handmade polka-dotted coffee mug made for mom paired with a special journal and gold polka-dotted pen.
This is an adorable dishwasher-safe polka-dotted mug that anyone can create and customize to give to mom this year!

How cute is this polka-dotted mug? And according to Rachel from The Crafted Life, this gift idea is super easy to make. In fact, if you pick up this special pen for porcelain, you could create any kind of pattern you wanted. It’s easy enough for even a youngster to make this for mom!

2. Sparkle Mug

Two white mugs that are DIY gifts for mom. One has gold glitter on the bottom third, the other has silver glitter on the bottom.
Dishwasher-safe DIY mugs you can make for your mom this year.

For the mom who loves some sparkle, make this super chic, dishwasher-safe, glitter-fabulous mug! We recommend adding some of her fave java or loose-leaf tea leaves to the gift. She’ll be drinking her coffee like a queen while you bask in the glow of a DIY gift gone incredibly right.

3. Teacup Candles

Antique or antique-style teacups and saucers made into tea cup candles as a DIY birthday gift for mom.
These are so beautiful and a bonus is that you can refill them with a newly poured candle once she’s burned these ones down! What a great DIY gift for mom!

How sweet are these handmade candles? Tea-loving moms will especially love this dainty gift, especially if it’s made with a teacup of sentimental value. Combining the DIY with a family heirloom of sorts will definitely assure you the Favorite Child award.

4. Sharpie Trivets or Coasters

Custom coasters with a buck head and leaves drawn on cork coasters with Sharpie markers as a DIY gift for mom.
These are so adorable as a DIY gift for mom, and you can use any colors and designs your mom would like. Plus, it will keep rings off of her furniture – something that every mom loves!

These trivets are beautiful! The same process could be used with cork coasters instead, and you could also let the little ones add their adorable artwork. Whether you color in a trendy deer head, a classic pineapple shape, or a childlike happy face, these trivets/coasters are guaranteed to be a gift that mom will treasure for years.

5. Coffee Cozy

A blue crocheted coffee cozy with a wooden button made for mom from daughter for Christmas.
These coffee cozies are really fast to whip up, making them a perfect DIY gift for mom from daughter. You can make her a collection in different colors too!

Any coffee lover will adore this hand-crocheted cup sleeve. No more wasteful paper sleeves at Starbucks – your mom will be the queen of reusing and recycling! The powder-blue option pictured here on One Dog Woof is lovely, but you can easily switch it up and use mom’s favorite color. Warm her hands, her coffee, and her heart!

DIY Gifts for Moms Who Love Baking

6. Recipe Tea Towel 

These DIY gift for mom tea towels decorated with some sewn-on premade trim and a favorite family recipe printed on with permanent ink.
Use a favorite family recipe for this one and our mom will treasure this DIY gift for years to come.

Be prepared, because mom will definitely cry happy tears when you transfer an old family recipe onto a tea towel, using these instructions. Order these cool Heat-n-Bond adhesive sheets and preserving the recipe and the handwriting becomes as easy as it is poignant.

7. iPad Holder

A wooden cutting board that's turned into an iPad holder for cooking recipes in the kitchen.
This simple iPad (or tablet) holder is a perfect DIY gift for moms who use tech to organize recipes but don’t want to get the screens dirty while cooking.

Take a simple wooden cutting board (maybe this one?) and turn it into a customized tech tool for the kitchen with this simple DIY tutorial. It could easily be used to hold a small cookbook too, or a recipe card, making it even more convenient. Add a pretty decal too and make it a work of art as well!

8. Baker’s Apron

An easy-to-make baker's apron is the perfect DIY gift for moms who love to bake.
This baker’s apron is a perfect DIY gift for mom from daughters who have a basic knowledge of sewing.

Is the mom in your life always covered in flour and often complaining about how much laundry she has to do? Kill two birds with one stone by making her an apron with this easy-peasy DIY tutorial, and the flour will stick to the apron and not her clothes! Why didn’t you think of this years ago?

9. Mini Whisk Earrings

Mini whisk earrings are a perfect homemade Christmas or birthday gift for the mom who loves to bake.

