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School Supply Shopping in 5 minutes or Less

Last year I distinctly remember doing the back to school supply list rush. I had put it off, I think we all do, and admitted defeat about 1 week prior to school going into session. I had convinced myself it was gonna be so easy. I’d just head up and be done in minutes. The reality? Not even close. I believe I spent at least 24 minutes looking for a 3 prong, 2 pocket pink folder, none of which existed at all in the state of Alabama and ended up having to order it online for like $9.

This year? Let’s just say I have learned my lesson and Walmart is making it even easier for me to get it done and out of my life in minutes in two easy ways.

Walmart Grocery Pick-up

If you do not know what Walmart Grocery pick-up is or do but have never used it, you are completely missing out. I have been using pick-up for months and it has completely changed my grocery shopping world. Once a week I sit down with all my recipes and add up the ingredients I need, plus any other household items we are out of, and done. All I have to do then is head to my allotted pick up time (sometimes same day but usually next morning) and my groceries are loaded up for me.

No fighting the crowds, no looking for items up and down aisles, no slinging Gatorade and waters under the cart. I would love to tell you that I love not having to drag my kids through the store while they hollered “Mom, can I have that” and I do, but what I love even more is not having to do it MYSELF. One less trip, one less crowd, one less stress that is taken care of by my own personal shopper.

School Supply Shopping in 5 minutes or Less

Instant Shopping

This year, to make it even easier, you can head over to TEACHER LISTS, add your zip code and be instantly connected with your child’s school list.

After that, just click to Walmart and it will add all your items in one simple screen so you can grab the ones you need.

School Supply Shopping in 5 minutes or Less


Once you press the button, the supplies are all combined on a page for you to select and check out.  Fantastic? Absolutely.  Life changing? Most definitely.

School Supply Shopping in 5 minutes or Less


Stock up and Save

As a crafter and someone that goes through art supplies year round regardless of school being in session, I use this time of the year to stock up on my own supplies and you should too! While Walmart’s prices are always amazing, this is the time of year you can grab backpacks, extra markers, crayons, construction paper and yes all the glue you want, in endless supply and at the best price. I love to stock up on glitter glues and Elmer’s glues for all the great slime projects we have here. I am quite sure its a trend we haven’t seen the last of, so go ahead and fill up your own bins with all the pretty glittery extras now and save yourself some time.

Slime on a Dime: 2 ingredient glitter slimeSlime on a Dime

Haven’t learned how to make saline slime yet? You have come to the right spot! Now that you have all your supplies done in a fix, make sure you know what you should be adding to your basket!

  • Glitter Glue
  • Starch

Pour one bottle of Elmer’s Glitter Glue into a bowl. Add approximately 2.5 tablespoons starch and mix until it starts to combine. Then pick up sticky slime and pass between hands, wrapping around your palm like dough until it no longer sticks to your hands. This may mean you have to add a tiny bit more starch to the mixture.


Slime on a Dime: 2 ingredient glitter slime

Slime on a Dime: 2 ingredient glitter slimeSlime on a Dime: 2 ingredient glitter slime


Slime on a Dime: 2 ingredient glitter slime


Now head over to Walmart to get stocked up! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.