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Marble Dipping Mason Jars – Super EASY Marble Dip DIY!

Making marble dip decor is so quick and easy! No matter what you’re marbling, the idea and technique is the same. All you need is colored nail polish, a dish of water, and the item you want to marbelize. Check it out then try it yourself!

Need to dress up a table before a party? Marbelize. Want some holiday decor without spending too much? Marbelize. Bored with the kids…you guessed it! Needing only your mason jar and a handful of 99-cent nail polish, you will run out of jars before you run out of fun.

These jars are perfect for Independence Day, Flag Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or Pearl Harbor Day. I created two Marble dipped Mason jars in red, white, and blue, to give you an idea of what you can do in 5 minutes!

Watch how it’s done!

To get started


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1) Fill up your container with water, leaving room to dip your jar in without spilling.

A mason jar and 4 colors of nail polish in red, white, blue, and silver glitter to make marble dip jars.
Red, white, blue, and silver sparkle nail polish make great marble dip jars for any patriotic occasion.

2) Pour your nail polish in patterns on the water. Some nail polish will spread out thinly and some will make more of a stripe pattern. Get creative!

A disposable container with water in it and red nail polish floating on top to make a pattern for marble dipping.
The red spread out at first then came back together a bit as I added more colors to the water for marble dipping.
Red and blue nail polish floating in water for marble dipping a mason jar.
I added a little more red on top of the blue to make sure the color wasn’t dissipated too much for marble dipping.

3) For this project, you will want to work semi-quickly. The nail polish stays on the top of the water allowing you to dip. However, after a few minutes, it fuses together and if you dip your jar into it at that point, it tries to grasp on as a sheet. This does not give you a smooth result when you pull your jar out. I put an example of that below.

A mason jar being dipped into nail polish colors that are floating on top of water to make a marble dip mason jar.
When the nail polish is fresh the colors go on really nicely for marble dipping.

(See below nail polish that sat too long pushes as one sheet and can get quite messy.)

Marble dipping mason jars in nail polish that has floated on top of water too long makes it a dried sheet that won't stick to the glass.
Once the marble dip nail polish starts to dry and cure on top of the water you can’t get it to stick to the jar very well. It’s better to start over if this happens.

4) Partially dip your jar into the mixture, pull out, and dry upside down. Because it’s nail polish, it will dry pretty quickly.

A marble dipped mason jar needs to be dried upside down so the nail polish won't smudge while it cures.
Let the mason jar sit upside down for a minute while the nail polish dries so you get a perfect marble dip that isn’t smudged.
Looking inside a finished marble dip mason jar decoration.
Finished red, white, and blue marble dip mason jars sitting on a table.
These marble dip mason jars look so cool once they’re done, and they take just a few minutes to make!
Finished marble dipped mason jars that can be used to hold flowers, drinks, candies, candles, and more.
It just takes a few minutes to make this marble dipping project, and the steps can be used on a wide variety of decoration items to create a fun and easy marbling effect.

Supplies You’ll Need to Marble Dip

Before you get started on this craft you will need lots of nail polish! I like to buy cheap nail polish in lots of colors, and these will also work for your jar marbling.

Here are a few sets that are inexpensive.  If you order them, you will have tons of colors without paying like $7+ a bottle at the store. Money savings – one of my favorites!

Kleancolor Nail Polish - Awesome Metallic FullKleancolor Nail Polish – Awesome Metallic FullSinful Colors 10-piece Surprise Nail Polish SetSinful Colors 10-piece Surprise Nail Polish SetKleancolor Nail Lacquers 6 Color - *NEW*Kleancolor Nail Lacquers 6 Color – *NEW*

Graphic indicating more mason jar craft ideas at MomDot.

Gorgeous, right? You can do this 100 times with tons of colors, and patterns, and have beautiful mason jars all over the house filled with flowers.

Want to see other marbleized projects? It’s so easy that we use this technique a lot around our house. Click below to check them out!

DIY Marbled Coffee Cup makes a quick project and perfect Valentine's Day gift.
This DIY marbleized coffee cup is one of the easiest gifts to make.
Marble dip Easter eggs are such a fun and easy project to make spectacular patterns!
These marble dip Easter eggs are so pretty and it’s easy to make WOW patterns super fast.
Marble dip pumpkins - a quick and easy fall craft for unique pumpkins that take very little effort to create.
Marble dipping pumpkins is super easy and turn them into an unusual but beautiful home decor item.

Have you completed a project you learned about here on MomDot? Tag me with #MomDot so I can see!  Plus don’t forget to visit me on Pinterest for more fun projects!

Marble dipping DIY tutorial photos from start to finish on MomDot.
Marble dipping mason jars for a quick DIY decor item.

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  1. This looks fun! Any suggestions on how to dispose of the water/nail polish mixture once you are done? I don’t want to pour that down my drain right?

    • No! What is really cool and I need to make a video of (ill try to do it this weekend) is any nail polish left on top you can do one of two things with- you can either put a piece of paper on the top and it shoudl soak right on it (then dump the water) or use a stick/popsicle stick and just stir it up. After the nail polish has been in the bowl for a few minutes, it starts to turn into like a sheet of nail polish, so its super easy to get up.

  2. My kids totally love these types of projects. It is hard to keep them away from their video games but this jar activity kept them busy for a good 30 minutes which is a miracle! Thanks for recommending this and writing about it!

  3. Thanks for this great idea . I have been saving old spaghetti sauce jars to do a fun craft project . Can’t wait to try it.

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