How insanely cute are these little earrings? It’ll take some time and some delicate hands, but the look on mom’s face when you give her these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry will be worth every minute. For an extra laugh, add in a regular-sized whisk and your favorite cupcake recipe – she’ll get the hint!

DIY Gifts for Bookworm Moms

10. Book Planter 

A book turned into a succulent planter is a perfect DIY gift for moms who love books.
This DIY gift for mom is adorable, but don’t use a book she really wants to read. Or, give her another copy that she can read as well.

Your book-loving mom will be thrilled with this addition of greenery to her home, and you’ll have fun choosing the cute leafy-ish green buddies to plant inside. Choose her favorite classic novel to work with and add stones of her favorite color, then watch her face light up!

11. Fabric Bookmarks

Make fabric bookmarks as a homemade gift for moms who love to read books.
These are such easy DIY gifts for moms, and you can make them to match her style and decor.

The fabric bookmarks that the Polka Dot Chair blog has pictured here are beautiful. If you created similar bookmarks using fabrics of personal significance – say, a baby’s christening gown, or a piece of an old kerchief that grandma often wore– yours could be even more beautiful!

12. Pineapple Bookends

Two gold pineapple bookends look expensive but they're homemade gifts!
These look so expensive, but they’re a really easy homemade gift that you can give to your mom this year.

Mom’s bookshelf isn’t just a thing that holds her favorite volumes of literature, it’s a place to display the books and items that mean the most to her. Pineapple decor is super trendy right now, and these golden fruits will be a perfect addition to mom’s shelf. The process is easy and the finished product is gorgeous. You’ve got this.

13. Bookish Needlepoint

An Alice In Wonderland book needlepoint in a frame made as a homemade Christmas gift for mom.
Pick your mom’s favorite book title. You can design your own or buy a premade kit for a perfect homemade Christmas gift.

OMG. How cute are these needlepoint patterns? Choose from Gone With The Wind, to Harry Potter, to Alice in Wonderland, and just plain ol’ fun bookish quotes, and give mom something that will make her smile every time she sees it. It will remind her of her favorite books and one of her favorite people. Really, you’ll be her number-one favorite after making one of these for her!

14. Keepsake Book Box

Keepsake book boxes that look like real books but they're wooden boxes with slide-out drawers.
What a fun way to give mom places to store little trinkets while keeping up with her vibe of too-many-books!

Order a few of these unfinished boxes, paint them up as per Martha Stewart’s instructions (she would never steer you wrong), and create the sweetest keepsake box mom has ever seen. The tutorial says the box is for dad, but we think mom would love seeing these wooden book boxes even more than dad. Especially if you fill them with bookish jewelry!

Gifts for Bathtub-Loving Moms

15. Lemon Sugar Scrub

A half of a lemon and a small jar of a homemade gift for mom of lemon sugar scrub that's a luxurious bath time exfoliant.
This is such a luxurious DIY gift for mom. What’s even better is that when she uses it up you can refill the jar and keep the good-kid points coming!

Does your mom love to soak peacefully in a nice hot bath? We know she does. Give her this delightful lemon sugar scrub that you made yourself and she’ll not only be relaxed, but she’ll smell delicious too. She’ll never need to go to the spa again! Okay… never say never.

16. Peppermint Bath Bombs

Blue peppermint bath bombs on a decorative plate that are handmade gifts for mom.
Bath bombs are always a winning gift for moms who love a quiet bath. These are so easy to make but they look like a million bucks. This is a fantastic homemade gift for mom.

These bath bombs are beyond easy to put together. You can make them in ice cube trays if you like, but we recommend ordering these molds for the perfect shape. Mom will enjoy the luxury of soaking in the tub even more with these!

17. Lavender Lemon Soap

Homemade lavender and lemon goats milk soap tied up with twine is a perfect DIY gift for mom.
This is not a quick and easy project, but the result is incredible. This is truly a DIY gift for mom that’s made with love.

Is there anything more luxurious for the skin than goat’s milk soap? A goat’s milk soap made with love is bound to be the utmost in luxurious skincare. Making soap sounds like a daunting task, but it isn’t as hard as it seems, especially when you use this soap base.

