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Preschool Friendly Pine Cone Craft: Fall Fun!

It’s October, the temperatures are cooling down and all of a sudden being out and about with your family doesn’t seem like that much of a chore.

Ha ha, taking a three year old out is never a chore, right? RIGHT?

But truth be told, time is going by quick and this nice cool weather will soon become frigid and icy for some of you and doing anything outdoors will require bundles of clothing and two pairs of socks. Unfortunately frigid and icy is not an optimal family time environment. Personally, for me, anything under 75 is not optimal family time outdoor time, but beggers cannot be choosers, kwim?

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In the mean time, vacation or no vacation, October is a perfect month to enjoy fall! Why?

  1. Lots of outdoor activities and crafts that’ll be sure to make your day enjoyable and memorable. Look around for leaves and pine cones (hint! I have a pine cone craft for you!) and get your kids together for some well earned family time.
  2. This is the calm before the storm. Next month is when the barrage of important family holidays begin starting with Thanksgiving, and soon you’ll feel like you haven’t had a moment of peace and quiet with your significant other and kids.
  3. Your kids won’t suffer in the heat. This is a big one for my family. During the summer everyone is exhausted after just an hour in the sun (unless we’re swimming.) This time of year it feels as if our energy is restored and we can explore the world for days. Another plus…no sunburns!
  4. Get your money’s worth out of summer clothes that still fit. As long as you bring a sweater or blanket, you can let your kids run their summer clothes ragged, especially if they don’t have a younger sibling that will inherit them. Forget about preventing stains and messes, live a little and allow your kids to have the time of their lives with no inhibitions.


To get you rolling, I wanted to share a totally fun Fall craft that you can complete with your kids. Fall crafts make me super happy so I hope this tutorial inspires you to get out there.

pine cone craft

Preschool Friendly Pine Cone Craft

The materials you’ll need for this craft are simple, and you probably have them in or around your home already.

  • Pine cones
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Optional: extra ‘bling’ like rhinestones or beads.

The obvious first step is to collect pine cones if you haven’t already. I would recommend getting one for each design you plan on creating.

Next, do you best to shake off any excess debris or dirt that will get in the way of your paint staying.

Let your child (or yourself) loose and enjoy decorating your very own pine cone.

Here is how ours turned out if you need some inspiration.

pine cone craft

The last, and hardest step is to leave your pine cones outside while they dry.

pine cone kids crafting

Then you can place them on your mantle, shelf, or on top of your fridge to decorate your home for fall.

pine cone craft

While that was fun and I really hope you enjoy all there is to offer this season, I am personally holding out for a family vacation before January.

Anyone else?