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DIY Tombstone: How To Make a Tombstone for Halloween!

Check out these fantastic DIY Halloween tombstones that are sure to have your spooky visitors giggling! Once you know how to make a tombstone from cardboard, you can add your own silly phrases and create a graveyard just in time for trick-or-treating.

Learn how to make cardboard tombstones to spook up your yard today!

Funny cardboard tombstones in a yard for Halloween decor

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Materials for your faux headstones

How to Make Cardboard Tombstones

To make a curved tombstone, draw a curve on a top of a rectangle box with a permanent marker.

Permanent marker and cardboard to make a cardboard tombstone

Cut out with a utility knife.

Use the bottom of the box to trace the same shape and cut with a knife.

Place the two pieces together and  seal the seams with masking tape.

Utility knife and cardboard cutout of a tombstone
Masking tape holding together a cardboard box to make a fake tombstone

Use the scrap pieces of the box and trim to size to fill in the curve gap/opening. I got lucky in that my corrugated cardboard was on the same parallel as the curve I needed.

Curve the scrap piece and slide it into place. Affix with masking tape.

Cut cardboard for a DIY tombstone decoration project
Three dimensional cardboard tombstone ready for painting
Top of a cardboard tombstone being taped together for a DIY decoration

Spray the box with dark grey spray paint and let dry.

Two coats may be required.

Spray with black around the edges to create shadows and darkness. Let dry completely.

Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Paint and primer to paint a cardboard tombstone
Spray paint on a cardboard tombstone
Decorative spray painted cardboard tombstone laying on the grass

Use a permanent marker to write on the tombstones.

You may find using a ruler to draw some straight lines with a pencil will help keep the letters even and uniform.

A wooden skull cutout, permanent marker, and ruler for decorating a DIY Halloween tombstone
A DIY funny cardboard tombstone that says RIP Auburn Roll Tide 1892

To make a triangle tombstone, cut a large piece of a cardboard box and fold into a triangle shape.

A piece of cardboard and a utility knife

Tape the edges.

Use additional scrap cardboard to trace the triangle ends.

Cut out the triangles and tape to the ends with masking tape.

Spray the box and write on it according to the directions above.

A small triangle of cardboard that is spray painted to make a small tombstone decoration
To attach the skull to the tombstone, use hot glue.
Finished DIY tombstones made from cardboard for Halloween decorations
A fake tombstone that says RIP Barry me Under
Home with fake tombstones in the yard for spooky but funny Halloween decorations

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