18. Apothecary Jars

A cleaned, used glass candle jar has been upcycled into a really beautiful apothecary jar gift for mom.
What a genius way to upcycle! Your mom will love this clever DIY gift, and she probably won’t suspect how you made it unless you tell her.

Have you ever wondered what to do with those pretty glass jars your favorite candles come in? It seems a shame to waste them, right? Here is the answer! Pick up some old brass candlesticks and knobs from a thrift store, clean out those glass jars, and voila! You’ve created the perfect addition to mom’s serene home spa.

19. Painted Mason Jars

3 purple painted mason jars turned into apothecary jars for the bathroom. One has a rose, one has a hairbrush, and the third is holding Q-tips.
We love everything that’s made with mason jars. This DIY gift is no exception.

If mom needs a bit more color added to her bathroom, instead of the clear jars listed above, try painting mason jars and filling them with cotton balls or Q-tips. Better yet, paint them her favorite color, fill them with her favorite flowers (real or fake) and watch her eyes light up when she realizes how pretty these will look in her bathroom sanctuary!

DIY Gifts for Fashionable Moms

20. Polo Shirt Bag

A peach summer dress is paired with a striped tote bag that's made from a polo shirt makes a fantastic DIY gift for a fashionable mom.
This is a fantastic DIY beach bag or grocery tote for moms who love to look on-trend.

Okay, this bag is on point. It looks like something you might find at LL Bean – and it might indeed be from LL Bean since it’s made from a polo shirt! Mom will definitely appreciate the DIY aspect, but mostly she’ll just love how stylish it is!

21. Lace Earrings

Earrings made from old lace make a beautiful and delicate DIY gift for moms.
These are so easy to make. Consider using antique lace for these DIY gifts for moms who love things that are delicate and old.

The mom in your life may have an extensive jewelry collection, but we’re betting she doesn’t have anything as special as these delicate earrings. They’re just so classically beautiful! Watch out though. She’ll love showing them off to all her friends and there’s a good chance they’ll all want a pair too!

22. Painted Scarf

Four hand-painted scarves that have been made as a homemade gift for mom, aunt, and sisters.
This is a fantastic homemade gift for mom because you can make the perfect scarf for an outfit that she already has and you know it’ll go perfectly.

Your mom might have a considerable scarf collection. She’s got plaid scarves, glittery scarves, floral scarves… we know all about it. We’re willing to bet, though, she doesn’t have one that’s hand-painted by a loved one. Martha Stewart is the queen of crafting so we’re sure that her tutorial will be foolproof.

23. Bit-of-Lace Scarf

A woman wearing a maroon sweater and a gray infinity scarf with a lace insert that makes it look so feminine.
Adding lace makes things look so much more feminine. This is a really easy DIY gift you can make for your mom and any other women in your life.

So, about that scarf collection. We know that every woman loves a good infinity scarf, and your mom probably already has at least one. But this comfy, feminine infinity scarf with its extra touch of delicate lace is just perfect. You’ll probably want one too, so go ahead and make one so you and mom can match!

24. Braided Bead Necklace

A braided bead necklace that's been made as a homemade Christmas gift for mom.
These are so stylish, but you can absolutely DIY gift this for mom.

This is the ultimate in stylish necklaces. It’s so stylish, in fact, that we’re betting mom won’t even believe you when you tell her you made it yourself. The process is a bit painstaking and requires some very fine detail work, but the result is absolutely stunning.

DIY Gifts for Moms Who Love Photos

25. Photo Coasters

DIY Christmas gifts for mom made from marble tiles that have family photos affixed to the top with Mod Podge.
These look incredible when they’re done, and your mom is guaranteed to love this DIY Christmas gift!

Photo coasters are an excellent gift; they preserve precious memories AND they protect furniture from damage. Add the fact that these ones are homemade and they go from excellent to perfect. You don’t have to use pics of family members. Think outside the box and use photos of family pets, previous family homes, and her favorite beach pictures… there are plenty of options.

26. Canvas Silhouette Artwork

Two canvas silhouette paintings of children, one in red and one in blue, painted as a DIY Christmas gift for Grandma.
Many moms are also grandmas. What grandma wouldn’t love silhouette portraits of the grandkids?

