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Thanksgiving Handprint Craft for Kids: Gratefulness & PAINT!

This Thanksgiving handprint craft for kids is based on a beautiful Thanksgiving poem that reminds us to be grateful for our blessings. Get this free poem printable, use paint to make festive handprints, then frame it with fall leaves. Read on to see how!

It’s so tempting to jump to Christmas before Thanksgiving is even over. We can be so anxious to get more blessings that we skip over gratefulness for what we already have.

This year I decided to help my family focus on gratefulness as much as possible. Until the turkey is totally made, I’m going to keep up with Thanksgiving crafts and activities. 

Now I hesitated to put this one up. I love this little poem (I have no idea the author, I have searched! It came from my son’s preschool but seems the author is unknown) and wanted to share this neat handprint craft for you to do.

Thanksgiving Poem (Author Unknown)

God puts colors for you and me…
in all the Indian corn we see
Brown is for the beauty of fall
Red is God’s love for us all
Yellow is for the golden sun…
warming the hearts of everyone
Orange tells us to give God praise
And, keep Him in our hearts each day
So bless us all the big and small
And, thank you Lord for creating it all!

 I love doing handprint and painting crafts because there really are no rules with paint and kids, my kids at least, love getting a bit messy with me.

The reason I hesitated, however, is because the lighting has been SO dark in the house that I was afraid the craft would look horrible.

The camera had a hard time focusing and my kids obliged me by sitting near the front door to get some light. In any case, I hope you can see this well enough to do this craft at home.

Thanksgiving Handprint Craft Directions

All you need is paint in fall colors like brown, yellow, red, and orange. Paint up your hands and stick on the FREE FALL PRINTABLE I have provided. Then you can decorate it, frame it, laminate it, leave it (ha! leave!), whatever you want.

Here are the paints we use, which give us a variety of colors from this set.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, 18 PieceApple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Piece

Click on the image below for the printable page or go here. 

All that white space there is actually part of the printable where your hand goes after you print! (This is an entire sheet so the white part below is where the handprint goes)

Thanksgiving Color Hand Print Craft celebrating fall, plus free printable

Then paint up your hands in a mixture of fall colors! Again, I am so sorry for the blur. It was darker than it lets on and kinda blurry as a result. Sad face.

But still, happy face because it was FUN and later that night Phoenyx said “Mom, I love painting with you and daddy and Charlotte.” He is always validating our time together and it shows me how important it is to be with him.

Boy with paint all over his hand in orange, brown, and red for Thanksgiving handprint craft.

Boy painting mom's hand with red and orange paint to make a Thanksgiving handprint craft.
Boy painting mom's hand with colors to make a craft with a Thanksgiving poem.
Boy pressing mom's painted hand on a white piece of paper to make a Thanksgiving Gratefulness handprint craft.
Fall leaves cut from paper in colors of yellow, orange, and red to decorate Thanksgiving handprint poem craft.
Laminated Thanksgiving handprint poem being decorated with paper fall leaf cutouts.
Finished Thanksgiving poem handprint craft framed with paper fall leaves.

Again, enjoy the free download of it here and have fun! 

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