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How to Make a Crayon Roll

Have you ever wondered how to make a crayon roll?

I have a crafty family. We have crayons, paints, coloring books, glue sticks…basically anything that has to do with crafts laying around this house in piles. The sad part is every time I go to the store, I have to contemplate whether or not I should buy new crayons. We go through them like toilet paper. The vacuum eats them, they get thrown out, tossed in drawers.

To stop that, I have decided to make a crayon roll. Goodness knows I have enough loose material around here to create one! I have done some research online and if you are interested in also creating one, check out these sites:

How to make a Crayon Roll

Instructions #1 – Pretty good pictures, easy instructions. I think I could follow these pretty easily. I am going to test out this tutorial first.

Instructions #2 – Easy to follow crayon roll instructions. This has a nice rick rack around it too. I am not sure I am ready to add embellishments quite yet.

Tutorial #3 – These are just text instructions. Unless you are someone that knows how to sew really well, these were not my favorite. No pictures. The upside is that they are easy to print!

Crayon Roll Instructions #4 – Nice pictures. Not too terribly detailed on the instructions, but straight forward.

Crayon Roll instructions #5 – Really detailed, even down to the pictures with the pins in them. Thats helpful because I never would have thought to buy pins.

Crayon Roll Tutorial #6 – The pictures are small, but just another way to learn if none of the rest help out.

If you give up doing it on your own and a want a pattern, you can purchase one here for a few bucks.

Want to BUY one? This may be where I end up after I try. HA! This etsy shop has some adorable ones.

People that succeeded in creating a crayon roll:

  • A cute Crayon Roll that someone did off online instructions.
  • And yet another person that tested them out
  • Some Cute Crayon Roll pictures on Flickr.
  • Look at this mini crayon roll! This would be great for a restaurant visit.

Ill update when mine is done!



20 thoughts on “How to Make a Crayon Roll”

  1. Another fun alternative and solution to all of those broken crayons is “home-made” crayons, using muffin cups. I discovered these years ago while teaching Kindergarten. Making them is a fun activity you can do with your kids. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to teach them about colors, the stages of matter and what happens when you mix colors etc. The crayons are big for little hands, are not prone to breaking and are easy and fun to clean up. You can keep them in zip locks in a bin and even use clean up time as a teaching tool. Here is a “recipe”: http://www.ehow.com/how_5569928_make-crayons-muffin-pans.html

  2. My sis-in-law made my boys one for colored pencils for Christmas, and my boys love it! And best part is…I don’t have colored pencils everywhere!! So fun! Now, I am going to make some for crayons, and markers!

    • @Lisa, I hand-sewed the one I did and it took semi-forever 🙂 But it was worth it, my daughter takes it everywhere with her. I went on to hand sew 2 more as gifts, I got a little faster at them!

      @Trisha – Thanks for the link 🙂

    • i think w/ having it laid out, charlotte will think its fun. Those crayons above are our newest set and the box is torn. Its only a matter of time before they get broken.

  3. Those are SO cute! My psycho boys would never stand to keep them nice and neat in a roll. They are just tossed, battered and broken into a big tupperware. LOL

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