Does the mom in your life love artwork? And obviously, she loves her kids/grandkids. Memorialize her favorite small humans by creating this classic piece of art: the silhouette. If you can get the kid/kids to sit long enough that is – oh wait! This isn’t 1956! They don’t have to sit still while you trace by candlelight! Use a photo instead and you’ll hear much less whining from the little ones, and all kinds of praise from mom when she sees the results!

27. Photo Wreath

A wreath made from black and white photos in antiqued silver frames fashioned into a wreath shape as a homemade gift for mom.
This DIY gift for mom is sure to deliver all the feels.

Just when you thought there were no more unique ideas for wreaths, check out this beauty! It will take some work, but you’ll love choosing photos to add to this work of art. You’ll definitely want to display it in your own home instead of gifting it, so you should consider making two.

28. Photo Lampshade

Fabric lampshades hanging from a store ceiling can be altered to include family photos for a sentimental DIY Christmas gift for mom.
A lampshade can be turned into sentimental artwork with this tutorial!

Turn a simple lampshade into a work of art by adding photos of the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and all the other friendly little faces in mom’s life. You could personalize this gift even more by adding pics of her pet’s faces!

DIY Gifts for Moms Who Love to Sew

29. Teacup Pincushion

A DIY gift for mom that's a vintage teacup that's been made into a pincushion.
This cute teacup pincushion is made with a vintage teacup. Adorable vintage cups are easy to find at thrift and antique stores, and they’re cheap if they don’t have matching saucers.

So your mom likes to sew, but you? Not so much. We get it. But don’t worry! This adorable teacup pincushion might look complicated at first glance, but it actually doesn’t require any sewing on your part. Mom will love using it during her own needlework projects, though.

30. Knife Block Thread Organizer

An old knife block that's upcycled into a thread holder with pegs - the perfect DIY gift for a mom who sews.
What we love about this DIY gift for mom is that you can decoupage the knife block to make it prettier, and the weight of the wood will make it really sturdy for her to use.

Just when you thought there was no way to repurpose a knife block! Paint this DIY thread organizer a vibrant color and offer it to your mom as the perfect addition to her sewing room. None of her sewing circle or quilting bee friends will have anything like it, that’s for sure.

31. Fabric Storage Bins

4 fabric storage bins that are made as handmade gifts for mom.
Honestly, this is a great homemade gift for mom, but once you learn how to make these you’ll be making them for yourself and probably other people you know. They’re super handy.

She’s always saying that she wished her sewing table was more organized. Well, you can help her with that, and in a super cute way! These fabric baskets are an adorable solution to the mess that is scattered around mom’s sewing room. The more baskets you can make for her, the cleaner things will get. If her desk doesn’t become more organized, it won’t be your fault!

DIY Gifts for Gardening Moms

32. Succulents in a Colander

A yellow colander filled with potting mix and an assortment of succulents as a handmade gift for mom.
This is such a cute DIY gift. You can find really classy colanders at stores like Cost Plus, and adorable vintage colanders at antique stores.

This sweet idea for succulents is a great gift for the green thumb-holder in your life. Although, since succulents require little maintenance, even a non-green thumber can enjoy this pretty gift. And anyone and everyone can enjoy the bright pop of fresh greenery it will add to any room!

33. Seed Bombs

DIY gift seed bombs are made in heart-shaped molds so they make great gifts for moms who like to garden.
This is such a fun gift to give to moms who love to have a flower garden full of annuals. Pick her favorite blooms and it will make it so easy for her to plant her garden in the Spring!

Yes, we know these look something like sud-inducing tub tarts. But no, these aren’t bath products. They’re lovely pink nuggets of possibility just waiting to be planted in the backyard! Mom will love the beauty and creativity of this sweet DIY gardening gift.

34. Garden Markers

Wooden spoons painted different colors and labeled with garden vegetables for a homemade gift for a mom who gardens.
This easy DIY gift for mom will be so much appreciated when planting time rolls around.

This is an easy DIY to get the little ones to help create. These sweet garden markers would look even sweeter when the veggie names are written in your 6-year-old’s handwriting! It will make mom smile every time she picks a carrot or sprig of thyme, or maybe a “cucummbre” – because that’s how your 6-year-old will spell it.

DIY Gifts for Moms Who Have Everything

35. Kids Drawing Keychain

Keychains made from art that's produced by children makes a great homemade gift for a mom that has everything.

There are so many ways to customize this keychain idea. You can trace a child’s photo, as the blog suggests, or you could let the kids draw right on the shrink film and turn that into the keychain. Mom will love carrying her children’s artwork around with her!

36. Geode Wine Stopper

Krazy glue, plain wine corks, and geodes can be made into decorative wine corks as a homemade gift for mom.
This is beautiful with stones, geodes, vintage buttons, beads, and brooches for a handmade gift for the mom who loves vintage things and wine.

What a cool idea! This is a simple, beautiful, and unique handmade gift that will take only minutes to put together. Order some of these handy baskets, pick up a bottle of wine and some yummy cheeses, and add in this sparkly wine stopper, and you’ve got the perfect gift!

37. Marbled Clay Dish

Handmade blue clay dishes are DIY Christmas gifts for mom.
Clay is so much fun to work with, and these dishes will make a lovely DIY Christmas gift for mom.

For the mom who has everything, make her these absolutely gorgeous clay dishes. Their rich color and golden edges give the illusion that they’re expensive items. Whether she uses them to hold keys, jewelry, or maybe even candies, is up to her. And it’s up to you to decide whether to tell her that they’re homemade.

38. Rope Basket

A big rope basket that's handmade for mom makes a beautiful Christmas gift with an added throw blanket.
Yes, this is a gorgeous DIY gift for mom, but you’ll probably want to make one for yourself too.

Don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to give mom a gorgeous rope basket like this? We don’t blame you. Order some jute rope and make one yourself for much less! Fill it with a new, cozy blanket for a sweet bonus, and obviously invite yourself over all the time to use said blanket.

39. Stir Stick Mirror

A decorative mirror made with stained coffee stir sticks and a small round mirror that's a perfect homemade gift.
This is such a cute vintage-flair DIY Christmas gift for mom.

Paint stir sticks! Who would have thought that such a gorgeous piece of art, which can cost upwards of $200, can cost you only the price of a thrift store mirror and some paint? This isn’t your grandma’s tacky popsicle stick craft either. Mom will love the mirror’s modern flair AND will appreciate your thrifty method of recycling!

40. Broom Bristle Desk Organizer

Two desk organizers are made from upturned push broom bristles set inside painted wood boxes.
These are adorable homemade gifts for the mom who needs to be organized yet have things handy too.

No, we’re not crazy. We really are suggesting you use a broom to create a DIY gift. The classic, country-chic look you’ll achieve in the end is worth it, we promise! We think you’ll agree that its rustic charm and simple functionality make it the perfect addition to mom’s disorganized desk. Just don’t mention the “disorganized” part when you give it to her.

41. Lampshade Vase

Vintage glass light fixture covers are painted and turned into vases for gifting to mom.
This handmade gift for mom is especially good if you discover that she has some of these old light fixture covers hanging out in the shed. She won’t believe that they could be this beautiful!

Another item you thought you could never upcycle: vintage lampshades and light fixtures! Painting glassware like this is a brilliant idea, something you’d be hard-pressed to find at a store. Your resourcefulness – and your artistry! – will not be lost on mom.

42. Dyed Woven Baskets

Cheap woven baskets are dyed to create works of art that are great homemade gifts for mom.
These cheap woven baskets look like a million bucks! Make this homemade gift for mom, but don’t tell her how easy and inexpensive it was.

Your mom has a very specific color décor and it’s nearly impossible to find something to match. She’s also a slight basket fanatic. Order these baskets, pick up some dye that compliments mom’s colors, and make your own dyed basket. Voila!

Final Thoughts

A little DIY and a little help from the kids can go a long way toward bringing a joyful smile to mom’s face! She will be bragging to her friends for weeks about how thoughtful you are and how sweet and helpful the kids/grandkids are. There really is nothing like a homemade gift for a mom from a daughter that comes from the heart!